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The Investigator 简言的夏冬 Episode 12 Recap

Obviously following, but Guan Hailin said it soundly, Lin Junwen was very angry, but he couldn’t vent. Guan Hailin asked about Liang Meizhu, but Lin Junwen made excuses and did not let him see Liang Meizhu. Jian Yan arranged a job for Xiaoka, but Xiaoka’s computer was doing face comparison, which Xia Dong asked him to do. Jian Yan leaned over to take a look, and Xiaoka said that this was Bruce Liu from a private equity fund.

Jian Yan realized that maybe Xia Dong was hiding something from herself, so she said a few words to Xia Dong about it, but Xia Dong still hid something. When Lin Junwen returned home, he was stopped by the security because he was riding a bicycle. Wang Hui drove back and just gave him a light glance.

Jian Yan followed Xie Qianduo’s words and learned that Xia Dong was hiding something about Lin Junwen from himself. Xia Dong met Lin Junwen in the underground garage, and this was the first time they met head-on in ten years. Both happened to work in the same building, Xia Dong was on the ninth floor, and Lin Junwen was on the seventh floor.

Xiaokacha found out that Bruce took the rebate from Lin, and sold the timetable of the private equity fund’s acquisition of Hefeng Dairy to Lin. After being discovered by Cheng Feng, he was fired and quickly quit the circle. Jian Yan thought of checking Yinhe Yirong’s financial situation, Xiaoka said that Xie Qianduo was checking with a public computer. Then Jian Yan asked her, Xie Qianduo thought it was another sensitivity test, so she didn’t say anything.

Lin Junwen was transferred from the head office to a branch office. President Zhang bossed him. Lin Junwen was used to being treated in the cold. With a low-key attitude, he quickly debugged the computer according to President Zhang’s arrangement and helped him order meals. Xie Qianduo took the takeout and went back downstairs. When she saw Lin Junwen and Xia Dong come out one after another, she remembered that she had seen Lin Junwen in Dongguan, so she followed up and found that he was talking to Mr. Zhang in the underground parking lot with Guan Hailin.

Xiaoka made the general idea into a presentation. At present, Lin’s Group and Galaxy are competing for Shengxin Group’s large-scale smart villa project in the western suburbs of Shanghai, but the strange thing is why Lin’s is to enter Hefeng Dairy. one foot. Jian Yan reminded that perhaps the Lin Group’s finances had gone wrong, and they wanted to use the Hefeng Dairy Industry to make money in order to fight against the Galaxy, but they did not expect that the gains would outweigh the losses in the end.

The Galaxy Yirong project is a special one, supervised by Susan herself. Jian Yan reported the investigation results to Susan. Unexpectedly, Lin Junwen, who Xia Dong deliberately did not mention in the previous report, was told by Jian Yan in person. Susan couldn’t help but wonder why this information wasn’t mentioned in the report. And Lin Junwen’s whereabouts at this time is what Galaxy wants to know most. Xia Dong could no longer hide it, so he had to tell them that Lin Junwen was now on the seventh floor of this building. They moved to this building, perhaps because they wanted to stare at Ou Xun, so Xia Dong knew that they couldn’t be scared now.

This kind of business battle where you have me and I have you is actually very common, but if Ou Xun is a little careless, he will lose the whole game, and both sides will not be thankful. Xia Dong’s views are based on facts, and their judgments will not be biased. Susan said that it is enough to find Liang Meizhu and give Yinhe an explanation. The only people outside now are Lao Fang.

Only he would not be stared at, Susan dared not be responsible for Lao Fang’s actions, but Jian Yan and Xia Dong said in unison that they could be responsible for Lao Fang’s actions. Jian Yan wanted to investigate personally, Xia Dong found a reason to convince her. Jian Yan called Lao Fang and asked him to check Liang Meizhu’s whereabouts, Xia Dong added that now only he will not be controlled.

John Li called Susan and made a big statement, stating that he wanted to complain to them. Immediately, Susan called Jian Yan Xia Dong and the Legal Department for a meeting, and even the Legal Department also called. At this time, Lao Fang arrived in a small alley in Longguan Town, Dongguan.

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