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The Investigator 简言的夏冬 Episode 10 Recap

Aunt Huang packed breakfast for Jianyan to take to the company. Jianyan kindly shared the breakfast with Xiaojin and Susan, and also shared the breakfast pictures on Weibo. When Xia Dong, who was far away in Dongguan, was eating breakfast, she shared the breakfast with her Weibo. Bo liked it. Lao Fang continued to say that Qin Ke and Matthew also liked her.

Xia Dong and Xie Qianduo had breakfast at the breakfast restaurant near the original Zhujiangnan. He heard a lot of news through the workers on the construction site. Here Jian Yan, Lao Fang and Xiao Ka held a meeting to analyze the relationship between Yinhe and Hefeng Dairy. Lao Fang suggested that she discuss work assignments with Xia Dong during the video, but Jian Yan said that she and Xia Dong would not interfere with each other’s work.

With their black cards, Xia Dong and Xie Qianduo finally got the chance to enter the original Zhujiangnan for viewing. However, the sales department, including the manager, has a lukewarm attitude towards customers and has no enthusiasm at all. After turning around, I found that there was no electricity in the model room, but the monitoring was on.

Lin Junwen happened to hear the conversation between Xie Qianduo and Xia Dong through surveillance. Later, Xia Dong was upstairs in the model room and saw Lin Junwen wearing sunglasses downstairs. When he chased down, Lin Junwen had already driven away. A Yu, the manager of the sales department, refused to say who that person was, and Xie Qianduo spent 20,000 yuan to get her to tell the truth.

The landlord knocked on the door, which caused Liang Meizhu to panic, and it happened that the asthma medicine was gone. Lin Junwen rushed back and drove her outside the pharmacy to buy her medicine. Guan Hailin informed Lin Junwen to return to Shanghai quickly, and as for Liang Meizhu, Lin Junwen was still responsible for bringing it back. Xia Dong received news from Qin Ke and learned that his daughter Alicia had swiped his 20,000 yuan secondary card in the original Zhujiangnan of Dongguan. Xia Dong suddenly reacted to the way Xie Qianduo came to Dongguan before and asked. After asking her a few questions, she was sure that she was Qin Ke’s daughter.

Xie Qianduo learned through Ayu that the original construction of Jiangnan was rushing to the unfinished end from the beginning, and no serious house was built here. Most importantly, she found out that the person wearing sunglasses just now was Lin Junwen, the manager of Lin’s information department. Xie Qianduo told Xia Dong all the news.

Jian Yan contacted John Li without authorization and politely informed him of the next project adjustment. John Li immediately called Xia Dong, but could not get through. Xie Qianduo was unwilling to leave Ou Xun, so she begged Xia Dong for this, Xia Dong reminded her with the company’s rules and regulations, Xie Qianduo immediately realized that Qin Ke could not drive her away from Ou Xun for a while.

Xie Qianduo paid for Lin Junwen’s drinks at the gas station, and then found the car that looked like Lin Junwen was driving, but the person in the driver’s seat was not Lin Junwen. He had already changed to a business car of a different color.

Xia Dong went to the pharmacy to ask about Liang Meizhu, and it quickly reached Li John’s ears. Li John also discovered that Xia Dong had been to the south of the original Zhujiang River. He came to the hotel to ask, but found that Xia Dong had already checked out in the afternoon. Xia Dong and Xie Qianduo flew back to Shanghai in the afternoon. Before going to see Susan, Jian Yan took him to the coffee shop downstairs for a meeting with Lao Fang and Xiaoka. Xie Qianduo was left hanging outside the building.

The group of four met in a coffee shop. Xia Dong asked Jian Yan to make the preliminary report, while Lao Fang went to Shenzhen first, and then checked out Yang Wenxin. Qin Ke came to pick her up, and Xie Qianduo was dissatisfied, but she got into the car angrily. When he got home, Qin Ke asked Xie Qianduo to be obedient, otherwise he would stop her secondary card. Xie Qianduo lost his temper, but Jiang was still old and hot. In the end, she had to be obedient. Qin Ke also apologized in a soft voice, Xie Qian Duo promised to take him to the airport tomorrow, and the father and daughter reconciled as before.

Xia Dong went to Susan’s office. Susan said that John Li complained about Jianyan. Susan didn’t know if she did it on purpose. Xia Dong quickly explained that she did not do it on purpose.

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