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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 45 Recap

Yan Dan said in public that Zilin was not an ordinary tortoise, but a divine tortoise in the sky. Zilin was greatly surprised, he didn’t know his own background, Yan Dan took out the fairy spirit in Zilin’s body as proof, Zilin expressed his position on the spot, as long as the patriarch married Linlang to him, he would rather let Linlang treat his fairy spirit as a ball Playing and playing, the patriarch still refused to give in, citing that there was no precedent for the fox clan to marry the tortoise clan. Linlang doesn’t care whether Zilin is a fairy or not. As long as Zilin loves her wholeheartedly and Ziyan speaks good words for Linlang, the patriarch reluctantly agrees and proposes to set up 88 tables of flowing water tables and find a head and face Shangxian to preside over the wedding.

Yu Mo came to hear the news. He recommended the emperor who had experienced difficulties to preside over the wedding, and Tang Zhou agreed to be the witness. The patriarch pulled Linlang and Ziyan to his knees, thanking Tang Zhou for his life-saving grace. During the battle of creation, thanks to the protection of the emperor, the fox clan escaped the disaster of being annihilated by the Shura clan. After the battle, after the victory of the Heavenly Court, I wanted to ask the guilt and drive the fox clan out of the immortal clan. Thanks to the emperor who came forward to keep the fox clan’s territory, the portrait of the emperor has always been hung in the fox clan temple, and every patriarch is grateful for his kindness.

Tang Zhou was forced to forget his past when he went down to earth. He didn’t remember these things. He only asked the patriarch to complete the marriage of Linlang and Zilin. A collection of French books, let Linlang make grass and hold a ring for Guanlan Mountain, and be a cow and a horse. Yan Dan wanted to find a way to crack the mysterious man withered stone palm from the collection, and urged the patriarch to marry Zilin and Linlang as soon as possible.

Yan Dan accompanied Tang Zhou to the hot spring to heal his wounds, and flipped through the treasure book sent by the patriarch, which included Xuan Bing’s method of wiping his body. Tang Zhou forced Yan Dan to help him wipe his body. , she had to bite the bullet and obey. Yu Mo came later. He had used this method before, but it didn’t work at all. Tang Zhou insisted on giving it a try.

Yu Mo put Chaolan’s reply letter to Yan Dan in the library, so that Yan Dan could have a look. Yan Dan once wrote a letter to Chaolan to ask him how to crack the withered stone palm, and wanted to see what good solutions Chaolan had in his reply. Yan Dan asked Tang Zhou to take a dip, and she came to the library to read the letter. Chao Lan explained in the letter that there is no way to dissolve this palm, and the person who gets this palm will block the meridians like a stone, and neither the medicine stone nor the mana can be injected into the body. Chao Lan advised Yan Dan not to use magic to save Tang Zhou, otherwise both of them will die. And the person in the middle will die within ten days,

Yan Dan was so anxious that she couldn’t do anything. She read the code carefully and finally found eighty-one ways to survive in the “Tai Su Jing”. She couldn’t wait to give Tang Zhou a try. Yu Mo persuaded her not to take risks, Yan Dan couldn’t help it. Seeing Tang Zhou die like this, Yu Mo vowed to save Tang Zhou at all costs, as long as Yan Dan was happy.

Seeing that Tang Zhou was tortured, Jian Ling couldn’t bear to let him die like this, and took the initiative to teach him Yongye Gong. This is the mental technique left by Tang Zhou’s biological father Xuan Ye. The sword spirit was cursed, and the identity of the descendants of Tang Zhou’s Shura clan could not be revealed. Tang Zhou practiced seriously and quickly mastered the essentials. Fortunately, once Tang Zhou practiced the Yongye Gong, this skill would increase day by day in his body, and no one in the world could stop his Asura power.

Xuan Ye is the patriarch of the Shura clan. He practiced Yongye Gong by absorbing the spiritual power of prisoners of war, and his subordinates sent the last batch of prisoners of the Lingbai clan. Life, you can live forever, so that the Shura tribe will always be invincible, but many people he sent were defeated by dyeing blue. Xuan Ye was not reconciled and decided to go out in person. He absorbed the spiritual power of the prisoners of war, but he did not expect Ran Qing to come to the door.

Linlang took Zilin to give Tang Zhou a wedding cake. Zilin didn’t want to see Tang Zhou, but he couldn’t stand Linlang’s soft and hard bubbles, so he had to come together. Tang Zhou saw a small tortoise on the stone and turned him over. Zi Lin recognized that Tang Zhou was the fairy who turned him over, and he was so frightened that he hurriedly hid in the coffin.

Linlang followed closely, Zilin had to admit that he was tossed around by Tang Zhou Tiantian when he was in the heaven, and Linlang swore that no one would bully him again in the future. Zilin personally sewed a fox tail and gave it to Linlang. Linlang found out that the bones inside were made of Zilin’s tail. Linlang was very distressed, but Zilin didn’t take it seriously. Touched with tears in his eyes, he couldn’t help embracing Zilin affectionately. The two of them had an intimate relationship in the coffin wherever they were in love.

Tomorrow is the day of Linlang and Zilin’s big wedding. Tang Zhou insisted on coming to the wedding scene and simulated the wedding process on the spot as a groom. Yan Dan pretended to be the bride to cooperate with him, and Dan Shu presided over the simulated wedding. Tang Zhou and Yan Dan went through the process according to the procedure. Tang Zhou imagined that he kissed Yan Dan, and Yan Dan kissed him affectionately. The wedding officially started, Zilin dragged Linlang over, and after drinking a glass of wine in everyone’s blessing, Yan Dan asked them to thank the matchmaker, Zilin started hiccups when he saw Tang Zhou, and Linlang hurried to help him out.

Tang Zhou painted the divine beast in the dream as a gift to Zilin and Linlang, and asked Yan Dan to help him resurrect the divine beast in the painting. Tang Zhou pulled Yan Dan to jump on the divine beast and took her on a tour of the starry sky. Tang Zhou spent a lot of money. Immortal power, overflowing immortal power scattered down, everyone reached out to pick it up, and congratulated the patriarch for the most respectable wedding, praised Linlang for a good marriage, and the patriarch laughed from ear to ear.

Yu Mo couldn’t bear to see Tang Zhou continue to spend his immortal power, worried that he would expose himself to death, and shouted that Tang Zhou would come back. Tang Zhou just wanted to enjoy the beautiful scenery with Yan Dan. He would die, he would rather die in Yan Dan’s arms now, Tang Zhou suddenly fainted because of too much immortal energy consumption.

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