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Chasing the Undercurrent 罚罪 Episode 8 Recap

The video brought back by Chang Zheng was handed over to the technical department for verification. When Yan Guohua and Xiao Zhenbang were working together, the inspection report had come out, and the video was authentic and valid, which could prove Chang Zheng’s innocence. The next step is to lift Chang Zheng’s imprisonment. Xiao Zhenbang took the initiative to open the handcuffs to Chang Zheng, but Chang Zheng did not appreciate it, and insisted on Zhang Qiufeng to open it himself. Although Zhang Qiufeng was reluctant, he understood Chang Zheng’s stubborn temper and lowered his face to open it to Chang Zheng. handcuffs.

When Zhao Pengchao ate at Zhao Pengzhan’s house, he listed the evidence of Zhao Pengzhan’s manipulation of the family economy, appropriation of money, and the murder of Zhao Pengcheng, as a threat, asking Zhao Pengzhan to fully cooperate and obey himself in the future. Zhao Pengzhan understands that the evidence in Zhao Pengchao’s hands now, let alone let Zhao Xiaosheng know, even if it reaches Zhao Pengxiang, he will not be able to escape.

Zhao Pengchao made a request: The family property that Zhao Pengzhan once misappropriated should be returned in the name of an investment company. Zhao Pengchao’s return to China was intended to reorganize the Zhao family. He has fallen into a situation of being slaughtered by others, and he has no bargaining chip to refute Zhao Pengchao’s request.

Although he was obedient on the surface, Zhao Pengzhan hated the behavior of the fourth child to the core. After Zhao Pengchao left, Zhao Pengzhan immediately found someone to start investigating Zhao Pengchao’s activities in Australia in recent years.

The Bobcats reported to Zhao Pengxiang that Zhao Pengchao went to Zhao Pengzhan’s house for dinner. Zhao Pengxiang was at a loss as to whether the two would practice against him next.

Before the yacht explosion, Zhao Pengchao instructed Qiu Tao to set up the camera in advance, and also accurately predicted what happened later. Qiu Tao could not help but suspect that everything was planned by Zhao Pengchao. Zhao Pengchao clarified to Qiu Tao that the matter was not planned by himself. As for the actual planner behind the scenes, it is temporarily inconvenient to disclose.

While the two were talking, they suddenly heard a crash. Qiu Tao sensitively ran out of the room to check. Tang Shaowen was sleeping and Zhao Xiaosheng was in a coma. Just when he was wondering, Zhao Pengchao walked to his side and asked Qiu Tao to go back to rest.

Zhao Pengxiang was going to attack Zhao Pengchao, and asked the Bobcats to call the rest of his men to arrange it in the clubhouse in advance. Bet that if he loses, he will return to Australia from now on, and he will not participate in Zhao family affairs again. Zhao Pengxiang also refuses to accept it, and promises that if he loses, he will follow Zhao Pengchao’s arrangement in the future.

Zhao Pengchao asked Tang Shaowen to contact Xia Zongtao. This man is a master of free fighting. On the night of the pier murder, Zhao Pengchao arranged for the death of the cattle to prepare in advance. Xia Zonghai died on the spot. Xia Zongtao was shot and fell into the sea. , so Xia Zongtao has always regarded Zhao Pengchao as a savior.

After the two met in a private club, they agreed to play Texas Hold’em to win or lose. Tang Shaowen installed a camera on the buttons of Zhao Pengchao’s suit in advance, and helped Zhao Pengchao check the cards outside the court. Zhao Pengchao won quickly.

Zhao Pengxiang immediately changed his face and threatened to have the final say on his own site. Xia Zongtao sat on the side, Zhao Pengchao was not panicked, and even ridiculed Zhao Pengxiang for changing his temper. Zhao Pengxiang was provoked, and the Bobcats immediately aimed at Xia Zongtao with a gun, and the younger brothers surrounded him. Zhao Pengchao. Just a moment of effort. Xia Zongtao got rid of the lynx, moved to Zhao Pengxiang, and controlled Zhao Pengxiang with a dagger.

Zhao Pengxiang panicked. After Xia Zongtao took off his mask, Zhao Pengxiang saw Xia Zongtao’s face clearly, and suddenly realized that he had completely lost to Zhao Pengchao.

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