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Side Story of Fox Volant 飞狐外传 Episode 1 Recap

In the middle of winter, the northern mountain city sees wind and snow again, the sky is full of frost and cold, and the jade trees are shining with silver. Between this world, there is a Batong Inn. Many enemy families gathered in the inn. When I heard that Hu Yidao, the hero of Liaodong, was returning to his hometown to worship his ancestors, they all waited in ambush here until Hu Yidao passed by and rested.

In just a few rounds, everyone was at a disadvantage and had no power to fight. The golden-masked Buddha and Miao Renfeng, who is known to be the invincible player in the world, came here because of his fame and wanted to compete with Hu Yidao, but just after the move, the baby’s cry suddenly started, so they had to stop the competition and decided to fight another day.

Not long after that day, Hu Yidao and Miao Renfeng made an appointment to compete in Cangshan, and they were unable to decide the winner for five days and five nights. It is precisely because the two are prodigies in martial arts. After several days of fighting, they have already become familiar with each other’s moves. Therefore, on the last day of the competition, they exchanged weapons and competed again.

Hu Yidao and Miao Renfeng met very late, so they became close friends. He first learned the Miao family sword, and then taught the Hu family swordsmanship as a gift. However, in the end, Hu Yidao and his wife both died tragically in Cangshan. As for who the murderer was, over the years, they have always believed that Miao Renfeng did it.

Thirteen years have passed in the blink of an eye. Not only did he endure the humiliation and survive, he raised Hu Fei alone, hoping to take revenge one day, but even the young owner of the business, Shang Baozhen, was born with a blood debt. Because of Shang Baozhen’s mediocre qualifications and no famous teacher to guide him, the years of hard training still did not satisfy his mother.

At this moment, the owner of the business, the old lady Shang, was instructing Shang Baozhen in martial arts. Every time he mentioned the names of Miao Renfeng and Hu Yidao, he was gnashing his teeth. This kind of resentful tone made one’s spine go cold. On a whim, the girl Ma Chunhua pulled Hu Fei to the window to peep. The old lady Shang noticed it, and she screamed in anger and scared them to flee over the wall. By the time Shang Baozhen chased him out, they were long gone.

It was pouring rain outside the merchant castle, and Ma Xingkong, the head of the Pegasus Escort Bureau, ordered his men to load the goods, but he did not notice the thieves behind him. The senior brother of the security guard, Xu Zheng, was ordered to find Ma Chunhua, but he saw her and Hu Fei competing in the promenade. The young Hu Fei was unforgiving, always fighting with Xu Zheng and enjoying Ma Chunhua’s protection.

Although his adoptive father often told Hu Feimo to expose his martial arts in front of outsiders, but Hu Fei saw Ma Chunhua being molested, he still couldn’t help but act righteously. Just as Deng’s disciples saw that the situation was not good and were about to leave, unexpectedly more than a dozen horses rushed to the front of the village and stopped abruptly. Immediately after the sound from the eaves, black-clothed men lined up side by side. The leader claimed his identity and his surname was Yan Dan The name base is a person Pinggui knows well.

Ma Xingkong has been walking around the rivers and lakes for many years, and naturally he knows the rules of darts, so he thinks about spending money to kill things. However, Yan Ji was staring at this batch of dart-carrying goods, and he was willing to give up until he got half of it, and arrogantly wanted to compete with Ma Xingkong. Originally, everyone thought that this person must be an ordinary horse thief. How could they know that the opponent’s boxing was sharp, and Ma Xingkong could be injured and fell to the ground with only three moves.

Seeing that Ma Xing vomited blood and could not stand up, Yan Ji was even more arrogant and ordered his subordinates to pull out the dart flag. Ma Chunhua and others tried their best to protect them, but they were not Yan Ji’s opponents after all. At the critical moment, Miao Renfeng came on horseback and dealt with these thieves in three or two strokes, beating Yan Ji to the point of crying.

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