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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 47 Recap

Yan Dan woke up and found that Tang Zhou was nowhere to be seen. Zhixi was still tied to the spot by her and could not move. Yan Dan was so anxious that he shouted at Tang Zhou, and the artifact suddenly flew out of the river. Tang Zhou, who was seriously injured, was rescued to the shore. Still in a coma. Yan Dan was both surprised and delighted. Unexpectedly, the artifact was hidden under the water of the hot spring. Despite Zhixi’s objection, she insisted on using the remaining half of the heart of Hanli to save Tang Zhou.

Tang Zhou woke up in a daze, Yan Dan wanted to return all his memories to him, and then reluctantly cut out his heart to save Tang Zhou, Tang Zhou tried desperately to stop it, but it was too late. The only half of Yan Dan’s heart was poured into Tang Zhou’s body, Tang Zhou’s immortal power was restored as before, and all his memories were recovered. He remembered the unforgettable love between Yan Dan and Yan Dan in the heavens, and Yan Dan saw Tang Zhou The emperor Yingyuan, who changed back to Jiuzhongtian, felt very relieved. She fainted due to exhausting her energy and vomiting blood.

Ying Yuan remembered that the woman who made him fascinated was Yan Dan. Zhixi had to say that Yan Dan had gouged out his heart twice to save him, and now there is only one body left. No immortal power or magic can save Yan Dan. Tang Zhou was so sad that he wanted to die. Yan Dan said goodbye to Tang Zhou with tears in his eyes. With his last breath, he said that there is no Tang Zhou in the world, only the emperor Yingyuan, and then leaned on Tang Zhou’s arms to fragrant jade and died, and the restraint on Zhixi was naturally released.

Tang Zhou decided to give Yan Dan back his whole heart. Zhixi persuaded Ying Yuan not to let Yan Dan down, and promised to find a way to save Yan Dan, hoping that Tang Zhou would help her. At the risk of losing his immortal power, Zhixi cut out half of his heart for Yan Dan on the spot, and Tang Zhou used his immortal power to protect them. The artifact Dizhi reappeared, causing the Kuanlan Mountain to shake, and the little demons fled in fright. Yu Mo and Bailing covered everyone to escape and settled them in a safe area.

Leng Jiang reported to the mysterious man that Ying Yuan had an Asura totem on his body. He could not kill people of his own clan. The mysterious man had long known Ying Yuan’s life experience. The mysterious man asked Leng Jiang to kill Ying Yuan according to the original plan, lest Ying Yuan ruin their plan, and Leng Jiang took his order away.

After Ying Yuan completed all the difficulties and returned to the throne smoothly, the emperor personally came to greet him and congratulated him for three days. Emperor Zun remembered that there was a daytime meteor when Ying Yuan died in the mortal world. It was a celestial phenomenon that only appeared when the emperor died. He thought that Ying Yuan could never be resurrected again, but he did not expect Ying Yuan to come back unscathed. Zun curiously asked why. Ying Yuan knew that Lu Ming had committed a serious crime in the heavens in order to save him.

He not only used the weapon privately, but also tampered with the history. Ying Yuan did not want to implicate Lu Ming and lied that the daytime meteor was an illusion created by him, worried that someone would attack him. Ying Yuan reported the situation of the mysterious man to the emperor. The mysterious man knew his whereabouts like the back of his hand.

He not only broke his fairy clothes, but also eliminated his fairy memories. Because he didn’t want him to continue to investigate the truth of the battle between the immortals and demons, the emperor suspected that the demons had hidden spies in the heaven, and Ying Yuan vowed to find this mysterious person as soon as possible. Emperor Zun knew that Ying Yuan could come back safely and was helped by mortals, and wanted this mortal to become immortal. Ying Yuan admitted that it was Yan Dan who cut out his heart to save him. Now the mysterious person has not been found out. , and Yan Dan is not interested in becoming immortal.

Ying Yuan admitted that his love for Yan Dan was as deep as the sea. As long as he found out the truth of the battle between the immortals and the demons and the real murderer behind the scenes, he voluntarily cut down the immortals and went down to the world to stay with Yan Dan for the rest of his life. The emperor resolutely refused to agree. Yuan had made up his mind, and Emperor Zun advised him to focus on the overall situation and take care of his health first.

Ying Yuan came to Yaochi unknowingly, and saw that the always humble emperor actually set up a monument for himself, he was puzzled and could not help but stop and watch. When Lu Ming saw that Ying Yuan had returned safely, he was very excited. Before he could talk to Ying Yuan, the emperor sent the immortal servant to call Lu Ming back to serve. Before leaving, Lu Ming reminded Ying Yuan that there will be a celestial phenomenon of a dog eating the moon in five days. Gou was born, and in five days it will be Yan Dan’s birthday.

Zhixi stayed by Yan Dan’s side, and suddenly received an edict from the heavens, so she had to go back and ask Yu Mo to take good care of Yan Dan. Yu Mo reminded Zhixi to be careful everywhere in the heavens, and the person who harmed Yingyuan was in the heavens.

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