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The Investigator 简言的夏冬 Episode 3 Recap

The people of the Hamura group failed to catch Xia Dong, and Hamura was furious for this. Matthew brought Jianyan to see Yumura and formally introduced her to Yumura. As for the dialogue between Hamura and Matthew involving the Osaka channel, Jian Yan was shocked.

Hamura took out a card, and he vowed to confirm that Hefeng Dairy was about to be acquired, and for every 10 cents increase in the price exceeding 20%, he would give Jianyan an extra $500,000 in the card. At the same time, Lin Junwen directly filled the stock of Hefeng Dairy with Guan Hailin’s suggestion.

Xia Dong’s group did not have a vacation, and Xiao Ka, Lao Fang and Xia Dong all came to work overtime. At the press conference, the private equity foundation announced the final decision to completely cancel the acquisition plan of Hefeng Dairy, which is the result of a comprehensive assessment. It was too late for Lin Junwen to close the position, and Yumura also realized at the same time that he had been tricked.

Matthew did not let Jianyan face Yumura’s anger and signaled her to investigate. Jian Yan was worried about Matthew, and also said that he would go to Jason, and he would be fine. Xiaoka stared at the situation of Hefeng Dairy’s stock, and seeing Lin’s big money operation, this time they should all regret it.

At the same time, Xiaoka and Lao Fang also realized that it seemed that Xia Dong concealed everyone, and at the same time made two completely different and flawless reports. Jason finally contacted Xia Dong. The excited Jason suddenly rolled his eyes and his hands twitched. Xia Dong remembered that his father had passed away from a brain hemorrhage, and immediately contacted Qin Ke at the headquarters and asked them to go upstairs to treat Jason as soon as possible. Even if he and Jason have a mortal feud, he doesn’t want to defeat Jason in this way.

Matthew told Hamura that Xia Dong had two yin and yang reports in his hands, and the one he gave to the Tokyo Department was false. Because Xia Dong couldn’t deal with him, he would use Hamura to deal with him. After dealing with Hamura for a long time, Matthew finally escaped safely.

Qin Ke called Susan to tell her about Jason’s stroke. At the same time, he would also find time to inspect the Shanghai department, possibly revising the B-minus score of the Shanghai department. Susan again persuaded Xia Dong not to transfer to the headquarters at this time. The interior of Ou Xun was not as simple as he thought, and Jason was not as simple as he thought.

Jason fell ill, and Jos went to the hospital to see him. Jason hoped that he could let Matthew go. After all, the only person he could rely on was Matthew. Matthew bought a ticket to fly out of Tokyo tomorrow. He was willing to take Jianyan to the headquarters, but Jianyan was not willing. She was not willing to let the Tokyo Department fend for itself.

And Matthew knew what she had done. He cooperated with Xia Dong to suppress the Yumura group and rectify the Tokyo channel. Jian Yan did not hide it from Matthew. The reason why Matthew did not expose it was because he knew that Jian Yan did not hit the south wall Looking back, it’s better to let her try it on her own. Hefeng Dairy has hit the Lin Group hard.

Chairman Lin Weiren can only pin his hopes on the project in the western suburbs of Shanghai. Lin Junwen insists on winning with technology, but Lin Weiren did not adopt his proposal. Aunt Huang came to see her son and urged him to have a blind date without success, so she took out an advertisement for renting out his room.

Jian Yan flew from Tokyo to Shanghai to knock on Xia Dong’s apartment door, but he didn’t hear it. The door was open, and Jian Yan came in directly. She resigned from the Tokyo Department and came to the Shanghai Department to join Xia Dong, but Xia Dong did not help her, but only helped her understand Susan, who was recruited as a full-time investigator, and that was it.

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