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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 50 Recap

Liu Weiyang received an urgent letter from Yu Mo and asked him to rush to Kuanlan Mountain immediately. Liu Weiyang could not find Tao Ziqi anywhere. Wanting to exchange Tao Ziqi, Emperor Zun asked him to exchange the Eye of Ten Thousand Demons, Liu Weiyang reluctantly took out the Eye of Ten Thousand Demons, and Emperor Zun brutally killed him.

Lu Ming kept Yan Dan’s belongings before his death. Yan Dan found those things, including two bottles of Xingchen and a wedding dress that Zhixi collected for Yan Dan. Zhixi wanted to do it by himself on the day of Yan Dan and Ying Yuan’s wedding. She put on a wedding dress, and also mentioned in the letter that Yu Mo did not hesitate to break the dragon’s horn in order to go to the mortal world to find Yan Dan, and Yan Dan felt very uncomfortable.

Yan Dan was worried about being recognized by the gods in the heavens, so she had to take the appearance of Zhixi and come to the Miaofa Pavilion. Zhixi recognized her on the spot and complained that she should not venture to the heavens. Yan Dan thanked Zhixi for saving her with half a heart. Xi couldn’t wait to know the progress of her relationship with Ying Yuan, Yan Dan didn’t expect results, just cherish the moment. It was not convenient for Zhixi to ask any more questions. She wanted to know the reason why Yan Dan came to the heaven. Yan Dan was worried that the news of the leak would scare the snakes away, so he kept silent to Zhixi. Ming was killed the truth.

Ying Yuan took the initiative to come to Emperor Zun for a drink and talk. He bluntly pointed out that Emperor Zun had changed. He didn’t understand why Emperor Zun, who had always looked down on Taiyou Xingjun, made an exception to promote him as Chief of Heavenly Soldiers. Emperor Zun explained that Taiyou Xingjun was Wan Yun. Emperor Wanyun, the disciple of the emperor, died in the battle of the immortals and demons, and the emperor promoted Taiyou Xingjun to comfort the undead of Emperor Wanyun.

Ying Yuan quietly tested Emperor Zun, Emperor Zun responded skillfully, and insisted that Lu Ming was the real murderer who harmed Ying Yuan. Today is the last day of Ying Yuan and the mysterious person having the same fate spell. Ying Yuan wanted to find an opportunity to confirm Emperor Zun’s palm. Is there any black pattern in it? He wants to compete with the Emperor, and the Emperor agrees.

Emperor Zun put on a stance and fought against Ying Yuan. His skills were deep and hidden. Ying Yuan was defeated without seeing his palm prints. Before leaving, Emperor Zun also replayed a chess game. Ying Yuan Even more suspicious, because Emperor Zun did not like to play chess, nor did he like him playing chess, Ying Yuan suspected that Emperor Zun was faked by a mysterious person using puppet techniques.

Zhixi brought it to a big box that Lu Ming often looked at during his lifetime. Inside was the belts that were eliminated by the immortals of various palaces. Yan Dan was very puzzled. Luming still had many books related to belts, but he was not interested in these before his death. Zhixi dug out the records of changing belts in various palaces and found that Emperor Zun and Ying Yuan never changed belts.

Emperor Zun saw that Ying Yuan was using the Yong Ye Gong to compete with him. He felt that something was wrong. He came to Di Ya in the dark and found that the sword spirit of the Asura tribe was gone. Son of Xuan Ye, Emperor Zun is ecstatic, as long as he gets Ying Yuan’s blood, he can rest easy.

Yan Dan learned from Zhixi that the reason why Ying Yuan was unwilling to change the belt was because she had embroidered the liana flowers on it. The clothes jumped out in a mess, and the immortal servant Qingyun came over after hearing the news. Ying Yuan was worried that Yan Dan’s identity would be exposed, so he hugged her tightly, and Qingyun had to leave angrily.

Yan Dan reported to Ying Yuan that Emperor Zun had never changed his belt. She suspected that there were secrets in the belt, and Ying Yuan also thought Emperor Zun was suspicious. Deliberately framed Lu Ming, Yan Dan wanted to find evidence that Emperor Zun used Jiu Yao Lianzhu practice to expose his crimes. Ying Yuan looked for the Jiuyi star map in Jidu Xingjun’s room.

There was no record of Jiuyilianzhu in it. Yan Dan remembered that Jidu Xingjun had set an endgame for Ying Yuan. Yan Dan solved it without any effort. The end game happened to be the direction of Jiu Yao Lianzhu. Ying Yuan didn’t understand why Jidu Xingjun didn’t record the game. Yan Dan suspected that Jidu Xingjun and Emperor Zun were in the same group. Ying Yuan decided to go to Jidu Xingjun’s Buxing Pavilion to check. clue.

Yan Dan just wanted to leave when Qing Yun and Lu Jing hurried over to help Ying Yuan outside the door and let him and Yan Dan rest in peace. Yan Dan had to stay overnight. Ying Yuan quickly fell asleep, Yan Dan looked at his handsome face carefully, but when Ying Yuan found out, Yan Dan blushed with shame.

The seven-day deadline has come, and the black lines on Emperor Zun’s palm naturally disappeared. In fact, he was the mysterious man. He used the puppet technique to take the appearance of Emperor Zun and sent people to keep an eye on Ying Yuan’s every move. Ying Yuan and Yan Dan came to the Buxing Pavilion and found that there was a magic weapon of the Wu clan, Jin Chanyi, which was also a must for cultivating Qiankun. a family.

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