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Floating Life (2022) 浮生印

Floating Life“(浮生印) is a costume fantasy drama directed by Zhou Xiao and starring Li Fei, Ming Jiajia, Huang Youtian and Sun Liya. The play mainly tells the story of Meng Fusheng’s lingering love entanglements with Jingyuan and Qingchen in Fengming Mountain. The story of Meng Fusheng’s ultimate change of life through hard work.

Director: Zhou Xiao

Screenwriter: Zhou Mo

Starring: Li Fei / Ming Jia Jia / Huang Youtian

Type: Fantasy / Costume

Air Date: September 1, 2022

Episodes: 24

Single episode length: 7 minutes


Fu Sheng rescued the wrecked Demon Lord Jing Yuan in Fengming Mountain and accepted him as a young apprentice, thus offending Xianmen. Shangxian Qingchen came to ask his disciples to find out that Fusheng is exactly the same as Xiyun Shangxian, who died and disappeared a thousand years ago in order to protect all beings. Qing Chen left Fengming Mountain with doubts.

But the goddess Mu Yao aggressively vowed to get rid of Fu Sheng, and Qing Chen married Mu Yao in order to protect Fu Sheng. But Mu Yao refused to let the floating life go. In order to protect Fusheng, Jingyuan appeared the black dragon’s real body to resist the catastrophe, and he and Fusheng fell into the world of Fushengyin. After a long time, Qing Chen found Fu Sheng and Jing Yuan. For the sake of justice and common people, they decided to work together to deal with Mu Yao, who had been swallowed by desire.

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