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Ode to Joy 3 欢乐颂3 Episode 14 Recap

When He Minhong returned home, he saw Zhu Zhe also, and happily cooked lunch with Zhu Zhe. He Minhong said that he persuaded Song Yu to join their company, so that the boss would treat her differently. Zhu Zhe suggested that He Minhong should no longer speak according to his own temperament in the future. He Minhong is also very helpless. She knows that her social skills are not good, and she has to bite the bullet and go to the camp, worrying that she will not be able to concentrate on improving her professional skills.

Li Qixing chatted with David, and after hearing that David had worked in Hannover before, David knew that Li Qixing was the son of the boss, Li Xun. The four of them rode together under the scorching sun. After all, they were young and everyone was not far behind. After riding for a while, Li Qixing’s leg cramped a little. When David helped him stretch, Li Qixing grinned in pain, but when Fang Zhiheng helped him stretch his muscles, Li Qixing didn’t scream of pain.

After cycling, several people continued to do climbing, reality shooting shows and other sports. Li Qixing was always polite, especially when he treated Fang Zhiheng. David said that Li Qixing had learned all the “advantages” of Shanghai men. , a few people have a picnic together, and David asks them about their plans for the evening. When Li Qixing heard that Fang Zhiheng wanted to stay and watch the sunset, he immediately agreed that he would also stop exercising and prepare to watch the sunset with the beauty.

Yueting finally waited until Yueshou, Yu Chuhui was very excited to see her mother, and immediately took out the skin care products she bought for her. She told her mother to go there to work and save some energy. When Zhe heard the mother and daughter talking next door, his heart warmed.

During dinner, Fang Zhiheng deliberately used the wine culture to make Li Qixing drink a few more glasses, Ye Zhenzhen casually said that he could not understand the Chinese wine table culture, why drinking a lot is a sense of loyalty, Li Qixing added that his father was disgusted with the wine table culture, and also Always ask friends around you to drink less. Li Qixing’s words aroused Fang Zhiheng’s disgust. Li Xun deliberately poured more wine on the wine table, just thinking that he could take advantage of it. She asked Li Qixing how he knew that his father treated everyone the same and told them to drink less.

After dinner, Fang Zhiheng carefully arranged the room and then closed the door. After a while, Li Qixing couldn’t get through on the phone with Fang Zhiheng, so he went to Fang Zhiheng’s room to check. The door opened with a slight push. Li Qi walked in and found Fang Zhiheng wearing a sexy suspender skirt, lying on his side, as if he had fallen asleep while drunk.

Fang Zhiheng had actually been waiting for Li Qixing. She deliberately wore revealing clothes on the bed and installed a camera opposite the bed. She wanted to take pictures of Li Qixing’s shameless behavior, but Li Qixing just quietly stepped forward to cover her with a quilt, and then she was very considerate. After drinking a glass of water, he opened the door again and sat in front of Fang Zhiheng’s bed, waiting to take care of his sweetheart at any time.

When Ye Zhenzhen and David were exercising, they couldn’t help but recall what Fang Zhiheng said during dinner, as if Fang Zhiheng was very familiar with Li Qixing’s father, David told her that Li Qixing’s father used to be a famous sales star, and finally got the number, Ye Zhenzhen was worried that Fang Zhiheng would burn all the jade and stones, and immediately went to stop it with David. When he arrived at the room, he saw that Li Qixing had already pulled his suitcase and was about to go back. Li Qixing also smiled and said that Fang Zhiheng had already gone back one step earlier.

Fang Zhiheng walked out of the hotel, threw the camera into the trash can, and submitted his resignation to the leader the next day. David felt that Fang Zhiheng was a scheming person, but Ye Zhenzhen could understand, after all, Fang Zhiheng had endured that kind of persecution. In the past, he first investigated Fang Zhiheng’s mistakes, but this time he made up for it.

When Fang Zhiheng handed in his resignation letter, he told the manager that Li Qixing always harassed her, and he quietly investigated Li Qixing’s father, and found that his father often asked the assistant around him to wipe the oil, intimidated by Li Qixing’s father’s power, in order to stop being disturbed by him, So he resigned. Someone overheard the conversation in the office, and soon the reason for Fang Zhiheng’s resignation became known to everyone.

Li Qixing didn’t find Fang Zhiheng after get off work. He always felt that his colleagues looked at him strangely. He sent Fang Zhiheng a WeChat but found that he was blocked. Li Qixing’s friend told him what happened in the morning. Li Qixing was furious and wanted to find him immediately. Fang Zhiheng asked to understand.

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