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Chasing the Undercurrent 罚罪 Episode 1 Recap

Chasing the Undercurrent 罚罪 Episode 1 Recap

In Changwu City, Binjiang Province, citizen Luo Ming recorded a video with his mobile phone and reported the local Zhao Xiaosheng family with his real name. Five years ago, Luo Ming and his wife took out all their savings and took out a loan to buy a house. They didn’t want to be involved in a money-making scam. Pengxiang Urban Construction, which was controlled by the Zhao family, did not plan to build the house at all.

Luo Ming and his wife still have to squeeze out tens of thousands of yuan in mortgages to the bank every month. The wife asked the developer for an explanation, but she was beaten as a disability, and her son disappeared for no reason. While Luo Ming was crying in front of the camera, Zhao Xiaosheng’s third son, Zhao Pengxiang, led someone into the room, beat Luo Ming to death, threw him from the upstairs, and killed Luo Ming’s wife, who was seriously ill.

Ironically, in the news the next day, the cause of death of Luo Ming and his wife had been determined, and the two chose to commit suicide because they could not repay the huge mortgage. Instead, Zhao Xiaosheng was rated as one of the top ten “charity representatives” in the local area. He also contacted Luo Ming’s family and promised that the charity organization under the Tieshi Mining Group controlled by Zhao’s family would provide long-term help to the two elderly people. Political commissar Yan Guohua of Binjiang City Public Security Bureau glanced at the report letter sent by Luo Ming before his death, and reluctantly asked his assistant to file it temporarily.

In Zhao Xiaosheng’s villa in Zhaojiawei District, Changwu City, Zhao Xiaosheng’s sons had just finished watching the news, and Zhao Pengxiang used it as entertainment news. Enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival with the red wine that Zhao Pengchao sent back from Australia. Zhao Pengchao, the fourth son of Zhao Xiaosheng, is now studying in Australia.

When Zhao Xiaosheng proposed to raise a glass to celebrate, Zhao Pengcheng, the second son of the Zhao family, who was a prosecutor, expressed dissatisfaction, warned his father, Mo Duo, to do injustice, and left the table in anger. Zhao Pengzhan, the boss of the Zhao family, transferred the blame of the second child to Zhao Pengxiang. For many years, he has been doing whatever he wants for Zhao Pengxiang. Of course, Zhao Pengxiang was not convinced. When he was about to refute, he was severely reprimanded by Zhao Xiaosheng and had to leave angrily.

Zhao Pengxiang, full of anger, went to the police station to ask the policeman Chang Zheng to complain, stuffed a thick red envelope with Chang Zheng, and then dragged Chang Zheng to his private club to drink. Chang Zheng was originally the vice-captain of the Changwu City Criminal Investigation Brigade. He was exiled to the Zhaojiawei police station because of the Zhao family’s case.

After that, he deliberately approached Zhao Pengxiang. Zhao Pengxiang also came together with Chang Zheng in order to prove himself to the boss. Zhao Pengxiang told Chang Zheng, I have a way to help Chang Zheng return to the Criminal Investigation Brigade. I only hope that after Chang Zheng returns, he will quickly gain a firm foothold, and he will be able to straighten his back in front of his father and eldest brother.

After Zhao Pengxiang left the clubhouse, Chang Zheng also walked back. Because he drank too much, he fell directly on the side of the road. Zhao Xiaosheng’s personal bodyguard Qiu Tao watched Chang Zheng’s movements on the side. After learning that there was no abnormality, he drove away with Zhao Xiaosheng’s permission. Another stalker, Zhao Pengcheng, also drove away.

The next day, when Chang Zheng went to work, Zhang Qiufeng, captain of the Criminal Investigation Brigade of Changwu Public Security Bureau, handed the second-class merit medal to Chang Zheng. Zhao Pengxiang bought Xia Zongtao, general manager of Changwu Seafood Fresh Group, and let him do the job of his brother Xia Zonghai, allowing him to take a stake in the seafood market. Xia Zonghai disagreed. After the negotiation with Zhao Pengxiang broke up, Xia Zonghai took Xia Zongtao to Xinye Wharf.

Observing the hard work of the fishermen, he said that if Zhao Pengxiang took over, he would ignore the interests of the fishermen and reduce the purchase price to the lowest possible price. Xia Zongtao couldn’t listen at all, and the two talked to themselves. Zhao Pengxiang took a few thugs and rushed to the pier in black raincoats, and shot Xia Zonghai to death, and Xia Zongtao was thrown into the sea. Not far away, the driver Wu Fei and the fisherman Qin Hongxia, who was working, saw the whole incident. The next day, the two called the police.

After the police dispatched from the police station, Zhao Pengxiang asked Chang Zheng about the progress of the case. Chang Zheng told Zhao Pengxiang that the case was handled by the Criminal Investigation Brigade.

In order to make Chang Zheng appreciate it, Zhao Pengxiang paid someone to hire someone, pretending to be a provocateur who had thrown dirty water on Chang Zheng’s father’s tombstone, and cleaned up in front of Chang Zheng’s face. Zhang Qiufeng’s phone call asked him to return to the Criminal Investigation Brigade immediately to report.

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