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Side Story of Fox Volant 飞狐外传 Episode 3 Recap

Hu Fei sued Ma Xingkong Ping Ah Si of the business mother and son plan, the business mother and son plan went bankrupt, Xu Zheng was angry, and duel with Shang Baozhen. When the noble son Fu Kangan arrived, the business boss asked for help. Except for Hu Fei who escaped, everyone was captured.

Fukangan coveted the beauty of Ma Chunhua, and was tempted in every possible way, and Ma Chunhua finally fell into his arms. Hu Fei broke into the castle alone to save people, and was assisted by Zhao Banshan, the third leader of the Tiehua Club. The crowd competed in the hall, but was trapped in the iron hall by the merchant’s mother and son. With the help of the masters, Hu Fei escaped from the iron hall and fought with the old lady Shang, and finally saved everyone’s life, and the old lady committed suicide. Ping Asi was grateful for the heroic chivalrousness of the Tiehua Society, and entrusted Hu Fei to Zhao Banshan and brought him back to the Tiehua Society for training, tearing apart.

In the past few years, Hu Fei became a young hero in full bloom in the Tiehua Club of the Western Regions. For the hatred of Father Xue, he investigates the whereabouts of Ping Asi. Hu Fei bids farewell to the Tiehuahui, wanders the rivers and lakes alone, and walks to Foshan, Guangdong. He learns that the local villager Zhong Asi’s family was oppressed by the local tyrant Feng Nantian to the extent of their grievances. Furious, he even smashed Feng Nantian restaurant D field, and wanted to force Feng Nantian out of Guandi Temple to seek justice for the Zhong family.

Hu Fei defeated Feng Nantian in Guandi Temple, forcing him to pay back justice to Zhong Asi’s family. The next day, he found that the Zhong family was murdered, Feng Nantian abandoned the family property, and did not know where to go. Hu Fei swore that he would hunt down Feng Nantian in the ends of the earth and kill Feng Nantian in the end of the world, and he would have a bloody feud with the Xue Zhong family. The meeting of the leaders of the world in the capital is about to be held, and Feng Nantian went north to participate, also to avoid Hu Fei’s pursuit.

On the way of Hu Fei’s tracking, he was repeatedly harassed by a young girl in white horse and purple clothes, Yuan Ziyi. Yuan Ziyi’s martial arts and wisdom were on par with Hu Fei. Yuan Ziyi was also a member of the Tiehua Club, and his status in the club was still higher than that of Hu Fei. Ziyi asked Hu Fei to follow her command and help him win the position of the head of the general meeting of the world’s heads. With Hu’s assistance, Ziyi even Take the leader of the number faction.

At this time in the capital, Fukang An secretly recruited the farmland to return to the farmer, and told him that he would represent Qianlong from now on, and that the General Assembly of the World Leaders was planned by him. Fukangan and Tian Guinong secretly discussed that there is actually a major conspiracy behind the holding of the World Leaders Conference. Hu Fei and Yuan Ziyi continued to go north together, subduing two internal guards successively, and Yuan Ziyi won the position of the head of several factions.

Fighting back and forth on the road, the feelings between the two are even deeper. Hu Fei met Feng Nantian again and wanted to kill him for revenge, but someone secretly rescued Feng Nantian. Feng fled, and Hu Fei was very sad and angry. Yuan Ziyi brings Hu Fei to a nunnery, and the mystery of her life experience is about to be revealed.

Yuan Ziyi saw her biological mother in a nunnery and learned of her background. Many years ago, Yuan Ziyi was humiliated by Feng Ba, but Feng Nantian was Yuan Ziyi’s biological father. Yuan was extremely saddened when he heard the news, knowing that Hu Fei had no relationship in this life, and avoided seeing Hu Fei. Hu Fei used a trick to catch up with Yuan Ziyi, but Yuan’s attitude towards him completely changed.

Hu Fei followed the clues and met Feng Nantian and his son in a wild temple. When Hu Fei knocked down Feng’s father and son to kill, Ziyi felt that Feng still had a trace of concern for her mother and begged Hu Fei to let him go. Hu Fei refused, and Ziyi came to the rescue. , Hu Fei was surprised and Yuan walked away.

In the capital, Fukang’an and Tian Guinong also learned that Yuan Lianluo was the head of the 20 factions, but Tian was really worried that Miao Renfeng would come to the conference to disrupt the situation and secretly planned a poisonous plan to use the poison of Wang Qimen. Poison the seedlings. The plan was deliberately found out by Nan Lan. Nan Lan missed her daughter and was grateful for Miao Renfeng’s kindness in those years, so she decided to save her.

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