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The Investigator 简言的夏冬 Episode 11 Recap

Susan told Xia Dong that the headquarters informed her to hand over the safe project to Jian Yan. Xia Dong immediately understood that Matthew wanted to tie her to him, but he didn’t know how much ambition he had. Xiaojin quickly handed over the information to Jianyan, and Xia Dong deliberately got close to talking to Jianyan because Xiaojin was watching from behind.

Xiaoka and Lao Fang are waiting for Xia Dong in the cafe downstairs. They just learned that the person in charge of the safe has been replaced by Jian Yan. sentence. Susan wants to invite Jianyan to have supper, but Xia Dong has already bought a sandwich for Jianyan. Seeing this, Susan wisely stopped insisting on inviting Jianyan to have supper.

Jian Yan kept two rice balls for Xia Dong. Knowing that he didn’t like sweet ones, he specially reserved salty ones for him. Xia Dong ate a familiar rice ball, and heard Jian Yan say that she moved to the alley where she met him last time. Xia Dong guessed that the mother’s tenant might be Jian Yan. When Jian Yan came home from get off work, Aunt Huang saw the wound on her hand and took out the medicine box to help her disinfect with concern. Jian Yan felt very warm in her heart.

When Xia Dong was working as a carpenter, he remembered that he and Lin Junwen went from cooperation to disagreement with Lin Junwen when he was studying, until they turned against each other. Now, Lin Junwen frequently appears in the investigation. His inner emotions are chaotic and complicated. to the alley. The next morning, Aunt Huang made fried dumplings for Jian Yan ahead of time, and packed them up for her. Xia Dong deliberately waited outside for Jianyan to go out, and then went in to eat breakfast. It seemed that he had already determined that Jianyan was the one who shared the rent with his mother.

Aunt Huang praised Jianyan in front of Xia Dong, thinking about letting Xia Dong take time to meet Jianyan, she didn’t know that her son knew Jianyan long ago, and she didn’t know that her son had a good impression of Jianyan. Xia Dong just finished eating breakfast, Jian Yan ran back to get the charging cable, Xia Dong hurried upstairs to hide from her.

But later, seeing that Jian Yan couldn’t get a taxi on the side of the road, Xia Dong drove her to pick her up to work. Jian Yan is still the same love show, showing him the wound that the landlady had bandaged on her, with a bit of pride in her tone, and deliberately mentioning the landlady’s son in front of him. Xia Dong couldn’t help but want to laugh, if Jian Yan knew that the person she was praising was herself, would she feel embarrassed.

Qin Ke called Susan. Xie Qianduo thought he told Susan about her, for fear that Qin Ke would interfere with her work. She couldn’t help showing Susan first. Only then did Susan know that she was Qin Ke’s jewel. When Xia Dong came to work, Susan called him in. After all, Shanghai Ouxun is not an aristocratic school, and she will be taken away no matter what. Xia Dong has no objection, but he muttered that the safe project is not over yet. Susan immediately changed her mind, and when she was done with the safe project, she must send Xie Qianduo away happily and safely.

Xia Dong asked Xiao Kacha to check the other person in the photo to confirm whether he was Bruce Liu, the project manager of the private equity fund. As for Xie Qianduo, Xia Dong arranged for her to help him check Yinhe Yirong’s financial situation. Guan Hailin learned that Lin Junwen and Xia Dong were classmates and entrepreneurial partners, so he hoped that Lin Junwen would invite Xia Dong and persuade him to work together to make Galaxy. Lin Junwen did not agree. Guan Hailin pointed out that Xia Dong and his brotherhood were still there. Lin Junwen realized from his words that he sent someone to follow him in Longguan Town.

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