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The Investigator 简言的夏冬 Episode 8 Recap

Xie Qianduo came to Xia Dong. She bought a first-class flight to Shenzhen, and then rented a car from Shenzhen to Dongguan. It took a lot of effort. Xia Dong called Xiaotong and asked him to check the location and license plate number. On the other hand, Xia Dong sent Lao Fang to check on Arisia. She had already flown to Shenzhen and couldn’t find her. Xia Dong asked him to continue the investigation.

Xiaoka’s search also yielded results. Jianyan found that this familiar person was a senior executive of Hefeng Dairy. The former investigation object and the client of the new project were mixed together. This is an industry taboo and aroused Jianyan’s suspicion. Xiaoka continued to investigate to find out the relationship between Galaxy and the Xijiao project.

Lin Junwen received a call from Lin Weiren. He said that Feng Jun had not moved since he received the certificate, and Yinhe had invited Ou Xun to intervene in the matter. Lin Junwen felt that this was a bit abnormal. After all, Ou Xun had destroyed the acquisition of Hefeng Dairy, and Yinhe had Hefeng Dairy is very close, he suggested not to provoke Ou Xun now, this matter is not so simple, but Lin Weiren only cares about getting the promotion.

Early in the morning, Xie Qianduo and Xia Dong had breakfast together in the executive restaurant of the hotel. Xia Dong explained in advance that she was only an intern assistant and could not participate in the substantive investigation. Xie Qianduo was very interested in the safe project, so Xia Dong asked her to come to her room with a computer at 8:15 to start work. Jian Yan called Xia Dong, and Xia Dong had read the information she sent, although Jian Yan’s investigation idea was correct. Even if it involves improper customer review or allegations of double spies, Xia Dong doesn’t care about the stakes in this project. If you just want to protect yourself, it’s better not to take it in the first place.

Xie Qianduo dressed up and came to Xia Dong’s room. She thought she and Xia Dong could work in the same room alone, but Xia Dong wanted to go out to investigate, and asked Xie Qianduo to use the computer to make a recording, and she would contact her at any time. Susan convened everyone to have a meeting with the headquarters to inspect the matter. After the meeting, she left a brief statement alone. In addition to asking her to go back to rest early today, Susan also mentioned the safe box project. She would not speculate on the purpose of the order issued by the headquarters. If Xia Dong was unwilling to accept it, she would arrange for the Lucas team to take a step back and say, She has no problem doing projects herself. All in all, no matter what the head office’s intentions in entrusting the project to her are, Susan will do what she needs to do.

Xia Dong went to Yinhe Yirong and talked with the personnel manager and cashier Xiao Yang, and the process was passed to Xie Qianduo, who made the recording and backup. There was no problem with the personnel manager, until the cashier Xiao Yang came over, Xie Qianduo realized that something was wrong. Xiao Yang kept saying that he was not familiar with Liang Meizhu, and there was no conflict between the two. Xie Qianduo at this end thought it was funny, how could the accountant and the cashier not be familiar with each other. Xie Qianduo checked Liang Meizhu’s Weibo and found that Liang Meizhu started spending money a week ago, which is completely different from her cautious and conservative consumption habits.

Xia Dong went to the financial room and got the financial information of Yinhe Yirong from Shi Tanli, the chief financial officer, on the grounds that Liang Meizhu was an accountant, the accounts were her daily work, and Xia Dong’s checking of financial information was a routine matter. Regarding the monitoring Xia Dong asked about, Shi Tanli said that the monitoring had long since broken. Susan took Mr. Qin and his party to inspect the work of the Shanghai department. Because Xia Dong was on a business trip, Mr. Qin and the others could not see him. A Qiang sent Xia Dong back to the hotel. The two chatted a few words in the car. Xia Dong learned that Liang Meizhu took A Qiang’s car for the last time to the furniture market. She seemed to want to buy a real estate in Jiangnan.

When Xie Qianduo heard that Xia Dong was back, she hurriedly packed her things, and didn’t even have time to put on her shoes. Seeing her embarrassed appearance and messy desktop, Xia Dong directly asked her to go back to her room to check Yinhe Yirong’s account. Qin Ke and Susan were alone. It turned out that they had a relationship at the headquarters ten years ago. Xie Qianduo felt that there was a problem with the cashier, so she investigated her background. She told Xia Dong her findings and analysis, suspecting that Liang Meizhu had planned to steal the money.

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