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Ode to Joy 3 欢乐颂3 Episode 20 Recap

Early the next morning, He Minhong told Zhu Zhe that Yu Feixue had received an anonymous call and had found Chen Zufa’s residence, but he was hesitating whether to call the police. Zhu Zhe would definitely call the police. For safety’s sake, Zhu Zhe also told He Minhong, If you want to privately message Yu Feixue, don’t make Chen Zufa’s current hiding place public in the group, so that some people in the group will be turned against by Chen Zufa and secretly leaked.

He Minhong didn’t think Zhu Zhe was right, but felt that she was too petty. Since they were all victims, there would be no traitors in the group. At this time, he quietly told Yu Feixue that it was not easy to hurt the peace. There was no private message to Yu Feixue. As a result, Yu Feixue brought a large group of people to arrest Chen Zufa, but found that Chen Zufa had escaped. Yu Feixue saw Chen Zufa’s clothes on the bed and threw them on the ground angrily, there must be traitors in the group! But it’s too late!

Ye Zhenzhen was worried about being misunderstood by the boss, so she asked David to play her boyfriend, and then took him to her work unit, deliberately cuddling and hugging in front of everyone. She already has a close boyfriend.

A colleague who hates the rich thinks that Ye Zhenzhen is so rich and has a boyfriend from abroad, so he shouldn’t come to the research institute to get their share of the pie, so he is unwilling, and immediately cheats Ye Zhenzhen in the name of a dinner party A seafood meal.

Zhu Zhe received a phone call from a hotel colleague. The newly opened hotel has not been opened for half a year, but the bathroom always smells bad. Based on years of experience, Zhu Zhe asked the plumber to remove the toilet. He thought it was because the flange was loose. After removing it, the flange ring was not installed. The flange ring is specially designed to block the odor of the sewer. Now that the flange ring is not installed, the hotel room will return to the smell sooner or later. Zhu Zhe immediately reported to his boss. After careful analysis, the boss suggested that Zhu Zhe find a way to euphemistically burst the toilet. question.

Last time, there was a problem with the metal components of the pipeline. This time, the flange ring was not worn at all when the toilet was installed. The problem was very serious. It was not only a problem of cutting corners. All the ward round data collected were taken out, because she usually pays special attention to the cleanliness of the guest rooms, but now there are drawbacks, which shows the rigorous work of her department. There are all witnesses and physical evidence, and the vice president of the hotel’s corruption is on pins and needles. He wanted to shirk the responsibility, but Zhu Zhe and the others had made adequate preparations beforehand, and Zhu Zhe got rid of the suspicion.

Zhu Zhe received a text message from Chen Zufa. Chen Zufa had already guessed that Zhu Zhe had betrayed her, and he even told her to wait. It was obvious that Chen Zufa could be caught, but He Minhong broke things. Now Zhu Zhe and Yu Feixue are in trouble.

When Yu Chuhui returned home, she saw He Minhong wiping her tears. She immediately guessed that Chen Zufa’s escape had something to do with He Minhong. When Yu Feixue was deceived, she didn’t cry secretly, but now she wiped away her tears, so it must be He Minhong who was there. leak. He Minhong explained that he did not leak the secret, but Zhu Zhe told her to remind Yu Feixue that there were traitors in the group, but she did not do so, so Chen Zufa escaped.

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