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Chasing the Undercurrent 罚罪 Episode 7 Recap

Chang Zheng took Jin Yan to find a shop run by a photography enthusiast. Jin Yan came forward to ask, and Chang Zheng overheard. The other party showed off his skills first. When he learned that Jin Yan was a policeman, the photographer said the day After that, I was going to set up the camera in advance. When I arrived at the shore, I found that someone had set up the camera first. As for who did it, the photographer did not know.

The clue was interrupted at this point, and Jin Yan felt regretful. The next day, Chang Zheng still took Jin Yan to the woods by the river to find clues. This time, he found traces of car wheels and bicycle tires in the grass, as well as fragments of car lights and blood, indicating that there had been a minor car accident here. I quickly searched for a small rescue station nearby, went in and asked, and learned that a woman had indeed been bandaged a few days ago. According to these clues, Jin Yan and Chang Zheng found Mr. Huang who was injured that day. Mr. Huang told the two that they were injured by the Zhao family’s car, which was justifiable and difficult to sue.

Ning Yu suspected Song Guangming. On the day of the yacht explosion, all the police officers went out to handle the case. Only Ning Yu and Song Guangming stayed in the bureau. When Ning Yu suddenly walked into the office, he found that Song Guangming was restless, as if he had done something with a guilty conscience. . When telling Zhang Qiufeng this doubt, Zhang Qiufeng denied it, and also said that as a policeman, everything must be based on evidence, not by feeling.

Zhao Pengxiang returned home from the wine party. The piano teacher Mr. Guo was teaching his daughter Yaya to play the piano. Zhao Pengxiang tried his best to keep Mr. Guo at home, but Mr. Guo disagreed. Zhao Pengxiang left the house on the pretext that he still had the wine party and asked Mr. Guo to accompany him. Yaya overnight.

It turned out that the cameras in the woods by the river were arranged by Zhao Xiaosheng’s bodyguard Qiu Tao. After Zhao Xiaosheng was in a coma, Qiu Tao kept following Zhao Pengchao’s arrangement and set up surveillance in advance. But so far, Chang Zheng has only grasped the truth of Qiu Tao’s arrangement of cameras, and he does not know who caused the explosion.

Zhao Pengchao motioned to Qiu Tao to let Chang Zheng discover the Zhao family’s private car directly, so there was no need to hide it any longer. At the same time, Zhao Pengchao made an appointment for a commemorative meeting, and Qiu Tao also brought Chang Zheng and Jin Yan to the scene. Jin Yan carried a miniature camera with him, and Yan Guohua monitored Zhao Pengchao’s actions from a distance.

Zhao Pengchao personally handed over the USB flash drive that could prove Chang Zheng’s innocence. When they separated, Chang Zheng still expressed that he did not believe in the Zhao family, and commemorated that he did not want Chang Zheng and Zhao Pengchao to be enemies, and it was very difficult for him to be in the middle. But all kinds of coincidences also made the memorial suspicious, and Chang Zheng was framed by others. Turning around and asking Zhao Pengchao, Zhao Pengchao responded to the memorial with the rules set by his father: don’t touch the gray area of ​​the other party.

Commemorative said that it will not destroy the common interests and cooperation between the two sides, and will persuade Chang Zheng if there is an opportunity.

Zhao Pengzhan invited Zhao Pengchao to dinner at home, and suddenly realized that Zhao Pengchao had returned to China this time in order to pick up Zhao Xiaosheng’s class, and the mourning cow who had been serving Zhao Pengzhan was also the eyeliner that Zhao Pengchao placed beside Zhao Pengzhan. Zhao Pengchao knew that the yacht explosion was designed by Zhao Pengzhan.

The video shows that the death of the cow appeared on the yacht that day, killed Zhao Pengcheng, and then detonated the yacht. Zhao Pengzhan realized that he had fallen into Zhao Pengchao’s trap. He had to admit and confided to Zhao Pengchao his embarrassing position that Zhao Pengcheng had suspected for many years.

According to Zhao Pengzhan’s plan, both Zhao Pengcheng and Zhao Pengxiang should have been bombed to death, but Zhao Pengxiang’s driver, Heitou, was always owned by Zhao Pengchao, so Zhao Pengchao deliberately let Heitou repair the car on the road that day, delaying time and saving Zhao Pengxiang’s life. Zhao Pengzhan finally saw the true face of Zhao Pengchao, but unfortunately it was too late, and he had the handle in Zhao Pengchao’s hands, so he could only withdraw voluntarily.

Chang Zheng was confirmed to be innocent and returned to the police station openly. Song Guangming and Zhang Qiufeng both showed a certain degree of panic. Zhang Qiufeng said that before the evidence was confirmed, Chang Zheng was still a criminal suspect, so he handcuffed Chang Zheng. .

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