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Chasing the Undercurrent 罚罪 Episode 6 Recap

Zhao Pengzhan once again visited Zhao Xiaosheng in the hospital and was very angry when he learned that Zhao Xiaosheng had been discharged from the hospital by Zhao Pengchao on his own initiative. Zhao Pengchao had his own plans for a long time, the city was very deep, and he didn’t take this big brother seriously at all, so he called Zhao Pengxiang to the hospital, Zhao Pengxiang was even more angry, and the two went to Zhao’s villa together to ask Zhao Pengchao for an explanation.

Zhao Pengxiang and Zhao Pengzhan rushed to the villa to find Zhao Pengchao’s teacher to ask the guilt. Zhao Pengxiang’s usual style is to speak with his fists. Since Zhao Pengchao doesn’t take his two brothers seriously, Zhao Pengxiang no longer needs to take into account the brotherhood.

He let his brothers Waiting at the gate of the villa in advance, waiting for the order to clean up Zhao Peng Chao, all the younger brothers walked behind Zhao Pengchao in unison, and called Zhao Pengchao big brother, Zhao Pengxiang just woke up like a dream, Zhao Pengchao, who always looked weak like Mianyang, turned out to be all It’s just an illusion. Now Zhao Pengxiang is standing opposite Zhao Pengchao like a clown. Except for being helpless, he is embarrassed. Zhao Pengzhan is more interesting by the side.

Now that the younger brothers have been completely brought under his own name, Zhao Pengchao asked the black head to lead the younger brothers to live in Mantis Mountain, so as to avoid too many interactions with Zhao Pengxiang in the future.

Chang Zheng did not find two witnesses. Although he was a little frustrated, the two families left Zhaojiawei safely and were happy for each other. Now that there are no clues, Chang Zheng and Jin Yan discussed a different route to try, but two of the three crime scenes could not be reached, so they had to go to the Dongwan Wharf to find clues.

Tang Shaowen accompanied Zhao Pengchao to stand on the top floor of the villa overlooking the entire Zhaojiawei. Zhao Pengchao said meaningfully: It is time for Zhaojiawei to develop.

Chang Zheng realized that if he wanted to know the whole story of the yacht explosion, he had to go through the surveillance video of the day, so he asked Jin Yan to buy a new mobile phone and get in touch with Ning Yu. Ning Yu promised to help Chang Zheng find the day. When Zhang Qiufeng was out for a meeting, Ning Yu sneaked into Zhang Qiufeng’s office and copied the surveillance video.

These actions all happened under Song Guangming’s eyes. When Ning Yu turned on the computer and started uploading the video, Song Guangming suddenly stood beside Ning Yu. Asking Ning Yu, Ning Yu pretended to be calm, but forced Song Guangming to be speechless.

The secret investigation team led by Yan Guohua quickly got in touch with the task force led by Xiao Zhenbang. Xiao Zhenbang swore that he would never believe that Chang Zheng would be the murderer. This seamless coincidence is more indicative of someone deliberately operating behind the scenes.

Chang Zheng secretly left the hiding hotel and went to Zhao Pengcheng’s office to look for clues. Jin Yan arrived quickly, and the two found that Zhao Pengcheng’s work computer contained many reports of the Zhao family’s established criminal facts. Only then did I know that Zhao Pengcheng had always been opposed to the Zhao family.

On the way back to the hotel, Chang Zheng heard the news of bird migration through the radio in the car. It is the season, and there must be many bird lovers setting up cameras by the sea. These images may have recorded the whole process of the yacht explosion.

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