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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 41 Recap

Today is Shangyuan Festival. The streets are bustling and bustling. The people are all walking on the streets to enjoy the lanterns. A lot of petals fell from the sky, falling beside Zilin and Linlang, Zilin couldn’t help holding Linlang’s hand, Linlang’s face flushed with shame. This was carefully arranged by Yan Dan and Yu Mo. They used the petal rain to complete Zilin and Linlang. Yan Dan also won a lot of water lanterns, and then accompanied Ziyan and Yu Mo to put koi by the river.

Yan Dan accidentally saw Tang Zhou put the water lantern into the river. The lantern read “The four seas are rising and the spring is beautiful, and the smile is deep and the eyebrows are pale.” Yan Dan remembered that when Tang Zhou was still the emperor Yingyuan, he hoped for peace in the six realms. , when he arrived in the mortal world, he was still concerned about the world, and Yan Dan felt very sad when he saw Tang Zhou’s lonely figure.

The sect head personally came to take Tang Zhou back to the Lingxiao faction, and gave him a hard lesson. As long as he cut off his thoughts of love quickly, he could let go of the past. Tang Zhou would rather suffer deeply than be a ruthless person, but he refused. Admitting the mistake, the head became angry and ordered Tang Zhou to be tied to the ring stake to accept the punishment of the door. Qin Qi interceded for Tang Zhou. The sect head forced Tang Zhou to cut off his love and love, but Tang Zhou would not let go. The sect head ordered his disciples to ask him once.

The brothers did not dare to disobey, and asked Tang Zhou one by one. Tang Zhou always answered the same way. They had to enforce the rules on Tang Zhou. Tang Zhou was beaten 9981 times, but he still refused to give up his love. , The Sect Master ordered him to be locked up for a moment. That night, Yan Dan tossed and turned and couldn’t sleep. Thinking of Tang Zhou’s two wishes on the water lantern, he finally realized that Tang Zhou’s second wish was for her to smile.

Dan Shu accidentally injured his hand while practicing swordsmanship. Yan Dan wanted to help him treat the wound. Dan Shu took out the medicine he just bought and applied it. The wound healed quickly without leaving any traces. Yan Dan wanted to use this ointment. Removes scars from Yu Mo’s wrist. Dan Shu took her to the pharmacy.

The shopkeeper claimed to be the Polygonum multiflorum in the mountains. He came to the world in order to cure people. Yan Dan remembered that Yanbi Dan from the Huajing tribe could heal wounds instantly. The ointment for scars, the shopkeeper’s ointment can only repair ordinary scars. If it is an old scar and needs a medicine guide, he hurriedly wrote it down for Yan Dan.

Yan Dan and Dan Shu came out of the pharmacy, and met Daoyuan, the eldest disciple of Lingxiao’s faction, and the brothers passing by. Daoyuan wanted to take Yan Dan back to see Tang Zhou, but Yan Dan categorically refused, and Daoyuan recognized that Dan Shu was a prisoner. The wolf clan demon who was rescued hit him hard. Yan Dan tried his best to protect Dan Shu. Dao Yuan found out that Yan Dan was also a demon, and ordered her to go back to see the head. Yan Dan wanted to take Dan Shu away, but Dao Yuan was there. Dan Shu had the demon-suppressing talisman on him, and he couldn’t move, so Yan Dan had no choice but to capture.

Many little demons in Kulanshan disappeared one after another, and then there was no news, causing the demons to panic. Zilin and Linlang found that a missing little demon had reappeared, and followed him to a cave, and finally the clue was interrupted. Zilin heard that there were ghosts there. He took Yu Mo to the cave where the captured demon finally appeared. The two of them searched carefully there. Zilin persuaded Yu Mo to return to Kulan Mountain as soon as possible to stabilize the overall situation. Yu Mo wanted to find More clues.

Yu Mo found the injured little snake demon and took out the corner of the Taoist robe for him to identify. The little snake demon remembered that he was taken away by someone wearing such a Taoist robe and was locked in a dark room. Caught the little demon and learned that it was the Lingxiao faction. The people from the Lingxiao faction tortured them every day. He couldn’t bear it, so he hid for more than a month without eating or drinking before finding a chance to sneak out.

Yu Mo was very annoyed. The Lingxiao faction always prided itself on being righteous, but he did not expect to kill demons and concoct alchemy. Zilin wanted to flatten the Lingxiao faction and rescue the little demons. Yu Mo knew the Lingxiao faction. Awesome, I advised him not to act rashly, to protect the little demon in the mountain first, and then go to Lingxiao to settle accounts. When Yu Mo came back, he found out that Yan Dan and Dan Shu were gone, and immediately took people to look around, and soon found traces of the fight.

Yu Mo inferred that there were a large number of opponents, and there was a magic weapon for catching demons. He guessed that Yan Dan and Dan Shu met the Lingxiao faction. disciple. Yu Mo picked up a corner of the book Yan Dan bought at the temple fair on the ground. There was only a Tang character on it. Yu Mo knew that Yan Dan was used to carrying unread books with him, so he tore off a corner in a hurry. .

Yu Mo knew that Tang Zhou was a man of great promise, and he would never arrest Yan Dan. Yu Mo repeatedly pondered the word Tang left by Yan Dan, and finally wanted to understand that the Lingxiao faction was arresting her because of Tang Zhou. Yu Mo asked Zi Lin and Linlang returned to the mountain to protect the other little monsters, and he went to Lingxiao alone to save people. Qin Qi hurriedly came to report to Tang Zhou that Yan Dan was arrested, and that she was a demon was also revealed. Tang Zhou was in a hurry. Yan Dan had rescued Qin Qi, and Qin Qi didn’t want to watch her be killed.

The head tied up Yan Dan and threatened to kill her. Yan Dan was not convinced. Although she was a demon, she had never done a single evil thing, never seduced anyone, and had nothing to do with Tang Zhou. Dan doubts that the head is a murderer. The head became angry and used his mana to severely injure Yan Dan. Yan Dan found out that there was sorcery in the mana he used. He suspected that he had caught those little demons to practice sorcery, and sneered at his approach.

The head ordered the disciples to kill Yan Dan with the Demon Killing Mirror, and Tang Zhou came to the rescue in time, explaining that the matter had nothing to do with Yan Dan. Jiang was bewitched by the fox demon, who not only stole the secret book but also killed Tang Jiangman. Tang Zhou tried his best to defend Yan Dan, but the head didn’t believe it at all, so he let Tang Zhou kill Yan Dan himself, and let him take over as head. pale. Tang Zhou drew his sword to face each other, Yan Dan thought that he chose responsibility and morality like when he was an emperor in the heaven, and abandoned her again. Yan Dan secretly vowed not to let Tang Zhou hurt her again.

Tang Zhou made up his mind not to be the head of the Lingxiao faction, nor to be an immortal. Yan Dan remembered Ying Yuan’s ruthless words on the platform of punishment, and reminded Tang Zhou not to make vows that he couldn’t do. Tang Zhou’s Dharma ring suddenly broke. He used his sword to split the chain on Yan Dan’s body. Tang Zhou always thought that the Dharma ring could restrain him.

Tang Zhou dissipated his cultivation on the spot and expelled himself from his division. He begged the head to release Yan Dan. The head agreed to leave Tang Zhou, but Yan Dan had to stay. He gave an order, and the disciples surrounded Tang Zhou and Yan Dan. Swearing to take Yan Dan away, Qin Qi hurriedly stood up and said a good word for Tang Zhou. Yu Mo fell from the sky and rescued Tang Zhou and Yan Dan.

Yan Dan healed Tang Zhou’s wounds and found that his fairy clothes were almost overflowing, complaining that he didn’t speak out sooner. Yan Dan asked Tang Zhou to take the petals she gave before to relieve the pain, but Tang Zhou was reluctant.

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