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Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 星汉灿烂 Episode 53 Recap

No matter how turbulent the outside world is, Cheng Shaoshang is still at ease in the Changqiu Palace. The deep palace is like a solid protective wall, blocking all malicious or well-intentioned rumors for her. But even so, Luo Jitong still had enough ways to get close to Changqiu Palace. First, he apologized to Cheng Shaoshang in a low-pitched manner. After obtaining Cheng Shaoshang’s forgiveness, he said that he would go back to the northwest to spend the rest of his life and completely let go of his feelings for Ling. Undoubtedly obsessed, I only wish to repay Queen Xuan before leaving.

Today’s Empress Xuan is already bedridden, and she is always thinking about Huo Budo. Before the end of the year, there was a possibility that she could wait until the end of the year, but now it seems that there are only a few months left. Huo Budo came to visit Changqiu Palace. Looking at Empress Xuan on the sickbed, she felt even more remorse and self-blame. Empress Xuan revealed that Cheng Shaoshang and Yuan Shen were not engaged, and hoped Huo Budo would cherish this opportunity. Don’t let Cheng Shaoshang down again.

Luo Jitong deliberately brought Shaoshang out of the palace on the pretext of treating Queen Xuan’s illness. He was taciturn along the way, and the atmosphere dropped to freezing point, which always made people feel uncomfortable. In the same way, Cheng Shaoshang gradually noticed the difference, and was going to get off the car and go back to the palace. He would bring a generous gift to visit the genius doctor another day. However, Luo Jitong said the truth and never let the groom stop. Cheng Shaoshang had no other choice but to do so. Opportunity to act.

Liang Qiufei sent a letter to Changqiu Palace and truthfully reported that Cheng Shaoshang followed Luo Jitong out of the city to the suburbs. On the other hand, when the carriage traveled to a remote place, Luo Jitong showed his true face, because he was jealous that Cheng Shaoshang was the person Huo Budo was thinking of, and wanted to take action against her, and he would rather Huo Budo always hate himself, better than not having the slightest sense of existence.

Although Cheng Shaoshang tried his best to resist, Naihe was still weak, not as good as Luojitong, who had been in the northwest for many years. Fortunately, Huo Budo appeared in time, and in order to protect Cheng Shaoshang, he clenched the sharp blade with his bare hands and let the blood flow. Seeing that the place in front of him was a cliff, Huo Budo Fei got into the carriage and pulled the reins. At the critical moment, he hugged Cheng Shaoshang and rushed out. On the other hand, Luo Jitong and his carriage fell off the cliff.

Due to the sudden incident, even if the two avoided the falling cliff, they still did not reach the top of the cliff. Huo was clearly able to fly up by himself with light work, but he refused to give up Cheng Shaoshang, so he could only cling to the rock climbing. At this critical moment, Huo Budo simply said what he had hidden in his heart. Since he and Cheng Shaoshang were allies five years ago, he has regarded Cheng Shaoshang as his wife. Shang lost his life because of this, and he would never live alone.

Cheng Shaoshang was moved, and before he could speak, the Liang brothers hurried over and rescued them with the help of vines. Just when Huo Budo was about to send someone to take Cheng Shaoshang back, how could he know that Emperor Wen had summoned the two to return to the palace quickly, and Empress Xuan might not be able to survive today because of her critical illness.

Huo Budo and Cheng Shaoshang hurriedly returned to the Changqiu Palace. At this time, all the princes and princesses knelt in the bed. Behind the screen, Queen Xuan’s cheeks collapsed and she was sickly. What a wish. Queen Xuan sighed that the past could not be recalled, nor could it be assumed. If Emperor Rui had not ruled in ignorance, perhaps Emperor Wen was still an upright young man who loved farming and reading. lifetime.

Unfortunately, things backfired. Empress Xuan obeyed her uncle’s arrangement to marry Emperor Wen, which caused all three to live with regret. Therefore, she hoped that the younger generation would not follow her own footsteps, and then urged Cheng Shaoshang and Huo Budo to continue their relationship and obey themselves in everything. Heart, cherish the present and don’t regret it. As for Emperor Wen, who has been in love with each other for many years, Empress Xuan has no regrets about marrying each other, but hopes to never see each other again in the next life.

As the voice faded from her lips, Empress Xuan leaned into Emperor Wen’s arms and ended her poor life. The surrounding princes and princesses, together with the palace servants, burst into tears. Cheng Shaoshang stumbled out of the inner bed, like a lost child, wandering in the heavy rain for the purpose of strolling. In the end, Huo Budo found her unconscious and went straight to Cheng Mansion.

After setting up Cheng Shaoshang, Huo Budo went to the side hall alone to meet the Cheng family and his wife, and told the news that Empress Xuan had passed away, and then left. Cheng Shi hurriedly stopped Huo Budo and scolded him for living up to Cheng Shaoshang’s deep friendship. Even Xiao Yuanyi sighed that God’s will is messing with people, and whether Huo Budo can continue in the future depends on how Huo Budo behaves.

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