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Chasing the Undercurrent 罚罪 Episode 10 Recap

Zhao Pengchao told Zhao Xiaosheng that he had been working on the lawsuit in the gray industry chain for many years, in order to have the opportunity to clean up the Zhao family. Zhao Xiaosheng believed in Zhao Pengchao’s starting point, but did not show the same optimistic attitude.

After Jin Yan and Xiao Chen got in touch, Xiao Chen realized that it was Chang Zheng’s idea, so he angrily approached his father Xiao Zhenbang to confide in it.

Chang Zheng asked about the relationship between Jin Yan and Xiao Chen again. Jin Yan couldn’t hide it, so he told Chang Zheng that the two were college classmates, and Xiao Chen had pursued Jin Yan, but Jin Yan didn’t like Xiao Chen’s “second-generation official” I didn’t agree with the temperament, so I was reluctant to take the initiative to find Xiao Chen before, but in order to solve the case as soon as possible, I will let go of my personal prejudice.

Zhao Pengchao met with his mother, Han Ya. Han Ya was the executive deputy mayor of Changwu City at the time. He would often express concern about his identity. When he met his son whom he had not seen for many years, he just gave a simple hug and then hurriedly released. Han Ya warned Zhao Pengchao must not get involved in the affairs of the Zhao family and have an interest relationship with the Zhao family. Zhao Pengchao agreed on the surface.

Before Zhao Pengchao went to Macau, he asked Qiu Tao to continue to shoot bird videos by the river, and learn about the living habits and species of birds. Doubt arises, but the news of Zhao Xiaosheng’s awakening cannot be known to anyone. Tang Shaowen secretly sent the news of Zhao Xiaosheng’s awakening to Jin Yan.

Chang Zheng did doubt the various coincidences of Qiu Tao’s video shooting. After unanimous discussion by the task force, Qiu Tao was listed as the first suspect. After Zhang Qiufeng heard it, he blamed Chang Zheng for not knowing good people. If it wasn’t for Qiu Tao’s video , Chang Zheng can’t get rid of suspicion at all.

The trip to Macau made Zhao Pengxiang discover that Zhao Pengchao also has a familiar relationship in Macau, and the other party is not a kind person. Zhao Pengxiang is more and more unable to understand Zhao Pengchao. Zhao Pengchao said that he is a lawyer and has helped others in many lawsuits, so the relationship is extensive.

Back in Changwu, Zhao Pengxiang went to the hospital to tell Zhao Pengzhan his experience of the trip to Macau. Zhao Pengzhan told Zhao Pengxiang that Zhao Pengchao’s contacts in Australia were all lawsuits that had interests with gangsters, and he had established deep friendships with many big families in Australia. The gray industry circle is an absolute figure. When the two were analyzing, Zhao Pengchao called and told Zhao Xiaosheng that he had woken up and asked them to go to the villa to meet immediately. Zhao Xiaosheng announced that Zhao Pengchao will decide the affairs of the Zhao family from now on.

Jin Yan volunteered to investigate Qiu Tao. First, she went to the beach to shoot bird videos to see if Qiu Tao was a real bird lover.

Zhao Pengxiang asked about the next arrangements. Zhao Pengchao arranged for the boss to be the chairman of Tieshi Mining, Zhao Pengxiang as the general manager, and himself as the legal counsel.

Mayor Zhu of Changwu City went to the province to study temporarily, and Hana presided over all the work. Zhao Pengchao invited Hana to participate in the new leadership change ceremony of Tieshi Mining on the second day. Hana did not want to meet Zhao Xiaosheng and deliberately declined. Zhao Pengchao said that Zhao Xiaosheng had a stroke. Unable to go out, Han Ya agreed to see Zhao Pengchao’s face.

Jin Yan went to the beach to take pictures of birds, but did not find much. When he returned to the police station, Chang Zheng told Jin Yan that he was going to participate in the Tieshi Mining Group’s second day’s general change ceremony to look for new discoveries.

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