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Chasing the Undercurrent 罚罪 Episode 2 Recap

Chang Zheng returned to the city bureau and saw that his colleague Song Guangming was sorting out the murder of Xia Zonghai, so he asked Song Guangming to go to the dock with him to investigate, and Song Guangming found a reason to shirk. Zhang Qiufeng happened to be passing by, warning Chang Zheng to keep his focus in the future and not to make trouble for himself.

Chang Zheng couldn’t get to the pier, so he went to Zhao Pengxiang’s private club to express his grief. Zhao Pengxiang saw that Chang Zheng was depressed and tried to help. The next day, Zhao Pengxiang brought a pennant to the Municipal Public Security Bureau and gave it to Chang Zheng. Chang Zheng greeted him politely, and put handcuffs on Zhao Pengxiang directly. The crime was suspected of killing Xia Zonghai.

The fisherman Qin Hongxia and his driver Wu Fei identified Zhao Pengxiang and his group, and Chang Zheng took down an underground casino run by Zhao Pengxiang by the way. After the big move, Chang Zheng invited Song Guangming and Ning Yu to dinner, told the whole story of his search for witnesses and evidence, and swore that as long as Zhao Pengxiang was convicted and the tip of the iceberg was dug up, the Zhao family’s mountain would collapse as soon as possible. not far.

Song Guangming had already been bribed, and immediately disclosed all of Chang Zheng’s actions to Tang Shaowen, Zhao Xiaosheng’s housekeeper. Zhao Xiaosheng immediately ordered people to rearrange the murder scene, intimidate witnesses, and find a scapegoat.

Chang Zheng made a list of the gifts that Zhao Pengxiang bribed himself, and handed it over to Zhang Qiufeng together with the review letter. As for the money received, it was immediately transferred to the clean government account and reported to the deputy director Xiao Zhenbang in advance.

A month later, the procuratorate held a hearing on the murder of Xia Zonghai. Chang Zheng planned to go to the procuratorate with Song Guangming to attend, but Zhang Qiufeng instructed Song Guangming to rush to the scene ahead of time. When Chang Zheng was about to leave, Zhang Qiufeng ordered Chang Zheng to attend Deputy Director Xiao’s meeting. Regular meetings, but also specifically asked not to be absent. It turned out that Zhang Qiufeng had already been corroded, so he deliberately let Chang Zheng miss many opportunities to learn important information.

Qin Hongxia’s daughter was kidnapped by the thugs hired by the Zhao family, Qin Hongxia was threatened, and she could only change her statement at the hearing. After the meeting, Chang Zheng drove to the procuratorate when he heard news on the radio that two witnesses suddenly changed their statements, proving Zhao Pengxiang’s innocence, and Zhao Pengxiang was acquitted.

The secret investigation team led by Yan Guohua was stationed in the Millennium Community. The task force composed of Peng Duo, Zhang Xiaoming, He Yidong, and several others was analyzing the case. Another task force member Lu Jian rushed to the room and reported that the Zhao family was found nearby. The security of the station was threatened, and Yan Guohua ordered the immediate transfer.

When Zhao Pengcheng saw the closing report, he thought it was extremely absurd. He knew the Zhao family’s usual tricks. When he was worried, Chang Zheng suddenly broke into the office, accusing Zhao Pengcheng of favoring his family, distorting the facts, and violently speaking, and grabbed Zhao Pengcheng by the collar. , Zhao Pengcheng’s apprentice Xiao Chen opened Changzheng. And let Chang Zheng take away some physical evidence from the crime scene. Seeing Chang Zheng’s uprightness, Zhao Pengcheng was touched and said that he would definitely give an explanation.

Zhao Pengcheng’s so-called explanation was to force Zhao Xiaosheng to surrender and give a deadline until the evening of the same day. If Zhao Xiaosheng did not surrender within the time limit, he would hand over all the evidence to the police. Zhao Pengcheng’s attitude made Zhao Xiaosheng restless, but fortunately, he arranged for his youngest son Zhao Pengchao to return to China in advance to persuade Zhao Pengcheng.

Zhao Pengxiang was released from prison safe and sound, and was called to him by Zhao Xiaosheng. Zhao Xiaosheng blamed Zhao Pengxiang for taking Chang Zheng back to the criminal investigation team for his own initiative. At first, he instructed others to report Chang Zheng, so he was sent down. He never thought that Chang Zheng would smoothly return to the criminal investigation team under the operation of his son. Zhao Pengxiang hurriedly admitted his mistake.

Zhao Xiaosheng told Zhao Pengzhan what Zhao Pengcheng meant, and Zhao Pengzhan suggested to wait for Zhao Pengchao to persuade after getting off the plane. The second and fourth children had a good relationship since childhood, and other people’s words were just wasted effort. Zhao Xiaosheng agreed and asked Zhao Pengxiang to invite Zhao Pengcheng to his private yacht first. , hold on to each other and buy time.

Zhao Pengchao opened a law firm, and this time he returned to China with his top lawyer to commemorate the reunion with his boyfriend. In order to reunite with his boyfriend, he began to look forward to it very early. At this moment, it was hard to hide his excitement on the plane. Zhao Pengchao’s attitude was quite the opposite. He frowned, and he had no joy in returning to the Zhao family. He just told the memorial that for him, October 10, 2018 was the most unforgettable day in his life.

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