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Side Story of Fox Volant 飞狐外传 Episode 5 Recap

According to the news from the capital, the imperial court intends to convene a meeting of the heads of the world. Tian Guinong has been sitting in the position today for too long, and it should be a place for the able. The so-called story of Yanzi killing three scholars with two peaches was thoroughly studied by Qianlong. Only watching them fight to the death is the real highlight.

A woman was wronged and had nowhere to go. She had no choice but to kneel and beg the heavens to reveal her spirit, and swore on the spot that she had never stolen anything from a member’s family. When Hu Fei was eating under the tree, he suddenly found that the woman in purple was passing by on a horse. His beautiful appearance made him ecstatic. Even if the mud trampled by the horse’s hooves was sprayed on his face, he would not take it seriously.

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