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Ode to Joy 3 欢乐颂3 Episode 15 Recap

Zhu Zhe went to the vegetable market to buy vegetables. He happened to meet Fang Zhiheng shopping for shrimp. He went up to say hello and heard Fang Zhiheng resign. He smiled understandingly. , I might not be able to pay such an expensive rent after I quit my job. Zhu Zhe sighed that the people in Ode to Joy were very reluctant to this neighbor, and hoped that she would reconsider, Fang Zhiheng was also reluctant to these good neighbors, she was very grateful for the care of her neighbors during this period, and even told Zhu Zhe her real name.

When Zhu Zhe heard Fang Zhiheng’s real name for the first time, he was very surprised. Zhu Zhe smiled and said that Ye Zhenzhen’s mouth was really tight. She originally investigated Fang Zhiheng’s identity very early, but she kept helping her keep it a secret.

When the phone rang, Zhu Zhe immediately decided to go to the hotel to get a sample because of the explosion of the toilet in the hotel, so as to explain the knowledge of toilets to new colleagues. Ye Zhenzhen and David returned to their residence, walked into the corridor, and smelled the very delicious aroma of rice, she knocked on the door, Zhu Zhe did not cook at home, and learned that Fang Zhiheng was cooking at home, she was very curious, In the past, Fang Zhiheng always ate boiled chicken breast at home, but today he made sweet and sour fish and sweet and sour pork ribs.

Yu Chuhui and Zhu Zhe came to Ye Zhenzhen’s house to visit, Ye Zhenzhen was about to tell them that the next door was abnormal today, Zhu Zhe said that he met Fang Zhiheng in the vegetable market during the day, maybe Fang Zhiheng had figured it out and was ready to enjoy life. David personally cooked and made spaghetti for Ye Zhenzhen, David said that He Minhong always discussed the adaptation of novels and comics for him, it was really boring, he didn’t even know that he should talk about the royalties first.

Li Qixing angrily went to find Fang Zhiheng. His heavy pounding on the door alarmed the neighbors. He was worried that Fang Zhiheng would be bullied. Several girls from the neighbors came out, and David stood aside. Li Qixing scolded her for why she spit, how to behave in the company in the future, and said that she even slandered her family.

Fang Zhiheng opened the door and stood in front of Li Qixing. She said calmly that she did not slander. A total of nine beauties became Li Xun’s assistants one after another, and then several assistants were promoted inexplicably, and some colleagues inexplicably offered to resign, and She is the evidence, the evidence in the ninth. She felt that it was a bit shameful to pay her father’s debt to her son. She would target Li Xun in the future and she would definitely seek justice.

Li Qixing was stunned. He stared blankly at Fang Zhiheng, as if his whole body was cramped. He didn’t know how he got downstairs. David was worried that Li Qixing would not be able to think about it, so he followed him downstairs silently. He wanted to comfort him, but Li Qixing said that he was fine. , He asked David if he believed what Fang Zhiheng said just now. David admitted frankly that if Fang Zhiheng really did it, he would have done it in Chongming Island, and there are definitely a hundred ways to be more ruthless than now.

It was a sleepless night for a few people. The neighbor girl felt the same way when she heard Fang Zhiheng’s experience. Women were especially helpless when they were sexually harassed. How many people lived in the shadows with humiliation and humiliation, and Fang Zhiheng resisted. Everyone wants to hug Fang Zhiheng, thinking that Fang Zhiheng would like to be more quiet tonight, several girls wrote an inspirational quote in their respective circles of friends – God help those who help themselves.

When she woke up, Fang Zhiheng felt much relieved. She received a call from Mr. Jin, who had already come to Shanghai and wanted to meet her. Fang Zhiheng returned the information about Mr. Jin’s cousin that he had used. Hearing that Mr. Jin invited her to work in the newly established company in Shanghai, she immediately refused and admitted that she did not want to accept Mr. Jin’s job invitation, which made the relationship between the two more ambiguous. She knew that Mr. Jin had a family, and even if Mr. Jin wanted to repay his kindness, he refused to mention any conditions and did not want to be misunderstood.

Originally, he wanted to retire the house in Ode to Joy, but Mr. Jin said that he had already paid the rent for a year, and now he would be deducted a deposit of 50,000 yuan when he checked out. Fang Zhiheng felt that the gain was not worth the loss, and it was best to live in the full one-year lease.

Li Qixing couldn’t get along in the company anymore. Mr. Lei openly said that he looked down on Li Xun’s style. Li Qixing, in a rage, handed in his resignation, and then packed up and left.

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