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Ode to Joy 3 欢乐颂3 Episode 18 Recap

Chen Zufa’s unkindness and injustice disappeared with the money, which made Fang Zhiheng more sure that Chen Zufa asked Zhu Zhe as a guarantee to pull Zhu Zhe into the water. Now that Chen Zufa and Yu Feixue got their marriage license, they were not only trying to take away the wedding gift money, but also thinking about it. Someone can pay liquidated damages in advance, and the marriage law stipulates that the wife is obliged to repay her husband’s debts.

Ye Zhenzhen asked He Minhong to find a way to pass the news to Zhu Zhe, if she was kept in the dark, then Yu Feixue’s stalking downstairs would be detrimental to Zhu Zhe. He Minhong asked Yu Feixue if he wanted to tell Yu Feixue about the mess left by Chen Zufa. Fang Zhiheng reminded her that she could not, and she could not make a rash judgment without sufficient evidence, not to mention Yu Feixue’s personality, they did not know, let alone speculate on the future. what happened.

A parent of Yu Chuhui’s dance class felt that Yu Chuhui was a good person, so he introduced his old classmate Luo Beisheng to Yu Chuhui. Luo Beisheng is an extremely noble peacock man. At first, he was not interested in the beautiful Yu Chuhui. He heard that Yu Chuhui was younger than him for several years. My sister is an engineer and her main occupation is an engineer. She is only a part-time dance teacher. She also learned that Yu Chuhui is not only good-looking, but also talented. He also learned a lot of professional knowledge while teaching dance. After quietly observing for a while, he was impressed by Yu Chuhui. got interested.

When Yu Chuhui was out of class, Luo Beisheng approached and wanted to invite Yu Chuhui to participate in the class reunion. Yu Chuhui immediately pulled the matchmaker aside, and reported that Luo Beisheng was older than her, and did not like senior brothers who were too old.

After careful research, Fang Zhiheng found that Chen Zufa had been planning for a long time. To buy a house in Shanghai, the down payment must be a lot of money. After confirming with Zhu Zhe over the phone, he learned that Yu Feixue worked two jobs at the same time and made a brand The agent, explained that most of the rent was paid by her. It seems that Chen Zufa deliberately found those single women with small savings, and then deliberately lured them into the bait, deceived them into marriage, and then pulled the back to help him pay off the debt.

He Minhong began to be blind and enthusiastic again. She put herself in Yu Feixue’s shoes and felt that Yu Feixue was very pitiful, so she ignored Fang Zhiheng’s reminder and called Yu Feixue quietly. There were two men beside Yu Feixue, who seemed to be her cousins. She was deceived into a place similar to a small restaurant, and He Minhong told them about the late payment fee.

Yu Feixue didn’t believe it at all. She was even more worried that she could not find anyone to vent. Seeing He Minhong told more alarming hidden dangers, she was even more out of control. He Minhong was so frightened that he got under the table and started crying. When Yu Feixue’s cousin heard what He Minhong said, he asked Yu Feixue to call and ask Chen Zufa’s hometown. As a result, Yu Feixue made a few calls and learned that Chen Zufa was really looking for him. Several fellow villagers borrowed money and asked them to guarantee.

Finally realizing the seriousness of the problem, I heard He Minhong say that Yu Chuhui did not sign the insurance policy because someone reminded her of the importance of the policy, and even the late payment fee was also mentioned by the financial officer, and immediately begged He Minhong to contact Zhiheng Fang. Fang Zhiheng heard He Minhong’s cry on the phone, and immediately realized that something was wrong. Fang Zhiheng asked them to send He Minhong to Ode to Joy, otherwise, she would not say a word.

When the other party heard it, he immediately took He Minhong to Ode to Joy to see Fang Zhiheng. Fang Zhiheng sent the whole matter and similar cases to Yu Feixue, finally clearing Zhu Zhe’s suspicion, Yu Feixue also apologized to He Minhong.

Zhu Zhe soon returned to Shanghai. She enthusiastically helped Yu Feixue to contact many of Chen Zufa’s fellow villagers. Through the communication with the fellow villagers, they learned that Chen Zufa was greedy for gambling. Zhu Zhe sent all the fellow villagers’ information to Yu Feixue, Let Yu Feixue set up a WeChat group, so that the news can spread faster.

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