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Ode to Joy 3 欢乐颂3 Episode 19 Recap

Yu Feixue’s WeChat told the sisters of Ode to Joy that because she was an older leftover girl, she was always faced with various urges to marry. In addition, Chen Zufa was in a hurry to get married, so she believed in Chen Zufa, and went to get the certificate within a few days.

In this regard, the sisters of Ode to Joy began to open their minds, speculating that the reason why Yu Feixue was quickly fooled was that one was in a hurry to get rid of the order, but there was a special gang in the society, staring at those old and rich leftover women, and Yu Feixue Feixue had just received the compensation for his father’s car accident, and now he is buying a house with Chen Zufa’s mortgage, and even his father’s compensation is included.

Ye Zhen Zhen made barbecue and invited Yu Chuhui to eat together. Fang Zhiheng immediately pulled out the cocoons and sorted out Chen Zufa’s criminal process from the snippets of information. She made full use of her major and listed Chen Zufa’s recent thoughts and activities. It is very likely that Chen Zufa opened a shop selling pigs in the Minhang District of Shanghai, where his cousin and brother-in-law lived.

After telling Yu Feixue this information, the little sisters said goodbye to each other and went to bed. Zhu Zhe found Ye Zhenzhen quietly, and wanted Ye Zhenzhen to drive her to a place, perhaps Chen Zufa’s hiding place. Based on his previous knowledge of Chen Zufa, Zhu Zhe felt that he was most likely to hide in the old place he had been to before. Few people knew about this place, and Zhu Zhe was not fooled, and he might not care about Yu Feixue at all.

Zhu Zhe wanted to give it a try, Ye Zhenzhen helped her to get two “Sneezer Maniacs”, they went to two places and found that they had been demolished, Ye Zhenzhen suspected that Chen Zufa might have moved to another place. They searched one by one, and finally there was one place that had not been demolished.

Fang Zhiheng contacted the friends who guaranteed Chen Zufa and asked them about the process of signing the guarantee contract. Many people reported that Chen Zufa was scheming and set the contract signing place in a very lively place. At that time, life was noisy, and there was no energy to study the contract. , This made Chen Zufa take advantage of the loopholes, he was sure that these fellow villagers would not save face, so he would make this decision.

Zhu Zhe and Ye Zhenzhen stood in the alley and found a suspicious person. The other party was very vigilant when they saw someone coming and asked them who they were looking for. Ye Zhenzhen immediately replied alertly that they were in the wrong place, and then drove Zhu Zhe with Zhu Zhe. Zhe made a strange turn, stopped and walked over on foot.

Seeing that the lights in the place they rented many years ago were still on, Zhu Zhe and Ye Zhenzhen approached cautiously, and they saw a group of people playing mahjong with the voice of Chen Zufa. The phone ringing came from behind, Ye Zhen Zhen and Zhu Zhe immediately hid. This was the first time in her life that she encountered such a dangerous situation, Ye Zhen Zhen was terrified, and when she returned to the car, her soul had already left her body, and Ye Zhen Zhen started the car tremblingly.

Yu Chuhui went to Fang Zhiheng’s place to follow up to find clues. He Minhong was bored in the room watching dramas. Yu Feixue sent a message to ask her if she had found any new clues. She called Yu Feixue to comfort her. Yu Chuhui is very strange, why so many people will take it as a guarantee, Fang Zhiheng has come to see it, there are too many people in the world who are imaginative, thinking about problems completely according to their own logic, and do not go to scientific verification at all.

Zhu Zhe had already found Chen Zufa’s hiding place, Ye Zhenzhen asked someone to tell Yu Feixue’s relatives the clues, Zhu Zhe thought that He Minhong knew about this, and he would definitely torture them why they were not good people to do it to the end, and personally caught Chen Zufa and brought him to justice. , and then discussed with Ye Zhen Zhen that it must be kept secret. When they went back, they deliberately ran downstairs in the community for a long time, and went home sweating profusely to fake the illusion of running at night.

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