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Chasing the Undercurrent 罚罪 Episode 5 Recap

With Zhao Pengchao’s reconciliation, Zhao Pengzhan and Zhao Pengxiang left the hospital. Afterwards, Zhao Pengchao took care of Zhao Xiaosheng’s discharge on his own initiative, and called the brothers of the Zhao family to meet individually, intending to win over them. Everyone also bought it, and quickly reunited with Zhao Pengchao’s banner.

Zhao Pengchao made an appointment to talk to Director Huang, the attending doctor of Zhao Xiaosheng. Director Huang knew that he could not offend the other party, so he listened to Zhao Pengchao’s arrangement. Yan Guohua received a notice that he could meet with Deputy Director Liao, so he asked his subordinates to hurriedly book a high-speed rail ticket, told Lao Zhang to observe the movements of Jin Yan and Chang Zheng, and then left the secret investigation team.

Jin Yan set up rules for Chang Zheng during the hiding period. First, when Chang Zheng goes out to find evidence, he must be accompanied by Jin Yan; second, if Jin Yan goes out to do business, Chang Zheng must cooperate with him and lock himself in the room, not privately. go out. While Jin Yan was buying breakfast, Chang Zheng drew a picture of the Zhao family’s relationship, but Jin Yan didn’t fully understand it when he returned. When Zhao Pengchao and Tang Shaowen went out together, they suddenly inquired about Tang Shaowen’s understanding of Chang Zheng. Tang Shaowen said that he had accidentally understood it, and Zhao Pengchao did not continue to ask questions.

After meeting with Deputy Director Liao, Yan Guohua truthfully reported the extent of his understanding of the yacht explosion in the recent past. It was still Yang Chaoxu, the captain of the criminal investigation team, and Zhou Zhenggang, a criminal investigation expert. Yan Guohua analyzed that after investigation and evidence collection, Zhao Pengcheng had never participated in Zhao Pengcheng. The family’s business, on the contrary, has a sense of justice, which is opposed to the two brothers in the family.

When referring to Chang Zheng, the only suspect in the case, Yan Guohua stated his position. He never believed that Chang Zheng would be the murderer and must have been framed. Yan Guohua initially guessed that the yacht explosion should be committed by blood relatives. The brothers are half-brothers and do not fully trust each other. It is very likely that they will deliberately kill Zhao Pengcheng to prevent him from continuing to question the Zhao family.

At the same time, Chang Zheng also began to recall the time when he was pulled into the trap. The explosives of the yacht explosion case and the explosives of the Xinye Wharf shooting case had the same attributes. It seems that the opponent has already begun to design and frame themselves. Everything can only be checked from the starting point, and the first thing to find is nothing more than Qin Hongxia.

As a result of the meeting of Deputy Director Liao, it was agreed that Yan Guohua proposed to carry out the investigation in two lines, one is the secret investigation team led by Yan Guohua, and the other is the task force formed by the local police. Yan Guohua finally proposed that Chang Zheng should join the secret investigation team led by him.

Chang Zheng brought Jin Yan to Wu Fei’s house to understand the situation. Jin Yan came forward, but Wu Fei did not dare to reveal any news. Jin Yan returned empty-handed and was discovered by the Zhao family thugs who were squatting nearby, and a fight was inevitable. Later, Chang Zheng went to Qin Hongxia’s house to find out about the situation. Qin Hongxia had moved. Chang Zheng was guarded by Zhang Qiufeng who found out that Ning Yu deliberately made noise to let Chang Zheng escape. During the pursuit, he deliberately created false evidence to help Chang Zheng leave.

In commemoration of finding Zhao Pengchao, he asked the other party to help Chang Zheng prove his innocence. Zhao Pengchao said that he would try his best to help. Memorial went to Chang Zheng’s house to inquire about Chang Zheng’s news. Chang Zheng’s mother, Lin Bai, asked about Chang Zheng’s stuffing of the note. Chang Shi couldn’t help but tell the memorial of Chang Zheng’s investigation of Zhao’s family. I begged the memorial to explain clearly to the Zhao family, not to care about the young Chang Zheng.

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