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Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 星汉灿烂 Episode 49 Recap

This night, the cold wind and hunting made Cheng Shaoshang feel cold in his heart, as if he was on Huangquan Road full of flowers on the other side. Ling Budo, who was close at hand, was standing at the end. Cheng Shaoshang had already guessed Ling Budo’s identity, but after all, he was still a step too late, watching him go to the point of no return.

Because of the revenge of the Manchu slaughter, Ling Budo had to avenge it. The reason why he chose to choose before the wedding was because he did not want to implicate the Cheng family. Today’s action is destined to have no way out. Ling Budo is ready to die, so he made an oath that he and Cheng Shaoshang will never see each other again.

As soon as the words fell, General Zuo rushed to arrest Ling Budo, surrounded by layers of soldiers, and even Xiao Yuanyi, Cheng Shi and others fell into General Zuo’s hands. Ling Budo went out alone, and a sharp arrow shot at him like a fright. The Liang brothers took the opportunity to knock over the left general, Cheng Shaoshang came on horseback, grabbed Ling Budo and flew away.

But even so, Cheng Shaoshang still came to a dead end, with a cliff in front of him and soldiers chasing after him. Cheng Shaoshang was willing to live and die together with Ling Budo, but how could he know that Ling Budo’s expression suddenly changed at this moment, the previous sadness, grief, reluctance, all kinds of softness disappeared, and what was replaced was the farewell.

When Cheng Shaoshang reacted, Ling Budo had already fallen into the cliff, and before she fainted, she could vaguely see the vines clinging to the cliff. Fortunately, Cheng Shaoshang was not in serious trouble for the time being, but it was caused by excessive grief. The third prince suddenly brought someone to Cheng’s residence and asked Cheng Shaoshang to accompany him into the palace to plead with Ling Budo.

Xiao Yuanyi and Cheng Shi and his wife came forward to stop them, and the two sides were deadlocked until Cheng Shaoshang gradually woke up. Last night’s scene flashed through her mind like a revolving lantern. The appearance of the third prince meant that Ling Budo was not dead yet, and after careful consideration, she finally decided to enter the palace to face the saint.

On the way to the palace, Cheng Shaoshang passed the third prince and learned that he and Ling Buxuan had known each other since childhood, and their relationship was far better than that of the prince. Including the last time at Yanhui Pagoda, Cheng Shaoshang first heard the voice of two people conspiring upstairs. He really thought there were only two people. Later, the reason why Cheng Shaoshang knew this secret was that he took care of Ling Budo some time ago and found that the other party was wearing the half jade pendant he had lost on his neck.

In fact, Cheng Shaoshang didn’t care about the candidate of the prince. After all, the common people are innocent, the people are pitiful, and only a wise prince can govern the world. The key is that Cheng Shaoshang no longer dares to trust Ling Budo. This kind of person who is both upright and obscure, bold, bold, and delicate will only make her feel more and more strange. Once Ling Budo was able to save herself at all costs, now she is also unfamiliar. Able to abandon at all costs.

The third prince thought that Cheng Shaoshang was too calm, but instead, it didn’t look like a girl who loved Ling Budo, and reprimanded her for not knowing what it means to live and die together, and what it means to care about chaos. Cheng Shaoshang refuted the third prince, laughing at himself as a woman without an independent personality, and was often condemned by the world’s morality. With these words said, the third prince is no longer aggressive, and his attitude towards her has also improved.

Now, 18 important ministers are calling for a tsunami, jointly impeaching Ling Budo, and imploring Emperor Wen to dispose of Ling Budo to rectify the country’s laws. Cui You, who should have been recuperating at home, learned of this and immediately went to the palace to intercede for him. However, father-killing was a serious crime. Even if Yuan Shen and others wanted to defend it, they could not find any reason. No rest until the afternoon.

When the servant announced to summon Cheng Shaoshang and the third prince to enter the hall, Cheng Shaoshang had recovered his calm and composure, and noticed that Emperor Wen had nostalgic feelings for Ling Budo, and simply disclosed that Ling Budo was not Ling Yi’s son. As soon as this remark came out, everyone was in an uproar, and Master Zuo took the lead to question it, thinking that it was Cheng Shaoshang’s one-sided remarks, and it was not enough to win trust.

In order to prove that what he said was true, Cheng Shaoshang described in detail the birthmark on Ling Budo’s waist, which only people close to him such as Emperor Wen knew about. Emperor Wen was very excited when he heard the words, and he quickly ordered people to go to the cliff to rescue Ling Budo. Master Zuo and the others wanted to pursue the investigation, but under the shock of Emperor Wen, all the ministers kept silent.

The matter has come to an end, and the court meeting is over. The old ministers exited the hall like a file, and the third prince was at the end, and took the initiative to thank Cheng Shaoshang. Cheng Shaoshang thought that General Zuo chased and killed Ling Budo last night, and never thought of persuading him to surrender, indicating that it is very likely that he will continue to shoot, so when he told the third prince to pick up Ling Budo, remember to be cautious. At the same time, Ling Budo didn’t fall off the cliff, relying entirely on the bracelet that Cheng Shaoshang gave him to entangle the vines, and he endured the icy cold, and his consciousness gradually faded.

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