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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 48 Recap

Zhixi was ordered to return to the emperor, and the emperor gave her a great reward, giving her the seal of the Miaofa Pavilion, a thousand years of cultivation, promotion to the third class, and promotion to the immortal world. Zhixi knelt down and thanked the emperor for the award. Emperor Zun asked about Ying Yuan and Yan Dan’s relationship casually. Zhixi worried that Ying Yuan would be punished again for being emotional, and lied that Yan Dan had let go of this fruitless relationship. Continue leading edge.

When Zhixi returned to the Miaofa Pavilion, Ying Yuan had been waiting for her, and couldn’t wait to ask her about Yan Dan’s injury, only to feel relieved when he learned that Yan Dan was no longer in serious trouble. After the catastrophe, Kulan Mountain was razed to the ground. Only Yan Dan’s room was completely preserved. It was preserved by Yu Mo with the power of nine fins.

Ziyan took great pains to find the peach tree he planted. He was very sad because he was dying. Dan Shu knew that Yu Mo sent spiritual power to Yan Dan every day to heal his wounds. The surrounding area of ​​Yan Dan’s room must have the strongest spiritual power. He asked Ziyan to transplant the peach blossom outside the door of Yan Dan’s room. Yan Dan quickly recovered. She saw that Kuanlan Mountain had become a mess, and she was full of self-blame, feeling that it was all because of her.

Ying Yuan reads the letters from the mortal world every day, trying to find clues about the mysterious person, but none of the letters came from Fengquangu. He suspected that he was intercepted, and the sword spirit took the initiative to find Ying Yuan and promised to help him go to the mortal world and When Yan Dan met again, Ying Yuan was unmoved, so he had to leave angrily.

Ying Yuan suddenly found that the fire crystal given to him by the immortal servant was cracked. He used his mana to take a look. He didn’t expect the fire crystal to burn out quickly. Yuan felt something was wrong and suspected that someone was playing tricks behind his back. He jumped on the roof and saw that Taiyou Xingjun was doing his best to put out the fire. Everyone worked together to put out the fire quickly. Taiyou Xingjun reported to Ying Yuan that he just burned some ordinary letters. Ying Yuan felt that something was wrong. Taiyou Xingjun’s Taiyou Palace was far away from here, and there was no black spot left by the same life curse on his hand.

Marshal Huo De came to hear the news, he sneered at Taiyou Xingjun, and spoke ill of him. Taiyou Xingjun left in a hurry under the pretext of reporting to Emperor Zun. Marshal Huode was still angry, so he complained to Yuan. After Jun succeeded him as chief of the Heavenly Soldiers, he slept in the training ground every day. Ying Yuan analyzed that the mysterious man was not too secluded Xingjun.

Marshal Huo De returned the military book to Ying Yuan, and also revealed that since Ying Yuan left, the heaven has changed, and even the Emperor has changed as a person. Ying Yuan has long discovered that something is wrong with the Emperor, and he thinks that all this is It was caused by the immortal and demon war. I wanted to find out the truth as soon as possible, and asked Marshal Huode about the situation after he left.

Liu Weiyang accidentally discovered that Tao Ziqi was practicing the sky-traveling technique that can move through the sky in an instant. He mistakenly thought that she wanted to leave. Tao Ziqi repeatedly explained that she wanted to draw a picture for Yan Dan as a birthday present, and also set the Yuetiao on it. Liu Weiyang was dubious because of the empty technique, wanting Yan Dan to travel freely in the mortal world.

Yu Mo wrote a letter inviting Liu Weiyang and Tao Ziqi to go to Kuanshan Mountain. Liu Weiyang was worried that Tao Ziqi’s body had not recovered, so he replied to Yu Mo and went back a few days later. Tao Ziqi felt that Yu Mo was suspicious because of the puppet technique. She, Liu Weiyang said that she believed Tao Ziqi was innocent, but she was muttering in her heart.

Yan Dan decided to forget Ying Yuan and be a happy and carefree lotus spirit in the mortal world. Yan Dan saw that the little demons had a harmonious relationship, laughing and playing together, and she was still full of self-blame, if it wasn’t for her saving Tang Zhou Get back to the ground, and their homes will not be destroyed. Ziyan and Zilin instead comforted Yan Dan. After this disaster, everyone became cordial, just like a family, and Yan Dan was relieved a little.

Tianyi came to examine Ying Yuan’s body. Ying Yuan was very disturbed. He was eager to find out the true identity of the mysterious person, and wanted to find a clean place to sort out clues. Yan Dan used her spiritual power to heal the wounded little demon, and collected flower seeds everywhere, trying to restore the sea of ​​flowers in the mountains, when she suddenly saw an unfinished game of chess. , I couldn’t help thinking of the scenes of playing chess with Ying Yuan in the heaven, and my heart was mixed.

Ying Yuan came to Gou Dan’s residence unknowingly, and saw the notes left by Lu Ming, which recorded in detail the years he and Yan Dan shared together through thick and thin. Yuan has mixed feelings in his heart. Ziyan accidentally broke the amber lamp, and Yingyuan came to repair it in time. Ziyan thought that Yingyuan had caused them to lose their home, so he beat him up, Yu Mo came to stop him, and sent Ziyan away in a few words. Yu Mo complained that Ying Yuan should not come to Kulan Mountain, worried about causing suspicion from the heavens. Ying Yuan remembered that today was Yan Dan’s birthday, and he wanted to celebrate Yan Dan.

Ying Yuan found Yan Dan, Yan Dan was very indifferent to him, and urged him to leave as soon as possible. Ying Yuan took out the agarwood incense burner and wanted to reconnect with Yan Dan. The relationship between Qing and Ying Yuan persuaded him to return to Jiuzhongtian to complete his mission and protect the peace of the Three Realms.

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