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Ode to Joy 3 欢乐颂3 Episode 17 Recap

He Minhong directly told Yu Chuhui that she was incompetent, brought her mother to Shanghai and was unable to take care of her, and asked her to be a nanny. Now he is angry with her because He Minhong said something inappropriate, and he also blindly accuses Yu Chuhui of disrespecting the elderly with lip service. Love the young, knowing that the two elderly Mr. Han are sick and sick, and let their mother take care of them. When they are unhappy when taking care of others, they just leave. He Minhong’s words were like knives, each sentence stuck in Yu Chuhui’s heart, while Yu Chuhui’s mother was anxious and cried like tears.

Fang Zhiheng and Ye Zhenzhen pulled them apart, pulled He Minhong to Ye Zhenzhen’s room, closed the door, Fang Zhiheng and Ye Zhenzhen reassured He Minhong that he should not judge others by her moral standards, everyone has their own difficulties, now He Minhong has low standards for himself but high standards for others. He Minhong didn’t think he was wrong, but thought Yu Chuhui was like a shrew, and also felt that he was not sharp enough and had a stupid mouth. In short, He Minhong said a lot of moral kidnappings, Zhu Zhe saw in the room that Yu Chuhui and Yu’s mother had stabilized their emotions and had fallen asleep, so he told Ye Zhenzhen on WeChat that He Minhong could go back.

Ye Zhenzhen was going on a business trip, when she saw Yu Chuhui before leaving, she asked Yu’s mother to clean up, and later she would take Yu’s mother to Professor Tao’s house to get used to the environment. After the five-day internship period, she will decide when Professor Tao returns With or without a babysitter. Professor Tao’s family is a high-level intellectual, and he is upright and honest.

Naturally, he will not be as stingy and prejudiced as the Han family last time. Ye Zhenzhen and Professor Tao went on a business trip, Yu Chuhui and Professor Tao’s wife went back together, Yu Chuhui specially said that Ye Zhenzhen’s rich second-generation boyfriend had returned to China, and recently the neighbors also enjoyed it together, and the breakfast was much richer. With this sentence Then Professor Tao’s wife felt more relieved.

On the first day of Fang Zhiheng’s new job, she met Zhu Zhe and Yu Chuhui in the elevator. She was wearing designer clothes and a luxury watch, which made people’s eyes shine. Zhu Zhe asked if she was too ostentatious, Fang Zhiheng smiled witty, she was interviewing At that time, he has already packaged himself as a proper elite model, and naturally he can support this dress.

Zhu Zhe told Yu Chuhui that her sister and Chen Zufa were married recently. She didn’t want to go to Chen Zufa’s wedding, and she didn’t want to be asked by her sister for a red envelope, so she had to go out to the hotel to avoid it on weekends. After Yu Chuhui left, Zhu Zhe suddenly thought that he would go to Han’s house to sign a contract tonight. I was afraid that there was only He Minhong at home, so Zhu Zhe called Ye Zhenzhen, hoping that Ye Zhenzhen could tell He Minhong that if anyone came to Zhu Zhe at night, he would say She is on a business trip.

After Ye Zhenzhen came back from a business trip, in view of her performance, Professor Tao invited Ye Zhenzhen to join the research work of the new project. Ye Zhenzhen saw that the new project was already in the spotlight. It’s really good. She was very happy, and Professor Tao admitted frankly that Ye Zhenzhen deserved it at this time. Before the business trip, Ye Zhenzhen worked overtime all day and almost took over the entire key task of the project without asking for anything in return. Stay on your own team.

Yu Chuhui went to Professor Tao’s house to sign the contract. Seeing that Professor Tao treated people very well and respectfully, he insisted on leaving Yu Chuhui to eat together, and asked Yueting to put two pairs of chopsticks of different textures beside him. One pair was public chopsticks. You can not put your own rice grains in the meal. Seeing Professor Tao being so polite, Yu Chuhui finally felt relieved, at least not like the Han family who guarded her mother like a thief. Professor Tao’s eyes were not good. He sent the contract to his son on his mobile phone, and then signed the contract directly.

Ye Zhen Zhen added an overnight home, passing by the breakfast shop, she brought a copy to all the neighbor girls. When they came to Ode to Joy, there were a few people with surly expressions standing downstairs. When a few people saw Ye Zhen Zhen pressing the elevator to the 22nd floor, they immediately asked her if she knew Zhu Zhe. Several people immediately said that Chen Zufa took all the money and the reserve money in the bridal bag on the wedding day, and Ye Zhenzhen just reported that there were several girls living in the neighbors, and it was not clear whether Zhu Zhe was at home or not.

Chen Zufa’s bride, Yu Feixue, had her eyes swollen like peaches from crying, her face was completely stunned, and she was still wearing the bride’s clothes. She was lost, angry and frightened. Seeing this, Ye Zhenzhen went to room 2203 to discuss the solution. Fortunately, Zhu Zhe was not at home. After they figured out what to do, Ye Zhenzhen calmly went downstairs and told them that there was a party in Zhu Zhe’s hotel and didn’t come back last night.

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