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Side Story of Fox Volant 飞狐外传 Episode 2 Recap

Miao Renfeng traveled all over the world for ten years to find Hu Fei, but failed to find Hu Fei. Nan Lan was grateful to Miao Renfeng for saving her life and took drugs by mouth. Miao Renfeng felt pity for Nanlan’s sincerity, and the two became husband and wife. Qianlong learned that the secret of Chuangwang was divided into four manuscripts in the past, and the descendants of Hu Miao and Fan Tian were in charge respectively.

However, Tian Guinong learned from his ancestor’s letter that four manuscripts were put together in order to find the treasure of the king, and he handed them two copies to Qianlong. The secret was unsuccessful, and he knew that he had to find two other Codexes before he could solve the secret.

Miao Renfeng encountered several thieves on the road, tracked down and sued Nan Rentong, an old Beijing official, and his daughter Nan Lan, in order to snatch the family heirloom knife he was carrying. The thieves killed Nan Rentong. Miao Renfeng tries to save Nan Lan, but is caught by a thief. Nan Lan was grateful to Miao Renfeng for saving her life and took drugs by mouth. Miao Ganlian, Nan Lan’s love and sincerity, and her life experience drifted away, and the two became husband and wife. Bury the sword in Hu Yidao’s grave.

Miao Renfeng brought Nanlan back to Miaojiazhuang, and Miao took great care of his wife. Soon after, the two gave birth to a daughter, Miao Ruolan. In order to obtain all four manuscripts, Tian Guinong decided to visit Miao Renfeng again. Nan Lan came from an official family and was very spoiled. The Miao people, Feng Jianghu heroes, although they love their wives and daughters very much, do not hesitate to sell their properties to meet his wife’s requirements, but they do not understand the romantic feelings at all.

Her whole family died under the swords of martial artists in Jianghu, but her husband regarded martial arts as his life, and Nan Lan felt very depressed. Qiatian returned to the farmer in a letter saying that the important matter was secretly discussed, and Miao Renfeng asked Nan Lan Duojia to take care of his brother. When Tian Guinong arrived, he pretended to be seriously injured by Tiehuahui, provoked relations, and lived in Miao’s family village.

Tian Guinong noticed the estrangement between Nan Lan and Miao Renfeng, and determined to use Nan Lan as a breakthrough, obtained the Miao family’s handwritten notes, and devoted himself to Nan Lan. In line with the standard of men that Nan Lan longed for, she finally couldn’t help the temptation and threw herself into the arms of Tian Gui Nong.

Tian Guinong asked Nan Lan to elope with him and took Miao Renfeng’s important things. Although Nan Lan was reluctant to leave her daughter Ruolan, in pursuit of personal happiness, she finally abandoned her family and went with Tian Guinong. Miao Renfeng noticed that he was chasing out and wanted to kill the two of them. But when he heard his wife’s confession that he had no true feelings for him, he felt all hopeless. Back home, Ruolan had to find her mother, Miao Renfeng decided to take her daughter on the road, catch up with Nanlan, and be the last line of effort as a family member.

On the anniversary of Hu Yidao’s death, Ping Asi took Hu Fei back to Xueshan to visit the graves of his parents. In the town, he met Tian Guinong, Yan Ji and his henchmen, and had a hunch that there was a conspiracy. As expected, Tian Guinong and others planned to use Tao Baisui as a plan of alienation, so as to provoke the relationship between Miao Renfeng and the Tiehua Association, and let the two sides fight each other, causing both sides to suffer. On the grave-sweeping day, Ping Asi and Hu Fei avoided Miao Renfeng, but the Miao father and daughter were surrounded by several masters of the Tiehua Society.

Tiehua Club masters capture Tao Baisui, and Miao Renfeng releases all suspicions. Tian Gui’s farm fails, and he leads Nan Lan to flee in the snow to avoid Miao Renfeng chasing. He is in danger on the road, and he gets Ma Xingkong and his daughter Ma from the Pegasus Escort Bureau. Chunhua, the dart team led by his apprentice Xu Zheng helped. Tian Guinong hides his identity, and Tian Ma Xingkong invites the two to take shelter from the wind and snow at the old friend’s place in the merchant’s fort not far ahead.

The owner of the merchant castle, Mrs. Shang, and her son, Shang Baozhen, are the widow of Shang Jianming. For many years, the mother and son have wanted to kill Hu Yidao, Miao Renfeng, and revenge. The bandits Ping Asi Hu Fei, the bandits Yan Ji who followed the Tianma escort team, Miao Renfeng and his daughter rushed to the merchant castle successively, Miao Renfeng’s martial arts momentum shocked the audience, Ping Asi took the opportunity to regain the Sanye Dao from Yan Ji’s hands spectrum.

The Miao family’s father and daughter finally saw Nan Lan, but Nan Lan had already cut off their love. Tian Guinong begged for his life. Miao Renfeng couldn’t bear to kill the two and left with her daughter. Tian Guinong changed his face and wanted to gang up with Yan Ji to rob the escort, and Hu Fei stepped forward to help and escaped by chance. Tian and Yan left, but the old lady Shang saw the origin of Hu Yidao from Hu Fei’s martial arts. The mother and son of the merchant brought up the hatred of the past and asked their son to propose to Ma Chunhua. Determined not to let everyone give birth to a merchant castle, the plan was accidentally discovered by Hu Fei.

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