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The Investigator 简言的夏冬 Episode 6 Recap

Jian Yan and Xia Dong are indeed a pair of happy friends. On the way to the wooden restaurant, because of Jian Yan’s noise and chatter, Xia Dong did not feel bored. Wooden restaurant is close and they arrived quickly. Because Jianyan’s hair was tangled in the necklace, the two of them delayed in the car for a while, and they happened to meet Xie Qianduo. She took the initiative to help, but she did a disservice and broke Jianyan’s necklace, but Jianyan was not angry. . Ju Wei stepped forward to greet Xia Dong, and sincerely said that after he came back from Tokyo, his whole person was a little different.

For the past two days, Lin Junwen has been taking care of Liang Meizhu, asking her to put down her guard and handing things over to him. The welcome party of Jian Yan and Xie Qianduo was very lively. Everyone leaned on Jian Yan. Although Xie Qianduo was ignored by no one, she had a good time playing by herself, and she kept shooting. Xiaoka and Lao Fang squeezed Xia Dong in the middle, and the three of them took a group photo. Later, Xie Qianduo and Jian Yan also came over, and the five took pictures together. In short, the amount of alcohol is not good, so use water to drink it as wine, Xia Dong sees it and doesn’t say it.

However, Ju Wei came to Xia Dong for a drink, and it happened that Jian Yan was also there. Under the circumstances, Jian Yan had to drink a few glasses and soon got drunk. Even if he was drunk, Jian Yan still remembered to remind Xia Dong to send him off so that his new colleagues would not find him drunk. Xie Qianduo took the initiative to talk to Susan and asked who she would work with. Susan said a few words briefly. Later, Xie Qianduo asked Xiaojin to learn that as long as she didn’t form gangs or engage in office romances in the company, Susan would not turn her face. Xie Qianduo clapped her hands and applauded, so Jian Yan and Xia Dong would be out of the game.

Liang Meizhu just wanted to secretly take the transfer certificate, but when she saw the US dollars in the safe, she took the money away by magic. The more she talked, the more excited Liang Meizhu became. After Lin Junwen comforted her, Liang Meizhu’s mood gradually stabilized. Jian Yan was so drunk that she lost her mind. Xia Dong couldn’t ask where she lived, so he had to open a hotel room. In order to prevent her from waking up, he even recorded a video. Because Jian Yan was dishonest in sleeping, Xia Dong tied her to the quilt while he closed his eyes and rested beside the bed. Jian Yan woke up halfway, and she really shouted, Xia Dong showed her the video, and Jian Yan was speechless.

The online public opinion intensified, and John Li became more and more worried. He took the initiative to call Susan and asked Susan to take over the project again, but the original due diligence turned into crisis response. The next morning, Qin Ke still couldn’t contact Xie Qianduo, so he was too anxious. He is still in his busy schedule to contact Susan and ask her to find a way to push the safe deposit box project down, but Susan said that the headquarters’ intention to target the Shanghai department is very obvious, and it would be very risky to refuse the project now. Whether it is a trap given by the headquarters to the Shanghai department, the Shanghai department will take over it based on a responsible working attitude.

Xia Dong and Jian Yan quickly received the project information, but Xia Dong didn’t read it, Jian Yan was very excited. If Xia Dong didn’t answer, she would be happy to be the person in charge. After going to work, Jian Yan proposed to Susan to be the project leader and Xia Dong to assist her, but Susan refused. Even if Xia Dong did not answer, Susan would apply to the headquarters and let the Lucas team take charge of the project. In order to win the safe project, Jian Yan lied that Xia Dong had read the project book, and he had to take it. After Xia Dong came to work, Jian Yan played a clever trick and let Xia Dong take over the project.

Xia Dong saw that this project was ordered by Matthew from the headquarters, and Galaxy was Jason’s customer for many years. He knew that this project was not simple, and it was most likely aimed at himself, so his request was that he was solely responsible and did not need to There are other members. Lin Junwen handed the transfer voucher to Guan Hailin. As long as he gave this thing to Feng Jun, Feng Jun would definitely find a way to contact Guan Hailin. Xia Dong informed Xiaoka and Lao Fang of the meeting in ten minutes, and accepted Xie Qianduo as his assistant.

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