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Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 星汉灿烂 Episode 55 Recap

It was because of the successive deaths of Lou’s family that Lou Li lost his mind and decided to kill Cheng Shaoshang for revenge. The vacant seats that Cheng Shaoshang had noticed before confirmed her inner speculation. I am afraid that Lou Yao’s move was ordered by someone behind the scenes. He Zhaojun endured the discomfort and stumbled to the shrine to activate the mechanism. Sure enough, there was a secret room inside.

As Cheng Shaoshang and He Zhaojun hid in the secret room, Wang Yanji, whose whereabouts were unknown many years ago, suddenly appeared. Now Lou Li has no use value, and she has become Wang Yanji’s ghost. It was not until the last moment of his breath that Lou Li realized that Wang Yanji was responsible for the death of his parents.

Cheng Shaoshang found that there was still one person in the secret room. Upon closer inspection, it was Yuan Shen, who was covered in bruises and bruises. He was imprisoned here by an iron chain several meters long. It turned out that Yuan Shen assisted the third prince in implementing the Tiantian Order, and unexpectedly learned that someone bought a large amount of kerosene and hoarded it on the only way for the third prince. .

Yuan Shen urged Cheng Shaoshang to leave first, but Cheng Shaoshang insisted on unlocking the lock. On the other hand, Huo Budo brought his followers to Hua County, and noticed the strange expressions of the vendors on both sides of the street. Unexpectedly, these people were the remnants of the emperor, trying to separate Huo Budo from Heiweijia, trying every means to lead him into the trap.

Huo Budo believed that there must be someone who was extremely important to him in the trap, so he simply jumped in, and sure enough he saw Cheng Shaoshang who was thinking about it. Because the stone gate was closed, the road was blocked, and the surrounding stone walls seemed to be licked by fire snakes, and the oil lamps embedded in the stone walls were lit one by one. In front of them, there was a spiritual seat of Lou Ben, and Wang Yanji walked out from the shadow.

At the beginning, Wang Yanji threw herself into the river and did not die, but was rescued by Tian Shuo, and with his assistance, began a five-year revenge plan. Huo Budo thinks that Wang Yanji is justifiable for seeking revenge against herself and should not involve innocent people, but Wang Yanji does not feel innocent. First, Cheng Shaoshang avenged her revenge, and secondly, Yuan Shen was nosy. As for He Zhaojun, she felt Lou Yao didn’t love each other at all. If it wasn’t for the persecution of the big house, how would he have married him? Only when He Zhaojun died, could Lou Yao be freed from the shackles.

However, Cheng Shaoshang firmly believed that Lou Yao had feelings for He Zhaojun and reminded her not to listen to Wang Yanji’s lies. Although Cheng Shaoshang and Huo Budo mentioned Lou Ben’s wish during his lifetime, they hoped that the mountains and rivers would be safe, and they realized their own mistakes when they died, but Wang Yanji lost her heart for revenge, and finally lit the kerosene and wanted to die with everyone.

Almost at the same time, the kerosene spread on the ground, and a scorching golden-red flame rose to the sky, and the lead wires also burned to the three fire thunders embedded in the stone wall. The stone door overhead opened with a bang. He Zhaojun and Yuan Shen took the lead in climbing the ladder, followed by Cheng Shaoshang.

Just when Huo Budo was about to go up, Wang Yanji suddenly rushed out and hugged Huo Budo. As time went on, the organs began to activate, and the black armor gradually couldn’t pull Shimen. Huo Budo immediately asked his subordinates to take Cheng Shaoshang away first, and the Liang brothers were still in tears, so they could only obey orders and forcibly take Cheng Shaoshang away.

The explosion came, and everyone was rescued safely, except for Huo Budo. Cheng Shaoshang collapsed in front of the ruins and wept bitterly. He had already forgiven Huo Buxuan in his heart, as long as he could survive. However, the silent response made her even more desperate. It was not until Liang Qiuqi suddenly called the young master, that she realized that Huo Budo had also escaped from the secret passage. emotion.

Yuan Shen looked at the two couples in love with each other, feeling helpless while thinking about the situation of the third prince. Now that the third prince is imprisoned, if the prince has something to do, it will inevitably lead to turmoil in the country. Cheng Shaoshang asked Huo Budo to rescue the third prince, while she stayed to protect the people of Guo Village, and the two went into battle together.

Tian Shuo ambushed the third prince’s team. Because of the disparity in strength between the two sides, the third prince soon fell behind and was about to die here. At the critical moment, Huo Budo hurried to protect the third prince, Tian Shuo wanted to take the opportunity to sneak attack, but was caught by Huo Budo and the black guards were dispatched to surround him.

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