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Chasing the Undercurrent 罚罪 Episode 12 Recap

Jin Yan left the procuratorate alone, Yan Guohua drove a taxi to pick him up, and the two completed the information connection in the taxi. After knowing that they could no longer find a breakthrough in Qiu Tao, Yan Guohua told Jin Yan that Zhao Pengcheng’s wife Dong Lu had returned to Changwu. On the night of the bombing, Dong Lu took his children away from Changwu for safety reasons. Now that he thinks the environment is relatively safe, he has returned. The task force can try to approach Dong Lu and find clues.

Zhao Pengchao brought a memorial to the port of Tieshi Mining to commemorate the discovery. Almost all the residents of Zhaojiawei have invested in the production operations of Tieshi Mining. Zhao Pengchao drew a blueprint for the future of Zhaojiawei to the memorial, building schools, hospitals, sports culture Facilities, these must require a lot of capital investment, and this is the direction of his struggle. Memorial told Zhao Pengchao that he returned to China with a mission to help his father investigate whether the iron stone mining industry has investment value. Hearing Zhao Pengchao’s grand blueprint, I think it is necessary to carefully analyze and consider.

Jin Yan once again invited Xiao Chen to eat alone, asked Xiao Chen to help him introduce Dong Lu, returned to the police station, and used Xiao Chen to tell Chang Zheng the news of Dong Lu’s return to Changwu. As Zhao Pengcheng’s apprentice, Dong Lu trusted Xiao Chen and agreed to meet Chang Zheng.

Dong Lu told Chang Zheng that the person Zhao Pengcheng hated the most during his lifetime was Zhao Xiaosheng. When Zhao Pengcheng’s mother was a young girl, she went to the city to find a job. Zhao Pengcheng’s mother worked hard to pull the child until he was 10 years old, and Zhao Xiaosheng sent someone to take Zhao Pengcheng away. The woman has been crazy since then. Zhao Pengcheng did not meet her mother until she had a little freedom. Two years later, he passed away. Zhao Pengcheng hated Zhao Xiaosheng to the extreme, so his child did not have the surname Zhao, but took his wife’s surname and named Dong Zili.

Dong Lu also told Chang Zheng that Zhao Pengcheng was still commuting normally before the accident, but when he communicated with his family, he suddenly became very polite, as if he was in debt, which made him a little uncomfortable, but he didn’t think much about it. Chang Zheng deduced from this that Zhao Pengcheng must have predicted that he would have an accident in advance. The two rummaged through Zhao Pengcheng’s belongings again, but found nothing.

When he was about to leave, Chang Zheng suddenly thought of another place where he could hide evidence, the car. So Jin Yan asked Dong Lu for the key. The two did not miss any corner, searched again, but still could not find it, Chang Zheng explained to Jin Yan and asked the repair shop to disassemble the car to find it.

Chang Zheng returned to the bureau to report the progress of the case to Xiao Zhenbang. While the two were talking, they suddenly heard a noise outside the door. The two hurriedly went out to search separately, but did not find anyone suspicious. Chang Zheng told Xiao Zhenbang that since taking over the yacht explosion Since the case, I always felt that there were a pair of glasses staring at me, and there was a ghost in the bureau on time, so I asked Xiao Zhenbang to do a thorough internal inspection. Xiao Zhenbang was worried about the bad impact, so he agreed to investigate secretly, and if there were clues, he would give feedback to Chang Zheng in time.

Jin Yan drove back to Zhao Pengcheng’s car, but still didn’t find anything. Chang Zheng decided to return the car. When he was about to navigate, he found that Zhao Pengcheng had been to the Xishan Cemetery for the last time before his death, and Chang Fei was also buried there, so the two drove there. Zhang Qiufeng found that the two were driving Zhao Pengcheng’s car in the distance, so he told the Zhao family, and the Zhao family arranged for someone to start tracking.

When the two arrived at the cemetery, the gate had already left work, so they contacted the management office to open the door. The eyeliner arranged by the Zhao family opened the door ahead of time and took the USB flash drive from the very unusual wall. Chang Zheng couldn’t find the backup U disk, and everything seemed to be back to the starting point, very frustrated.

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