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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 39 Recap

Summary of the previous situation: In the battle of the immortals and demons, Jiuzhongtian also paid a painful price to suppress the traitors of the demons, resulting in the death of the gods and the loss of the four sacred artifacts. In order to find the truth, Ying Yuan went down to earth to experience difficulties and lost his memory and immortal power, and he was hunted down by mysterious people. In the end, the immortal spirit was lost, and only the four artifacts could be repaired.

Ying Yuan has gone through many twists and turns, and now he has found the three artifacts of the Seven Lights Divine Jade, Lichen and Chumo. With only the last artifact, Ying Yuan will be able to overcome difficulties and return to the Immortal Class. Over the years, what I can’t let go of is the figure that haunts my dreams.

Yan Dan saved Tang Zhou with blood, Xuan Xiang taught Tang Zhou the immortal method, Tang Zhou sneaked the three artifacts into his body, and the condition of the split soul gradually improved. Xuan Xiang and Tang Zhou became good friends who said nothing. Tao Ziqi will leave after he recovers. Xuanxiang decides to keep Tao Ziqi. Tang Zhou feels that Xuanxiang has paid too much for his love. Xuanxiang is willing to do so. Ziqi stayed together for a long time, but Tao Ziqi dared not face this feeling because of self-blame, and Xuanxiang decided to keep her at all costs.

Xuanxiang saw that Tang Zhou loved Yan Dan deeply, but he didn’t dare to say it. Tang Zhou couldn’t help himself. He was the future leader of the Lingxiao faction. On the other side of the world, Xuanxiang felt that feelings could transcend any limit, and the life of mortals was short, and if they were lost, they could never be found again. Xuanxiang persuaded Tang Zhou to pursue the love in his heart bravely, otherwise he would have no time to regret it. Tang Zhou immediately decided to look for it. Yan Dan expressed his intentions.

Tang Zhou came to Yu Mo for a showdown. Yu Mo persuaded him to think twice. Even if he didn’t care about the different ways of the human and monster, his fellow brothers and sisters would not accept Yan Dan. If Tang Zhou’s calendar was difficult to end and returned to the heaven, how should Yan Dan deal with himself?

Tang Zhou didn’t want to. Leave any regrets and swear that no matter what his identity is, he will protect Yan Dan well. Yu Mo reminded him not to hurt Yan Dan, otherwise he will never forgive him. Yu Mo also has a bit of selfishness. The reason why he didn’t stop Tang Zhou is to see how Yan Dan chooses and to verify whether he is just a backer in Yan Dan’s heart.

Yan Dan took a walk in Zhu Cui, and Tang Zhou came to him later. He decided not to be the head of the Lingxiao faction and wanted to live for himself. He expressed his heart to Yan Dan and wanted to protect Yan Dan. Before Tang Zhou finished speaking, Yan Dan interrupted him and wanted to know how he treated the woman in his dream. Tang Zhou no longer thought about the past, but only wanted to cherish the person in front of him.

Tang Zhou threw away the Huo Yizhu that Chao Yan gave him, and took the meteor to Yan Dan. Yan Dan thought it was all fake. She no longer believed in Tang Zhou. The two of them were impossible. She would not He liked Tang Zhou again, and then left without looking back. Tang Zhou looked at Yan Dan’s back, and his heart felt indescribably painful. The Dharma ring moved again. Tang Zhou endured the stabbing pain and let the blood flow from his wrist a little bit. Flow down.

Lingxiao sent the demon-suppressing chain of the Demon-Suppressing Hall and Tang Zhou’s Dharma Ring to be able to sense each other. Recently, the demon-suppressing chain has been vibrating frequently, and Qin Qi is worried that Tang Zhou is in danger. Tang Zhou confessed his failure and returned disappointed. Yu Mo had already guessed the result. He roasted a chicken himself to relieve Tang Zhou, and Xuan Xiang also roasted a chicken for Tao Ziqi. Yu Mo asked Xuanxiang about the difference between puppet art and disguise art, and learned that puppet art is the top magic in the demon world.

It can not only imitate the appearance of others, but also have the same body shape and voice. An elder can control. Yu Mo felt that the death of Xianjun Beiming and the three emperors was strange. The battle between the fairy and the devil seemed to be the victory of the fairy world, but the fairy world paid a heavy price, and the devil world also lost all casualties. Yu Mo could not think of who profited from it. Xuanxiang Also incomprehensible.

According to Xuanxiang’s suggestion, Tang Zhou put on a suit of Xianjie to see Yan Dan and invited her to play a game of chess. Yan Dan couldn’t help thinking of the ruthless Ying Yuan, she categorically refused, and Tang Zhou was not allowed to wear this dress again, otherwise we would meet again. After burning it once, Tang Zhou repeatedly explained that Xuanxiang helped him choose it, and that the Shen Hua hairpin was the testimony of their fate, Yan Dan was angry and destroyed the Shen Hua hairpin on the spot.

Tang Zhou was very distressed and wanted to know if Yan Dan had any heartbeat for him, but Yan Dan denied that she would leave the Shenxiao Palace tomorrow and let Tang Zhou take the Buli bracelet away, and they would never meet again from now on. Tang Zhou didn’t want Yan Dan to leave, but Yan Dan made up his mind and forced him to undo the Buli bracelet. Tang Zhou took the opportunity to pull Yan Dan into his arms. Yan Dan struggled to break free, and Tang Zhou took the Buli bracelet away with tears in his eyes. .

Tang Zhou wanted to continue to be friends with Yan Dan, but Yan Dan strongly opposed it, and set the step away from the lock 20 steps away from Tang Zhou. Tang Zhou was not allowed to approach her. Yan Dan admitted that she had retrieved her memory. Tang Zhou was the emperor of the heavens, and she was just a A little immortal servant, Tang Zhou will return to the heaven sooner or later, Tang Zhou does not want to be an immortal, he just wants to stay in the mortal world and stay with Yan Dan.

Yan Dan was waiting for him to say these words on the boat in Yewangchuan, but now it was too late, Yan Dan had completely given up, Tang Zhou said these words as a mortal, and when he became a high-ranking emperor, all of them would be Changed, Tang Zhou swore that whether he was Tang Zhou or Ying Yuan, he would choose Yan Dan, but Yan Dan didn’t believe it at all, and resolutely left. Yu Mo saw this scene from a distance, with mixed feelings in his heart. He originally wanted to spend the rest of his life with Yan Dan in the mortal world, but he didn’t expect Yan Dan and Ying Yuan to meet again and retrieved his memory. After all, he was a step too late.

It was pouring rain in the sky, Yan Dan borrowed wine to drown his sorrows in the room, Tang Zhou guarded the door in the rain, his Dharma ring moved again, and the pain of the thorn struck, he could not bear it. Yu Mo came to accompany Yan Dan to have a heart-to-heart talk. Yan Dan didn’t expect her to fall in love with the same person in two lives. She has already thought about it now and doesn’t want to be bound by her feelings anymore. Yu Mo had to tell the truth of the year. Ying Yuan never hurt Yan Dan, When Yan Dan went to the torture platform for the second time, Ying Yuan asked Marshal Huo De to come to the Heavenly Book of Exoneration, promising that Yan Dan would not be tortured at the stake. Yan Dan was not angry about this, she wiped the two of them off from Tang Zhou. Memories linger.

Yu Mo told Yan Dan about the various experiences of leaving the heaven, and persuaded Yan Dan to return to the heaven to see Zhixi. Yan Dan guessed that Zhixi had done the devaluation of Ying Deng, indicating that Zhixi still had her in her heart and that she did not want to disturb Zhixi. Live in peace. Yu Mo wanted to be Yan Dan’s little follower, but Yan Dan didn’t want to implicate him, so he removed the mark on his wrist on the spot. Yu Mo took out the prostitution contract signed by Yan Dan, not allowing Yan Dan to leave him, but Yan Dan has made up his mind. Tomorrow, he and Yu Mo will go their separate ways.

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