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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 49 Recap

Yan Dan asked Ying Yuan to go to Jiuzhongtian to perform her duties as an emperor. She wanted to stay in the mortal world to protect her family. After saying these words, Yan Dan left with tears in her eyes. Ying Yuan used her immortal power to turn the ruins in front of her into an oasis. , the mountain scene resumed its former liveliness and wealth, and then pulled Yan Dan up to the sky.

Ying Yuan took Yan Dan for a tour of the sky above Kuanlan Mountain, took out the agarwood incense burner again, and wanted to reconnect with Yan Dan. Ying Yuan wanted to go back to heaven to find out the truth and let Yan Dan wait for him to come back. Taiyou Xingjun reported to the mysterious man that Ying Yuan was still investigating the fire in Tianxinguan. He was worried that the matter would be exposed, and the mysterious man had already arranged everything.

Five days passed in a blink of an eye, Ying Yuan came to Gou Dan’s residence in Diya to wait for Lu Ming, but Lu Ming did not appear. Zhi Xi hurried over, and she was looking for Lu Ming everywhere. Lu Ming had been missing for several days. Zhixi found the shark pearl mirror left by Luming in the Book Collection Pavilion. Ying Yuan opened the mirror and saw the view of the North Sea where the Luming people were. He immediately rushed to take a look.

The divine artifact Dizhi makes the hot spring water have the miraculous effect of bringing back the dead. Now Ying Yuan takes the Dizhi, and the hot spring water returns to ordinary water. Yan Dan put a few pieces of Hanli petals, which is not only beautiful, but also can heal the injured little demon. Yu Mo was grateful to her. Beihai elders came to Zhao Yumo for help. He couldn’t contact Lu Ming, so he activated the shark pearl mirror, but only saw the merpeople’s secret base in Beihai, Liuli Waterfall, where an enchantment was set up. , No one can break the clan, even Luming’s father Long Zun can’t open it, Yan Dan vowed to find Luming at all costs.

Yan Dan left a letter to Yu Mo and asked Yu Mo to stay in the mountains to protect the little demons. She went to Beihai alone, Ying Yuan also came to Beihai to find Luming, and they both went to Liuli Waterfall to find someone. Yan Dan and Ying Yuan quickly found the Liuli Waterfall and saw a stone tablet next to them. After reading the inscription, they knew that this was the ancestral hall of the merman tribe. Yan Dan must have left an important clue in Luming, otherwise it would not have appeared in the mercurial mirror. picture here.

Yan Dan wanted to start the shark pearl mirror to look for Lu Ming, but saw that Ju Lingsi gathered some spiritual knowledge to light up the shark pearl mirror. Ying Yuan knew that Lu Ming was dead. It condensed into a drop of shark bead tears and flew back to her homeland. Yan Dan couldn’t believe the scene in front of her, but she knew very well that the recorded shark bead tears had been destroyed, and the only remaining spiritual consciousness returned here.

Yan Dan forced the grief in his heart to open his spiritual sense, and saw the shocking scene. Emperor Zun called Lu Ming and killed him on the spot. Yan Dan suspected that Emperor Zun was also a mysterious person who cruelly hurt Ying Yuan. Ying Yuan firmly believed in Emperor Zun’s character. Emperor Zun raised Ying Yuan from a young age, concealed his identity as a descendant of the Shura clan, and has always been generous and kind, and would never do such a cruel thing. Yan Dan looked for clues from the mirror of He Shaozhu, and saw that he and Lu were in those days. Ming has made a ten thousand year agreement in the library, but now it is separated from yin and yang.

Ying Yuan persuaded Yan Dan not to be sad. He decided to go to the library to find clues. Yan Dan ignored the danger of revealing his identity and insisted on returning to the heaven with him to find out the truth. Ying Yuan came to the library, sent away all the little immortal servants inside, and then released Yan Dan. The two of them searched separately, but they found nothing. Yan Dan was not reconciled. Candle, confirm that this is the clue set by the recording.

Ying Yuan used the power of immortality to open the secret of the immortal candle, and a strange celestial phenomenon that has not been seen in ten thousand years appeared. It can be turned into a container and sacrificed to the Nine Lights Formation, and it can be practiced into Qiankun Yin. , Yan Dan remembered that the immortal spirit was lost after the battle of Beiming Xianjun, and suspected that it was taken to practice Qiankun Yin, but Jin Chanyi needed to cultivate Qiankun Yin was the magic weapon of the Sanyiwu clan, and the Wu clan had long since become extinct.

The person injured by Qiankun will be brittle and difficult to form together. Yan Dan suggested to see the body of Xianjun Beiming. Ying Yuan and Yan Dan opened the coffin for autopsy. A chess piece flew out of the coffin. Xianjun Beiming Store the remaining spiritual consciousness in this chess piece. Before the battle between the fairy and the devil, Xianjun Beiming took a chess piece from Ying Yuan, just wanting to transmit the sound to him through the chess piece. Ying Yuan couldn’t wait to know the truth about the battle between the Immortals and Demons.

Beiming Xianjun was attacked by someone during the war. Unexpectedly, the mysterious man turned into him with puppet technique. The mysterious person took his fairy spirit. Beiming Xianjun advised Yingyuan not to pursue further investigations, so as not to expose him. The identity of the descendants of the Shura tribe will not be able to gain a foothold in the heavens in the future, and the mysterious person has profound skills, and has also absorbed the fairy spirits of the three emperors. No one can match it now. Ying Yuan insisted on finding out the truth and begged the Beiming Xianjun to open the door. Coffin, Xianjun Beiming did not want Yan Dan and Yu Mo to be involved in this matter, and Ying Yuan promised to protect them.

Yan Dan opened the coffin for autopsy and found that Xianjun Beiming had indeed been stolen the fairy spirit. He suspected that this person was Emperor Zun, and Ying Yuan did not want her to be involved. Yan Dan insisted on seeking justice for Xianjun Beiming, and Ying Yuan agreed. Will protect her well, Yan Dan immediately sent a letter to Yu Mo, and Ying Yuan also wanted to use the nine-fin dragon scale to verify Qiankun Yin.

Ying Yuan personally brought people to Hangxin Cliff and wanted to arrange a room for Yan Dan. Marshal Huo De spent all day buying drunk at Hanging Heart Cliff.

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