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Lost Track of Time 覆流年 Episode 2 Recap

Five years later, Mu Ze was absent from Lu Anran’s birthday banquet. Lu Xinran was dissatisfied with Mu Ze’s admission of Xiao Jingque into the mansion, and made a grievance for the Lu family, but Lu Anran knew that Mu Ze was attracted to Xiao Jingque because of Xiao Ying’s bravery and ability to fight. Ze chose the path of imperial power, as long as he has himself in his heart is enough. Lu Xinran, Lu Yun, and Lu Anran’s son Yu’er accompany Lu Anran on her birthday, Mu Ze’s concubine Xiao Jingque sent a parrot to celebrate the birthday of Princess Lu Anran. Anran and Lu Anran did not punish Xiao Jingque for this, but instead grabbed the bracelet and hairpin on Xiao Jingque’s body, which were given by the female family of the court. , and even fined her behind closed doors for a month.

Because the Xiao family is Mu Ze’s right-hand man, the punishment can only go so far. Lu Yun wanted to go to Beilin to fight, and he wanted to gain fame and become the hardest supporter of his sisters. Lu Anran knew that his younger brother had great ambitions, so he was unwilling to stop him.

When Mu Ze returned home at night, he brought Lu Anran a box of flowers as a birthday present. Lu Anran was very content that Mu Ze still remembered his birthday during his busy schedule. Originally, the family of three was enjoying the reunion, but Xiao Jingque called Mu Ze away on the grounds of fainting, and then Mu Ze and Lu Anran learned that Xiao Jingque was pregnant. Xiao Jingque used this as an excuse to complain that he was being detained, and Lu Anran took the opportunity to lift the other party’s confinement, but Mu Ze didn’t pay much attention to Xiao Jingque.

Five months later, Xiao Jingque, who was pregnant, almost tripped over Yu’er who was flying a kite while walking. Xiao Jingque beat Yu’er angrily, and what Yu’er cried bitterly angered Xiao Jingque. There is more aversion.

After returning home from work, Lu Anran unexpectedly learned that her son Yu’er had accidentally fallen into the water and died, and she was heartbroken. Then the maid bluntly said that Xiao Jingque left behind the rockery in a panic when Yu’er fell into the water. Lu Anran took a sword to seek revenge on Xiao Jingque, but was stopped by Mu Ze who returned home. Later, Lu Xinran told Yu’er that she had seen Xiao Jingque at Moxuan Temple when Yu’er had an accident. Although Mu Ze found out that the death of the prince had nothing to do with Xiao Jingque on the surface, he also reprimanded Xiao Jingque in private. It turned out that Lu Xinran’s words were arranged by Mu Ze to keep Xiao Jingque. He didn’t care about losing a few children, but it did not mean that Xiao Jingque could do whatever he wanted. For this reason, Mu Ze took this as an excuse and took the private soldiers of the Xiao family as his own.

The prince died, but Mu Ze’s expression was deserted, which made Lu Anran question whether Mu Ze had ever loved himself and his children. In order not to immerse himself in the grief of losing his son, Lu Anran immersed himself in the shipbuilding workshop all day, and finally built a car and a ship five months later. Xiao Jingque was overjoyed to have Lin’er, and the palace was full of excitement, but Lu Anran had trouble getting out of the sadness of losing his son. Lu Anran went for a walk in the garden alone, and accidentally bumped into Mu Chuan, who was hiding in leisure. Mu Chuan gave Lu Anran the bracelet he got from his wanderings to ward off evil spirits and keep him safe, hoping to comfort Lu Anran, who had lost his beloved son.

Mu Ze came later, and during the chat, he heard that Mu Chuan had a heart, and heard that the other party fell in love with the girl at first sight, but it was a pity that the two had no relationship and missed the marriage. Lu Anran also advised Mu Chuan not to focus on the farmland in the future, and he couldn’t miss it when he met a girl he liked. In order to ease the relationship with Lu Anran, Mu Ze set the sky lantern to pray for Yu’er at night, and then Lu Anran saw the plaything that the other party had prepared for Yu’er, so he forgave Mu Ze since then, and no longer blamed him for his lack of affection.

General Xiao returned to Beijing triumphantly, but Lu Yun was ambushed because of the pursuit of the enemy, and finally died of exhaustion. Another close relative passed away. Lu Anran couldn’t bear the stimulation and fainted. The imperial doctor diagnosed that he would not be able to recover, unless he had blood ginseng to continue his life.

King Yi Mu Lin was publicly impeached by Xiao Ying. King Yi deducted army salaries and pocketed army silver. Because Lu Yun had evidence in his hands, King Yi asked his uncle, General Qin, to delay the rescue, causing him to be attacked by the enemy. The emperor was furious and removed the position of Prince Mu Lin, the king of Yi, and imprisoned the palace of the king of Yi for a lifetime.

Mu Ze’s biological mother had a low status, so he and Mu Chuan were both raised by Queen Lin Wanzhen since childhood. The queen knew that Mu Ze had been working hard for the crown prince all these years, and said that when the emperor was in better health, he would find an opportunity to persuade the emperor to establish the crown prince early. Mu Ze was worried that the imperial concubine planned for Mu Lin, and wanted to ask the queen to help him once.

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