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The Investigator 简言的夏冬 Episode 9 Recap

Lao Fang called Xia Dong and told Xia Dong that there was no information about Liang Meizhu on the surface, but he found that an airline had reserved a seat for Liang Meizhu and flew from Guangzhou to Kunming at noon the day after tomorrow. As for Alicia, her flight to Shenzhen was canceled, and she is still checking her whereabouts.

Jian Yan specially waited for him at the restaurant where Qin Ke was eating. She talked about the Galaxy project, hoping that Qin Ke could stop Susan or Xia Dong from continuing to investigate this crisis response project, which obviously did not meet the entrusted qualification review. Qin Ke said that he could not stop it, but he said that no one could do it to make Susan violate the rules and Xia Dong to stop the investigation. If Jian Yan really wants to help Xia Dong, he should help him find out the truth. Whether it is a workplace or a shopping mall, it will always be based on facts, not power and conspiracy.

Xia Dong got into a car in Longguan Town. He knew in his heart that someone was following him, and then two big men came up and squeezed him in the middle. Xia Dong wisely took out his wallet, but there was only a few hundred dollars in it. The robber was naturally dissatisfied, and took his mobile phone and asked to transfer the money from his account via WeChat. Just when Jian Yan called, the robber hung up immediately. Jian Yan immediately sent a message, frequently interrupting the robber’s action to scan the code, and the robber also worried that she would call the police if she could not contact the owner of the mobile phone, so she replied Jian Yan a few words.

After Jian Yan stopped, they started to transfer money, but found that Xia Dong did not bind the bank card. Xia Dong also said that he brought a bank card, and he told one of the fat men the password, and the fat man went to the ATM to withdraw money, and when he ran into Xie Qianduo, he wanted to withdraw money. Fatty thought she was a rich woman, and immediately went back to tell the other kidnapper. The two got into Xie Qianduo’s car excitedly, but Xie Qianduo locked them in the car. The siren came from far and near, and the police quickly brought the kidnapper to justice.

While Lin Junwen was staring at Xia Dong, she received a call from Liang Meizhu, who said in a panic that the landlord had been knocking on the door. Lin Junwen had no choice but to give up staring at Xia Dong and return to the homestay to appease Liang Meizhu. Liang Meizhu turned on her phone and saw that Yinhe invited Ou Xun to investigate. She was very worried. Lin Junwen explained to her patiently, and told her that every step after that must be done according to his orders. Jian Yan made a video call to Xia Dong in the bathroom. He asked Jian Yan to change places, and Susan would definitely follow her.

Lin Junwen said to Liang Meizhu that if it wasn’t for her help, the Lin family might have been more fortunate this time. If there is a problem with the Lin family, the related clans within the Lin family will lose their livelihood, so he will never allow the Galaxy to harm the Lin family with despicable means. Xia Dong made a video call to Jian Yan and deliberately acted for Susan, but Susan was really angry. The kidnapper was taken back to the police station for interrogation, but Xie Qianduo did not expect his kindness to help, but inadvertently disrupted Xia Dong’s plan, causing the people who were staring at Xia Dong to disappear. Xia Dong was very angry and gave Xie Qianduo a lesson, and Xie Qianduo was very frustrated.

Jian Yan made an appointment with Aunt Huang. She tried it out for a while to see if it was suitable. Jian Yan took the suitcase and moved it there that night. Xia Dong drove past Yuanzhu Jiangnan and found that there were many banners here, all accusing Yuanzhu Jiangnan of cheating money. Xie Qianduo put a note on Xia Dong’s room door, hoping to ask for his forgiveness. Xie Qianduo’s work attitude is very good, while Xia Dong is very strict, so Xie Qianduo is about to cry. In the end, Xia Dong agreed to take Xie Qianduo to Yuanzhu Jiangnan, and Xie Qianduo turned from sadness to joy.

Lao Fang called to report the progress of the investigation. He said that Alicia flew to Shenzhen, and then rented a car from Shenzhen to Dongguan. The rental date was one week. As for Yang Wenxin, the cashier of Yinhe Yirong, he has already returned to his hometown. Jian Yan and Aunt Huang got along very well and stayed in the alley that night. Wang Hui secretly put the mobile phone near Lin Weiren and Guan Hailin, and then passed the recording to Lin Junwen, and reminded him to solve the Dongguan matter as soon as possible.

Xia Dong made a video call to Jian Yan, but Jian Yan didn’t know, so he projected his phone on the TV screen to zoom in on her. The two chatted a little bit, and although they were pretending to be lovers, it was clear that their relationship had become closer and closer. Ju Wei went to the vegetable market near the alley to buy food, met Aunt Huang, and the two chatted a little. In the morning, Xia Dong and Xie Qianduo went to Yuanzhu Jiangnan. He deliberately lay in the back seat and did not let anyone see it. From the location that John Li looked at, he found that Xia Dong had been in the hotel, so he thought that Xia Dong had never left.

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