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Zero Distance (2022) 决胜零距离

Zero Distance (2022) 决胜零距离

Name: 决胜零距离, tiebreaker, THE WAR HAS NO DISTANCE, aliasXiaolang special team, war zero distance
Type: military
Production Company: CCTV, Shanghai Xinyibao Culture Media Co., Ltd., Beijing Times Light and Shadow Culture Media Co., Ltd., Xi’an Film Studio Co., Ltd., Haining Unile Culture Media Co., Ltd. [4]
Filming locations: Urumqi, Yinchuan, Lanzhou, Xi’an
Premiere time: August 28, 2022
Director: Xu Yongchang
Screenwriter: Yang Wensen, Wang Sifeng
Producer: Zheng Jun, Gong Nong
Episode: 29
Online Playing Platform: iQIYI


  • Jing Chao
  • Guo Yan
  • Sun Zujun


With the background of the adjustment and reform of the army, “Zero Distance” tells that in an exercise called “Lore Death” organized by the army in the theater, the Xiaolang special team was in the process of captain He Tiangao (played by Jing Chao) and the old captain.

Under the leadership of Chai Shenghua (played by Xiao Cong) , he bravely attacked the two combat units of the Blue Army Tiger Brigade and fought against the foreign terrorist forces who tried to destroy the exercise. The principle that only by maintaining a “zero distance” from the battlefield can win the future is to vividly demonstrate the dual changes of Chinese soldiers from combat thinking to combat capability in the new era.

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