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Ode to Joy 3 欢乐颂3 Episode 12 Recap

In the evening, Li Qixing deliberately waited on Fang Zhiheng’s only way to get off work. He prepared milk tea and snacks, hoping that Fang Zhiheng would allow him to share the food together, and then escort the beauty home.

Yu Chuhui felt sad when she thought that her mother was going to be a nanny for others, she saw Ye Zhenzhen downstairs in the community, and immediately asked a friend to complain, she wanted her mother to come to Shanghai to enjoy the happiness, but after a few days, she asked her mother to go to the house. When someone else became a servant, in order to prevent her father from extorting her mother’s hard-earned money, when she had to sign a contract, she asked her employer to put the money on her bank card, as if she had pushed her mother into the fire pit, and it hurts every time she thinks about it. .

Ye Zhenzhen and Yu Chuhui went upstairs together, they met Chen Zufa on the elevator, heard this man looking for Zhu Zhe, Ye Zhenzhen guessed that this person was Zhu Zhe’s ex-boyfriend, for this Chen Zufa, Zhu Zhe gave Ye Zhe what happened Zhen Zhen said that Ye Zhen Zhen hated him very much, so she immediately sent Zhu Zhe WeChat to remind her to be on guard, Zhu Zhe didn’t want to see Chen Zufa, Ye Zhen Zhen and Yu Chuhui blocked the elevator entrance together, Fang Zhiheng heard the voice and came out, The three women stared at each other together, Chen Zufa felt a little guilty and walked away embarrassed.

Zhu Zhe was upset when he thought of his ex-boyfriend in the room. This Chen Zufa couldn’t stand her career when he talked about breaking up. He said that Zhu Zhe was holding the toilet and waited for others. Now he wants to get back together again. I really don’t know what he thinks. Fortunately, Zhu Zhe has Today is different from the past, I can live independently, and I don’t need to please anyone at all. Yu Chuhui was going to help her mother sign a contract. Zhu Zhe accompanied her to see the employer. The employer had no opinion after seeing the contract, and directly limited the contract to three years. Zhu Zhe sent Yu Chuhui a WeChat and agreed to sign a three-year contract.

After signing the contract, the employer let Yu Chuhui’s mother Yueting live in Han’s house that night. Yu Chuhui was not ready, she returned to the empty room, thinking that last night, her mother was still whispering on her pillow, and now her mother is going to someone else After working at home, she complained in her heart that she was too ambitious and ignorant, but still couldn’t save her mother from the sea of ​​misery. She burst into tears and covered her head with a quilt.

Fang Zhiheng went to work in the morning and saw Li Qixing waiting for her downstairs, besides Li Qixing and Chen Zufa. Li Qixing also thinks that Chen Zufa is not a good person. At least his eyes are full of gloom. Normally speaking, falling in love is a very beautiful thing. How can he look gloomy? It seems that this confession is not pure. Since Fang Zhiheng acquiesced to Li Qixing’s pursuit, Li Qixing was very excited when he thought about it.

He Minhong and the company leaders met with the cartoonist. The cartoonist recommended some book lists to He Minhong. He Minhong saw Yan Zhengyi’s name at a glance, and she was very surprised. It turned out that the neighbor was not only a researcher at a well-known institution, but also a novelist. expert. The cartoonist entrusted He Minhong to recommend and introduce Yan Zhengyi to her, and He Minhong nodded immediately. Their company was preparing to sign a contract with this cartoonist, and it would be good to establish a good relationship.

Chen Zufa came to Zhu Zhe downstairs again. After Zhu Zhe returned from get off work, he asked Chen Zufa what he thought. Chen Zufa said that he had already thought about it and would make good money in the future. He also asked Zhu Zhe to suspend his job and be a full-time wife at home. Seeing that Chen Zufa was sticking to her like shit plaster every day, Zhu Zhe agreed with Chen Zufa’s invitation with a good temper, and then deliberately chose a very stylish restaurant for dinner.

Seeing the expensive menu, Chen Zufa began to hesitate. He pretended to be generous and asked Zhu Zhe to order. Zhu Zhe specially ordered seafood and squirrel mandarin fish. Before the dishes were served, Zhu Zhe began to take out the book and asked Chen Zufa about his marriage plan. He also asked him about his annual income, whether he had bought a house, and how much he could spend on her every month. Chen Zufa felt a little guilty, and she didn’t dare to let her see the salary income of the past two years. The two hairy crabs ordered for this meal were packaged by Zhu Zhe, and Zhu Zhe paid for the meal himself.

Zhu Zhe properly handled the problem in his own way, without tearing his face to expose Chen Zufa’s hypocritical face, and thus letting him retreat in spite of difficulties.

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