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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 38 Recap

Xuanxiang quickly found the purple goose hairpin on the mountain of bones. He was ecstatic and immediately took out Chumo. Tang Zhou and Yu Mo joined forces to help Xuanxiang resurrect Tao Ziqi. assist from it. After everyone’s unremitting efforts, Tao Ziqi was finally resurrected, and Xuanxiang was very excited.

Xuanxiang hugged Tao Ziqi tightly, and repeatedly explained that he didn’t kill Tao Ziqi. Tao Ziqi already knew it wasn’t him. Even though that person turned into him, Tao Ziqi could see from his eyes that that person was not Xuanxiang. She learned that she had been in Yewangchuan for 900 years, and couldn’t wait to ask about the result of the battle between the immortals and demons. Xuanxiang explained that the immortal world had won the final victory. Although he could not stop the battle, they could live a free life from now on.

Tang Zhou’s law ring changed again, Yan Dan knew that Tang Zhou was moved for her, and didn’t care about the love in Tang Zhou’s dream, so he decided to face Tang Zhou’s feelings. Xuanxiang thanked Yan Dan and the three of them for their life-saving grace. Yan Dan wanted to write the story of Xuanxiang and Tao Ziqi into the storybook and invited them both to watch the play. Tao Ziqi fainted due to lack of energy. She had just been resurrected, and her soul had been trapped in the Bone Mountain for too long. Xuanxiang wanted to take Tao Ziqi away from Yewangchuan when she woke up.

Yan Dan saw that Tao Ziqi’s face also had the blue spots that she had grown before, and believed that she had been here before she lost her memory. Yan Dan came to Yewangchuan overnight to look for clues, and Tang Zhou followed. The two of them were sitting on the boat in Yewangchuan, and they both felt that they knew each other here. Yan Dan remembered seeing this place when she was a demon. She crossed the river with a ghost fire lamp, feeling cold and hungry. Yan Dan felt that no one had endured such pain in order to retain her memory, so Tang Zhou picked up a ghost fire lamp, He firmly believes that someone will not forget the past even if they experience the fire.

Yan Dan asked Tang Zhou to take a walk in Wangchuan with a lantern. Maybe he could think of the person in his dreams and know how to let her down. Tang Zhou thought that Yan Dan was also someone who had no memory. If Yan Dan didn’t care about the past, he would You can also not care, Tang Zhou Maimai looked at Yan Dan affectionately, Yan Dan was very frightened, Tang Zhou was the future head of the Lingxiao faction, and she was just a naughty lotus essence, the two of them could not be together at all. Yan Dan just wanted to know if Tang Zhou’s ring was moved by her.

Before Tang Zhou could answer, the lantern in his hand suddenly burst. He couldn’t control himself. He was worried about hurting Yan Dan, so he asked Yan Dan to hurry up Go, Yan Dan resolutely quit, she rushed forward to help Tang Zhou out of anger. Tang Zhou knew that Yan Dan was the love in his heart, but the relationship was deep and shallow, and they would eventually part ways. I hope that the past will be gone, and that Yan Dan can be free and happy. Tang Zhouqing couldn’t help kissing Yan Dan, Yan Dan was moved, and the two kissed affectionately.

Yan Dan remembered all the past events, and recognized that Tang Zhou in front of her was the emperor Yingyuan she loved unforgettable in the heavens. Yan Dan was surprised and delighted. Tang Zhou did not know that Yan Dan had recovered his memory, and thought that he was just out of his mind. Qing offended her and apologized to her again and again.

Ying Deng hid to the side to witness this scene, she was so embarrassed that she used all her spiritual power to kill Yan Dan and Tang Zhou, Tang Zhou and Yan Dan resisted desperately, Tang Zhou was seriously injured, Yan Dan did not dare to fight, hurriedly took him away, Ying Deng Chasing after them, Tang Zhou struggled to take out the fairy to attack the fluorescent lamp, and finally fainted.

Yan Dan angrily rebuked Ying Deng for what Ying Deng did, Ying Deng sneered at her, threatened to get Tang Zhou’s fairy and let them both die together, Yan Dan asked Ying Deng why Ying Deng was so unrelenting in the heaven and the mortal world . Ying Deng was very surprised, but she did not expect that Yan Dan had recovered her memory. Yan Dan reminded her not to torture herself so much for those who didn’t love her, and advised her to wake up a bit. Ying Deng was obsessed and wanted to die with them.

Ying Deng used her whole body to launch an attack, but Yan Dan found out that there was the demon power of the Hua Jing clan. Ying Deng claimed that she had killed all the flower demons of the Hua Jing clan, all thanks to Yan Dan. Yan Dan was so angry that she gritted her teeth. She and Ying Deng had a big fight and knocked Ying Deng to the ground with the fairy method of the fairy world. Ying Deng wanted to struggle to the death, but was beaten by Yan Dan and lost her spiritual strength. Ying Deng was very sad. Because of love and hatred, the emperor finally ended up in a ruthless end. After saying these words, the fluorescent lamp disappeared.

Xuanxiang used the power of the evil god to temporarily suppress Tang Zhou’s overflowing immortal power, but Tang Zhou’s immortal clothes were badly damaged. Yan Dan decided to save Tang Zhou by himself and let both Yu Mo and Liu Weiyang go back to rest. Yu Mo was worried, and Yan Dan asked him to have supper.

Yan Dan reluctantly used her own blood to save Tang Zhou. She already remembered Tang Zhou, but Tang Zhou couldn’t remember her, and Yan Dan felt lost. Tang Zhou finally woke up and couldn’t wait to know what Yan Dan did to him. Yan Dan lightly explained that he only used a few petals. Yan Dan got up and wanted to leave because he was overstretched and almost fell.

Tang Zhou hurriedly supported Yan Dan, and found that Yan Dan saved him with blood, and felt very uncomfortable. Tang Zhou also found that Yan Dan only had half of his heart, and tried hard to ask the whereabouts of the other half of his heart. Yan Dan did not want to answer, and dragged He left in a hurry with a weak body.

Yu Mo gave Yan Dan a late-night snack. Yan Dan excused that he was exhausted when saving Tang Zhou just now, and wanted to rest early. Yu Mo wanted to know how she saved Tang Zhou, but Yan Dan lied that only a few petals were used. Xuanxiang personally boiled the medicinal soup and sent it to Tao Ziqi. Tao Ziqi asked him about the whereabouts of the Mingyan clan in the battle between the immortals and demons. Xuanxiang had to say that the Mingyan clan was in an ambush, and there were no bones left.

Tao Ziqi was very distressed. She held the purple wild hairpin in her hand. She was in pain. This hairpin was given to her by her mentor Jidu Xingjun when she first rose to the celestial rank. It represented the trust of the immortal world in her.

Tao Ziqi never betrayed her. After passing the fairy clan, but handing over his mistakes to Shuohua himself, he became the initiator of the fairy-magic war. Tao Ziqi felt that she and Xuanxiang would never return to the past. What separated them was not life and death, but the lives of thousands of immortals. Tao Ziqi begged Xuanxiang to let her go, and Xuanxiang agreed. Wait until she gets better.

Yan Dan came to Yewangchuan again. She mentioned the Minghuo Lantern and wanted to cross the river again, forgetting the grievances and grievances between Yingyuan and Yingyuan in the past and present. Yizang came to stop him in time. Yan Dan accompanied him for eight hundred years. He regarded Yan Dan as his only friend and told Yan Dan the truth of the year. Yan Dan saw from his memory that the incense burner hadn’t been burned, and Ying Yuan wiped away the memories between them with his own hands.

Yizang returned Xiaomengdie’s cocoon to Yan Dan, but Ying Yuan did not destroy the cocoon, but put it away with a blindfold. When Ying Yuan came to accompany Yan Dan across the river, he dropped it in the water during the fight, and Yizang kept it. The cocoon turned into Xiaomeng Butterfly in Yizang’s hands. Yizang remembered that it was recorded in the classics that Xiaomengdie can break the cocoon only when she perceives true love.

Yan Dan remembered that Ying Yuan had said that Xiaomengdie would only break out of the cocoon and become a butterfly when she felt the root of her love was broken, but she did not expect that Ying Yuan had been lying to her all the time. Even though she had her in her heart, she still chose the world. Yan Dan decided to let go of Yingyuan, even if he could not forget it, he would cut off his love and love, and vowed never to love Yingyuan again from now on, and only live for himself. Yan Dan resolutely left Yewangchuan and walked towards a new life path.

Tang Zhou’s immortal body was broken, and his life was on the verge of death. Everyone set out on the journey to find the last artifact. The return of the emperor is just around the corner, Ying Yuan will finally uncover the mystery of his life and blood, reveal the true face of the hidden attacker, and solve the doubts about the battle between the fairy and the devil.

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