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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 42 Recap

Tang Zhou didn’t want to drag Yan Dan down and advised her to leave as soon as possible. Yu Mo hurried over, suspecting that Tang Zhou was trying to keep Yan Dan with a bitter plan. His fairy clothes had been leaked, and he had to disperse his cultivation base. He doesn’t care. Tang Zhou didn’t want to explain too much, he just wanted to know what the disciples of the Lingxiao faction had done to hurt the world and righteousness. , the Lingxiao faction is a well-known sect, and would never do such a tragic thing.

Yan Dan confirmed that Cang Hong used sorcery. When she was imprisoned in the Subduing Demon Hall, she left a petal with Poyun Jue applied to Dan Shu. Now Dan Shu is still trapped in it, Yan Dan decided to rest for a while. Going back to save people, it happened that Dan Shu used the magic petal to open the magic circle of Subduing Demon Hall, and Tang Zhou wanted to go with them.

Yan Dan, Tang Zhou and Yu Mo returned to the Lingxiao faction again, Tang Zhou effortlessly opened the Demon Subduing Hall, Yan Dan helped the unconscious Dan Shu and found that his demon essence was still there. Cang Hong was taking the medicinal pills from the alchemy furnace. Yu Mo knocked Cang Hong to the ground. Cang Hong swallowed the medicinal pill, and he also had to concoct Yu Mo and Yan Dan.

He can become the first person of the Lingxiao faction to ascend to heaven. Tang Zhou thoroughly saw Cang Hong’s true face. He used the disciples of the Lingxiao faction to collect demon essence to practice sorcery, and he wanted to tell the world about his evil deeds. Cang Hong couldn’t help laughing. Tang Jiang once said something like this. He killed Tang Jiang in a fit of rage and blamed the little fox demon.

Cang Hong instilled this idea into Tang Zhou, and Tang Zhou hated the demon because of it. To the bone, vowed to kill them all, which was in Canghong’s arms. Yan Dan and Yu Mo denounced Canghong’s crimes. Even if he succeeded in his conspiracy, he would be sent to the heavenly punishment platform. Tang Zhou discovered something was wrong. Canghong took the initiative to admit that these things were not discovered by conscience. effect.

Canghong’s demon power increased greatly, he launched a fierce attack, Yu Mo, Tang Zhou and Yan Dan joined forces to knock him to the ground, Canghong attacked again, and was defeated again, he destroyed the alchemy furnace in a fit of anger, and then fled in a hurry. Yu Mo and Tang Zhou asked Yan Dan to protect Dan Shu, and the two of them went after Canghong together. Canghong took a whole bottle of medicinal herbs to repair the demon power and continued to resist. Tang Zhou and Yu Mo used the demon chain to tie Canghong to death.

Daoyuan, Qin Qi and others came to hear the news and found that Canghong had powerful demon energy in his body. They were very puzzled. Yu Mo publicly exposed Canghong’s crime of using them to catch little demons for alchemy. Canghong’s demon energy was powerful. The demon-suppressing chain is locked, and the nearby creatures will be devastated. Unwilling to admit defeat, Cang Hong framed Tang Zhouxia for poisoning him, and called on his disciples to arrest Tang Zhou.

Yan Dan came to testify in time. Cang Hong destroyed the alchemy furnace and wanted to eliminate the evidence, because he always used fire spirit to alchemy, even if he left a little Mars, Mars will also recognize the master, Yan Dan released the collected Mars, and Mars went straight to Canghong. Seeing that the situation was over, Cang Hong had to kneel down and beg Tang Zhou to let him go. Tang Zhou was slightly distracted. Cang Hong secretly flew out a hidden weapon to attack Tang Zhou. Yan Dan shot in time to protect Tang Zhou, and Cang Hong blew himself up and died on the spot.

Tang Zhou had lost all his immortal power and his cultivation base. In addition to the life-and-death battle with Cang Hong, he was haggard and was in a coma. Yan Dan silently stood at the door. Demon, I want to take Yan Dan back to Kulan Mountain after Tang Zhou wakes up. Tang Zhou finally woke up. Qin Qi and the brothers were very happy. They didn’t know what the Lingxiao faction should do next. Tang Zhou asked Qin Qi to take charge of the overall situation and strengthen prevention so as not to be taken advantage of by evil monsters with ulterior motives. Yan Dan heard Tang Zhou’s words outside the door and had to leave silently.

Tang Zhou bid farewell to his fellow apprentices. They struggled to keep Tang Zhou, but Tang Zhou politely declined. He wanted to live for himself once, and then left without looking back. Seeing this scene, Yan Dan couldn’t help but feel sorry for the emperor in the heavens, Tang Zhou could choose his own life freely, but Ying Yuan couldn’t.

Tang Zhou came to worship at the grave of Tang Jiang, his master, and took out the jade gourd sent by Tang Jiang. He saw things and thought about people, sobbing sadly, Tang Zhou put the jade gourd in front of Tang Jiang’s grave, and then left silently. Yan Dan and Yu Mo followed, and Tang Zhou wanted to be alone, so they had to give up. Tang Zhou went to the restaurant alone to borrow wine to drown his sorrows. Yan Dan and Tang Zhou came in to persuade him that Tang Zhou was no longer a monster hunter, and he was confused about his future life. Tang Zhou wanted to use alcohol to numb himself, but Yu Mo couldn’t bear to watch it. He tortured himself, tricked him into falling asleep.

Yan Dan and Yu Mo sent Tang Zhou back. Yan Dan found that Tang Zhou’s health was getting worse. If he couldn’t find the fourth artifact to repair the fairy clothes as soon as possible, Tang Zhou’s life would be in danger. Yu Mo felt that the mental blow Tang Zhou suffered was even more terrifying. Only by helping him open up his inner demons would he look for the fourth artifact. Yan Dan wanted to find the artifact together with Tang Zhou.

After Yu Mo and Yan Dan’s unremitting efforts, Tang Zhou finally woke up. He came to the inn again to get drunk. Yan Dan and Yu Mo waited for a long time before persuading him to leave. Yu Mo and Yan Dan caught three mischievous mouse demons, gave them a hard lesson, and took the opportunity to persuade Tang Zhou not to blame himself. He did not help Zhou to abuse them. All the evil demons have been eradicated over the years, and Tang Zhou is still brooding. . Yan Dan asked Yu Mo to teach the mouse demon a good lesson. She bought cakes to see Tang Zhou, talked about various interesting things they first met, and tried her best to make him happy, and Tang Zhou was relieved a little.

Yan Dan accidentally saw the scar on Tang Zhou’s wrist and greeted him. Tang Zhou lied that he accidentally scratched, but Yan Dan didn’t think much about it. Tang Zhou had a nightmare and shouted to let Yan Dan go. He didn’t want to kill Yan Dan, but Yan Dan was very moved and wanted to use the Hundred Flowers Dew Water to help Tang Zhou sleep peacefully. Yan Dan came to town early in the morning and went to many stores without buying it , she continued to search, and finally bought it at the last one.

Yu Mo came to look for Yan Dan, the two of them walked back together, and met Qin Qi head-on, only to find out that she and Ling Xiao had sent disciples to catch the cat demon entrusted by Master Xie, but they found nothing. Master Xie was very dissatisfied, and scolded the disciples of the Lingxiao faction for being incompetent. Yan Dan couldn’t listen anymore, and promised to catch the cat demon within three days.

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