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The Investigator 简言的夏冬 Episode 5 Recap

Xie Qianduo returned to the office again because of the cufflinks, and took this opportunity to have a few words with Vivian, revealing her ability to know people through things. Later, Vivienne told Susan that Xie Qianduo was deeply impressed by her, and Xia Dong’s objective evaluation of Xie Qianduo, so Xie Qianduo’s potential as an investigator was higher than another applicant.

Susan also learned through Vivian that Xia Dong’s evaluation of Xie Qianduo was very objective. Lin’s mother found out that he drove the car to Dongguan through her son’s location. She hurriedly called her son and told him not to hide from Lin Weiren. Lin Junwen received a call from his mother, and only then did he know that his car was located by his father.

Qin Ke told Xia Dong that Jos recommended him to work under him, but Qin Ke refused. Because he knew that this was what Jason asked Jos to do, and Jason must have no good intentions. Later, Qin Ke called Jian Yan, and after some conversation, Qin Ke allowed Jian Yan to enter the Shanghai department. Although Xia Dong recommended her to replace him, Jian Yan himself agreed to start as an investigator first. Lin Weiren and Guan Hailin asked Feng Jun to meet, but it was his secretary Tang Siyi who happened to know Xia Dong and Tang Siyi. Seeing Tang Siyi come out, Xia Dong went up to say hello, and Guan Hailin was also there. Xia Dong brought this topic appropriately when Guan Hailin asked about his identity.

Jian Yan is about to join this afternoon. In order to show the importance of the Shanghai Department, Susan asked assistant Xiao Jin to prepare a welcome party, and called Xie Qianduo along by the way. Jian Yan was surprised when she just confirmed that Xia Dong wanted to leave the Shanghai department and go to the headquarters. Xia Dong mentioned it to her before, but Jian Yan thought he was joking.

Later, Jianyan officially joined the company, and Susan introduced her to everyone grandly and provided her with an independent office. Susan called Lao Fang and reminded him sideways that if he could persuade Xia Dong to stay, he would not have to leave without pay. She also went to Jian Yan’s office, and when it came to Xia Dong’s application to be transferred to the headquarters, Susan hoped that it would be better for Jian Yan to come early, and to work together to keep Xia Dong behind.

Because Jian Yan had to work under Xia Dong first and get his approval before passing the probationary period. Xia Dong sent Qin Ke to his daughter’s university and left. Qin Ke went up to see his daughter, but before leaving, Qin Ke reminded him that Xia Dong might receive an item called a safe recently. Sen’s trap for him. When Qin Ke came to the school, he learned that his daughter had gone through the withdrawal procedures. Qin Ke called her daughter, and Xie Qianduo’s name was displayed on the screen of the mobile phone.

Xia Dong walked on this long-lost campus and remembered the past events many years ago. When he and his classmates cooperated with Hongshan Company, he was slandered by Hongshan Company for selling business information to the rival Alpha Company. Ou Xun sent Jason to conduct due diligence on him. Xia Dong alone could not fight against him, and finally became a small victim of commercial interests. It was Qin Ke who found him and hoped that Xia Dong could cooperate with him to clear the tumor inside Ou Xun. Xia Dong returned to the company, Lao Fang complained to him, Xia Dong went to Susan for this, but Susan asked him to get in touch with Jian Yan and let her integrate into the new team as soon as possible.

Jian Yan expressed her helplessness. She said that this was Susan’s arrangement, and she had to get his approval before she could pass the probationary period. Ou Xun held the welcome party in the wooden restaurant, Xia Dong brought Jian Yan over, but Xie Qianduo left a note for Xia Dong in the car, which was seen by Jian Yan, and then she made fun. Susan put Jianyan under Xia Dong’s hands on purpose, just to stimulate the competition consciousness of the staff in Shanghai.

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