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Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 星汉灿烂 Episode 52 Recap


Seeing the vermilion gate of the palace slowly closing, Cheng Shaoshang’s heart was also closed. After that, in the long years, the spring and autumn seasons were orderly, and the galaxy was never bright. Cheng Shaoshang had another dull day. Repeating this over and over again, five years have come.

In the past five years, Cheng Cheng and Qing Qi have been in love with each other, and then they became friends of Qin and Jin; Wan Qi Qi married Cheng Song and gave birth to their eldest son safely; Ban Xiaohou married Cheng Hu as she wished, and even Cheng Shao Gong had a favorite girl. . Only Huo Budo has been on the battlefield for years, and his old injuries have not healed and new ones have been added.

When Cheng Shi was ambushed by the remnants of Emperor Rui, Emperor Ben Wen appointed Yuan Shen’s father to rescue him, but he was nowhere to be seen. Huo Buxuan was alone in danger. Unexpectedly, the opponents were all dead soldiers. here. Later, Cheng Song was ordered to suppress the bandits in Shu and encountered an ambush, and Huo Budo helped him by the side.

For these things, Cheng Shaoshang has always been kept in the dark and never knew. On the other hand, Luo Jitong heard that Huo Budo was coming to the northwest, and he had a vicious scheming. He did not hesitate to murder his husband Jia Qilang in order to recover his freedom and approach Huo Budo. He believed that one day the other party would accept him.

However, when Huo Budo was in the northwest, he never looked at Luo Jitong, and even ordered her to be kicked out of the military camp, and he hadn’t seen him several times in five years. Now that Empress Xuan’s health is deteriorating, she is destined to run out of time. Huo Budo is also ordered to return to Beijing. Unexpectedly, Luo Jitong will follow the army and return, deliberately spreading the love between her and Huo Budo.

Queen Xuan hoped that Cheng Shaoshang could find a good husband as soon as possible, and at the same time thought about moving the palace to find another residence, after all, Changqiu Palace is the main palace. Although Concubine Yue has become a new queen, she has never loved a false name, let alone the so-called master of the harem, so she simply asked Cheng Shaoshang to report back to Empress Xuan, she will still live in Yongle Palace, and the title of Empress Xuan will not change. .

Cheng Shaoshang thanked him respectfully, and then bowed his head to retreat. On the way back, he met Yuan Shen, standing by the guardrail as before, quietly waiting for Cheng Shaoshang to come forward and chat. No matter how stupid Cheng Shaoshang is, he still understands Yuan Shen’s feelings for him. Yuan Shen also knows what Empress Xuan means and takes the initiative to express his willingness to marry Cheng Shaoshang. Even if she still remembers Huo Budo at the moment, she still believes in Yu Sheng There is enough time to occupy a place in Cheng Shaoshang’s heart.

Just as Empress Xuan said, the past will come to an end after all, the world should cherish the present and the future, and don’t let yourself be trapped in a knot and end up in a more painful situation. Cheng Shaoshang understood that Yuan Shen was the most suitable candidate, and after careful consideration, she decided to go out to visit her parents.

The third prince went out of the city to meet Huo Budo in person, and Emperor Wen waited so anxiously that it was only when he saw Huo Budo return safely that his heart fell. Liang Qiuqi truthfully reported what happened to Huo Budo in recent years. Emperor Wen was very distressed for this. The third prince mentioned that there were rumors that Luo Jitong and Huo Budo had been in love for a long time, but Huo Budo denied it.

It is precisely because of this that Emperor Wen was concerned about Huo Budo’s marriage, but Huo Budo stated that when he finished rebuilding Huo’s tomb and ancestral hall, he would personally pay tribute to his ancestors, and he would no longer marry a wife and have children. On this day, Huo Budo went out of the palace, and happened to meet Cheng Shaoshang and Yuan Shen, who came back together. Cheng Shaoshang did not have the slightest joy of reunion, but instead evoked memories of the past, which only added to worry and sadness.

Watching Cheng Shaoshang mount the horse, Huo Budo subconsciously lifted Cheng Shaoshang’s feet and adjusted the stirrups for her. Cheng Shaoshang looked at Huo Budoubt with Shaoshang strings on his wrist, and his heart was full of mixed feelings, so he simply walked away. Yuan Shen came over to remind Huo Budo that he should stop here and not approach Cheng Shaoshang any more, because even if Cheng Shaoshang Shaoshang still thinks about him and may not look back.

Luo Jitong deliberately showed off in front of Cheng Shaoshang that he was the only girl beside Huo Buxuan on the grounds that he entered the palace to visit Empress Xuan. For five years, he went in and out of the camp at will, and took care of tea and water, and naturally he also developed feelings. Seeing Cheng Shaoshang’s solemn expression, Empress Xuan was naturally unhappy in her heart, and wanted to order the guests to see off. How could she know that news suddenly came that Huo Buxuan had ordered two carts of dowry to be sent to Luo’s house, including a huge bronze mirror. , specially instructed Luo’s elders to find a good husband’s family for Luo Jitong.

Cheng Shaoshang suddenly realized that such news came to his ears. Originally, the Luo family wanted to use Huo Budo’s Gao Zhi to make progress, but Huo Budo’s actions last night proved that he had no intention of Luo Jitong. The Luo family did not want to keep such wastes as Luo Jitong, so they drove her out of the house directly. The desperate Luo Jitong took the initiative to find Huo Budo, but Huo Budo revealed her murder of her husband.

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