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Chasing the Undercurrent 罚罪 Episode 9 Recap

Yan Guohua met with Jin Yan alone and invited Jin Yan to join the upcoming task force as a liaison between the undercover investigation team and the task force, because Chang Zheng was unaware of the existence of the undercover investigation team and was also responsible for checking the interior of the Changwu Public Security Bureau The degree of penetration by the Zhao family helps Chang Zheng communicate effectively with his superiors and avoid unnecessary troubles.

After Zhao Pengxiang was controlled by Xia Zongtao, he was willing to talk to Zhao Pengchao calmly. Zhao Pengchao motioned Xia Zongtao to let go of Zhao Pengchao. As soon as Xia Zongtao left, Zhao Pengxiang took out his gun. Zhao Pengchao was still in a hurry. ,

Zhao Pengchao kicked Zhao Pengxiang’s ribs, Zhao Pengxiang dropped the gun on the ground and rolled on the ground in pain, Zhao Pengchao picked up the gun and revealed to Zhao Pengxiang that if he hadn’t planned ahead, Zhao Pengxiang would have been blown to death on the yacht, Zhao Pengxiang suddenly remembered I repaired the car in the middle of the blackhead, but why was Zhao Pengchao able to predict it in advance? Did he plan it? Zhao Pengchao didn’t want to explain, and Zhao Pengxiang didn’t dare to ask more, so he could only let Zhao Pengchao leave the clubhouse safely.

Chang Zheng was reinstated as the deputy captain of the Criminal Investigation Brigade. At the same time, the Changwu Branch was preparing to set up a special investigation team for the yacht explosion. The meeting was chaired by Yan Guohua. The list of several members of the task force was announced: Chang Zheng’s old partners Song Guangming, Ning Yu, and Jin Yan. The addition of Jin Yan surprised Chang Zheng, but after previous cooperation, Chang Zheng understood Jin Yan’s strength and felt joy in his heart. .

When Yan Guohua was sent away, Song Guangming and Ning Yu invited Chang to invite guests. When several people were sulking, Zhang Qiufeng poured a pot of cold water and warned Chang Zheng not to get carried away with a little achievement, and end up the same as his father Chang Fei. Chang Zheng was immediately irritated, and he was no longer in the mood to treat guests, so he asked Song Guangming to bring Ning Yu Jinyan to dinner, and then went back and reimbursed himself.

Song Guangming told Jin Yan and Ning Yu why Chang Zheng was dissatisfied with Zhang Qiufeng. Zhang Qiufeng and Chang Fei used to be partners. Before Chang Zheng died, Chang Zheng also received a call from Zhang Qiufeng. Zhang Qiufeng told Chang Fei. , The results of the medical examination arranged by the bureau came out, and Chang Fei was diagnosed with severe depression, so the bureau asked him to suspend him for rest.

However, Zhang Qiufeng only truthfully conveyed the notice received by the detachment leader Zhang Bodong. The abnormal car accidentally fell into a deep ditch. The cause of death in the bureau was written as suicide due to severe depression, and Zhang Qiufeng also came forward to testify, and he soon received was promoted. Therefore, Chang Zheng always suspected Zhang Qiufeng.

In order to let Zhao Pengchao take off his defense, Zhao Pengchao pretended to be sick and was admitted to the hospital. Zhao Pengxiang guessed that Zhao Pengchao pretended to be sick, but he still lacked some understanding of Zhao Pengchao’s shrewdness. Zhao Pengchao had the handle, especially in the yacht bombing case, he did not dare to let Zhao Pengxiang know his intentions, so he could only continue to pretend to be sick, saying that he needed to take care of his body when he was old, and he did not want to participate in the internal struggle of the family.

Zhao Pengchao decided to take Zhao Pengxiang to Macau for recreation, let Tang Shaowen accompany him there, and Qiu Tao stayed in Zhaojiawei to ensure Zhao Xiaosheng’s safety.

When Chang Zheng was wanted, Jin Yan mentioned that he and Zhao Pengcheng’s apprentice Xiao Chen were old classmates. Now, in order to find a breakthrough, he wanted to investigate some of Zhao Pengcheng’s deeds through Xiao Chen. Jin Yan was asked to come forward to contact Xiao Chen. Jin Yan seemed a little reluctant and could not disobey the captain’s order, so she agreed.

In the dead of night, Zhao Pengchao sat in front of Zhao Xiaosheng’s bed and asked in a low voice if Zhao Xiaosheng had woken up. He knew that the domestic environment and the family’s internal and external troubles made Zhao Xiaosheng feel powerless. The cause of the second child was even more strange, so he pretended to be in a coma. I want to see how my sons are doing.

Zhao Xiaosheng really opened his eyes and expressed his satisfaction with the housework handled by Zhao Pengchao. Zhao Pengchao confessed to Zhao Xiaosheng that the yacht explosion was indeed planned by himself, and he had to give up for the safety of his family. Zhao Xiaosheng can understand Zhao Pengchao’s intentions, so there is no blame.

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