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Lost Track of Time 覆流年 Episode 3 Recap

The queen personally fed the prepared soup to the seriously ill emperor, for which the emperor died suddenly. Mu Chuan tried every means to find blood ginseng to save Lu Anran. Fortunately, Lu Anran, who had been in a coma for a month after taking blood ginseng, finally woke up. After waking up, Lu Anran learned that he had missed the funeral of his younger brother Lu Yun, and that the emperor was also killed by King Yi. Three days later, Mu Ze would inherit the throne.

Mu Ze returned to the house to visit Lu Anran, blamed himself for letting Lu Yun be killed by Mu Lin, and promised to protect Lu Anran and the Lu family with his life in the future. In the first year of Jinghe, Mu Ze got his wish and ascended the throne. Mu Ze brought Lu Anran, who was named queen, to the palace to pay homage to his biological mother. Lu Anran learned at this time that Mu Ze’s biological mother was not a good concubine, but she was harmed by her. .

Lu Anran accompanied Mu Ze to pay homage to his mother, and believed that Mu Ze would inevitably become a good emperor loved by the people in the future. On New Year’s Eve of the third year of Jinghe, Lu Anran became pregnant again, and the Lu family also went to the palace to accompany their daughters to celebrate the New Year. While the whole family set off fireworks to celebrate the New Year, Lu Anran told Mu Ze the good news of her pregnancy. Mu Ze was also very happy. Mu Chuan, who was watching all this, was envious.

Two months later, the empress dowager passed away for no apparent reason, and Mu Ze’s eagerness to execute Jiang imperial doctor made Mu Chuan puzzled, so he simply came to question him. Mu Chuan believed that Mu Ze, who had been on the throne for three years, had a great change of heart. He not only went back on his word and executed King Yi’s subordinates, but also acted arbitrarily, not knowing right or wrong. Mu Ze was furious, and imprisoned him in the room for the crime of disobedience to Mu Chuan, the king of Qi.

Lu Anran came to visit Mu Chuan regardless of the obstacles. She knew that Mu Ze had always treated Mu Chuan generously, and this punishment must be because Mu Chuan found something that violated Mu Ze’s taboo. Not wanting Lu Anran to be pregnant, Mu Chuan had to tell the truth. Lu Anran knew what Mu Ze did after he ascended the throne, but now only Lu Anran and Mu Chuan are Mu Ze’s close people, and only they can pull him back. Mu Chuan persuaded Lu Anran to take care of himself first if he encounters something that cannot be done.

Back in the bedroom, Lu Anran accused Mu Ze of being so arbitrary, regardless of his siblings’ affection, not distinguishing right from wrong and black and white. Lu Anran couldn’t believe Mu Ze now. He had already got his wish, so why did he kill them all? Now Lu Anran doubted not only the death of the empress dowager, but also the death of the late emperor.

This remark angered Mu Ze, and Mu Ze even doubted Lu Anran’s feelings for Mu Chuan. The couple’s ten-year relationship has changed from mutual trust to mutual suspicion, which is sad. Lu Anran scolded Mu Ze for taking people’s sincerity as a fake, saying one thing and doing another, throwing away his original aspirations as a teenager, and becoming him from beginning to end. Mu Ze threatened Lu Anran with the lives of the Lu family, and thought about the Lu family before speaking wildly in the future.

Dahan built the country by the water, but the world’s rivers are in the hands of the Lu family. Now the queen wants to investigate the cause of the queen mother’s death, which makes Mu Ze feel murderous. Lu Anran accidentally saw the origami rabbit in the hands of Xiao Jingque’s son Lin’er, and only then did she learn that Xiao Jingque would fold the rabbit that she gave to her son back then.

She came to ask Xiao Jingque if it was related to Yu’er’s death, but Xiao Jingque told her that Mu Ze knew that he was the murderer from beginning to end, and Lu Anran was just a pawn in Mu Ze’s hands. Xiao Ying also told Lu Anran that Mu Ze sacrificed Lu Yun and the entire vanguard army to overthrow King Yi in exchange for the current throne.

Mu Ze sentenced the Lu family to the death penalty. Lu Anran came to question Mu Ze whether he attacked the Lu family in order to recover the Lu family’s port and fleet, whether he planned the death of the vanguard led by Lu Yun, and whether he deliberately concealed it from Yu. The son died at the hands of Xiao Jingque, but Mu Ze did not deny these three things. Lu Anran was heartbroken, believing that the other party loved the throne more than anything else, and then shattered the jade pendant that year, and turned to leave.

It was snowing heavily in the sky, but it was hard to match the sadness in Lu Anran’s heart. The fact that the Lu family was framed was all because Lu Xinran, the current protector of the country, secretly conspired with her second uncle. Lu Xinran chose the royal family and abandoned the Lu family. Since she was a child, she was dissatisfied that her background was lower than Lu Anran. Lu Xinran killed Lingxi, the maid who was protecting Lu Anran, and told Lu Anran that the peach cake she hand-fed to Madam Lu was the root cause of Mrs. Lu’s death, and the plate of peach cake was originally prepared for Lu Anran.

Forty-six members of the Lu family were beheaded, Mu Chuan was also given poisoned wine to die, and Lu Anran, dressed in red, set herself on fire and went to the Hanguang Hall. In ten years, in order to accompany Mu Ze to the throne, she became an accomplice. Killed countless people, and now it is considered to be buried with those who died in vain.

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