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The Investigator 简言的夏冬 Episode 4 Recap

Wang Hui was dissatisfied that Lin Weiren did not hand over the company to Lin Junwen. Her mother-in-law was a woman, and she always felt that the company would belong to Lin Junwen sooner or later. Xia Dong invites Jianyan to a restaurant for dinner, and tells her about Susan’s personality and work style. Wang Hui saw the documents of the Xijiao project and learned that Lin Junwen had not given up on his artificial intelligence. Wang Hui kept accusing him, but Lin Junwen did not listen to her at all. After receiving a distress message from a woman, Wang Hui grabbed her phone and played it on the loudspeaker. Lin Junwen told her plainly that only he could make the project in the western suburbs, and this woman was the key.

In order to know more about Susan, Jian Yan spent a lot of thought, and finally passed Xia Dong’s personal assessment, because she has good physical fitness and is competent for various investigations. Susan called back Xia Dong, who was on vacation, because a new project came to the headquarters, which was another due diligence. The project, code-named Safe, is Yinhe Yirong, a project company under Yinhe Company, and the object of investigation is Liang Meizhu, an accountant of Yinhe Yirong. The Yinhe Yirong Project Company found that a sum of 200,000 US dollars had not been recorded, and Liang Meizhu had not been on duty for three days, so they suspected that Liang Meizhu had swept away the 200,000.

At this time, Lin Junwen drove to Longguan Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, and transported Liang Meizhu out of the suitcase, evading the pursuit of Yinhe Yirong driver A Qiang and others. Xia Dong and Susan had just finished their meeting and were about to start investigating, but Susan received a call from John Li, the general manager of Yinhe Yirong. He broke the rules and broke the contract midway. Xia Dong saw that something was wrong, because the project book was too concise, and Yinhe Yirong did not want to investigate Liang Meizhu’s malfeasance from beginning to end, but was committed to finding her. Jian Yan found Aunt Huang who was renting out a house. Aunt Huang smiled when she learned that she didn’t have a boyfriend yet.

Both Lao Fang and Xiaoka felt that Xia Dong was going to the headquarters, and they were very sad. Xia Dong left Lao Fang with an investigation channel that he specially reserved for him. As for Xiaoka, Xia Dong reminded him to spend more carefully. The financial side has been eyeing him. Country A, Matthew and Jason talked, he said that instead of worrying about Jianyan, it is better to worry about Xiadong in Shanghai. Jason smiled, the gift he gave Xia Dong was already on the way, and he wanted to use this to bring Xia Dong down in the workplace. Susan saw the public opinion on the Internet. She called John Li and kindly reminded him to consider canceling the project carefully. Unfortunately, John Li still didn’t appreciate it.

Li John knew that once Ou Xun’s people came to investigate, the situation would be out of his control, so he gave Ah Qiang another day to find Liang Meizhu. After Lin Junwen brought Liang Meizhu out, Liang Meizhu’s asthma was serious. Lin Junwen wanted to take her to the hospital, but Liang Meizhu was very resistant. Susan invited Jianyan to a restaurant for an interview, and it was in the morning. Jianyan thought that what Xia Dong told her about Susan was obviously true. Later interviews or conversations went well. Susan also admired Jian Yan’s straightforwardness and self-discipline, but she said that the headquarters’ management of the Shanghai department has always been strict, and Jian Yan must pass Qin Ke’s interview.

A female college student, Xie Qianduo, came to the Shanghai department for an interview, and ended up occupying Xia Dong’s fixed parking space in the underground parking lot. After the interview, she found out that Xia Dong was one of her interviewers. However, Xia Dong admired her carefree personality and offered to help her because she felt that Xie Qianduo had the talent to be an investigator.

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