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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 37 Recap


When Tang Zhou woke up in a daze, he found that Yan Dan was searching around him with no expression on his face, and finally took the lotus petals. Tang Zhou mistakenly thought that Yan Dan wanted to leave him, and felt sad, he struggled.

He wanted to kiss Yan Dan, but was knocked unconscious by Yan Dan on the spot, Yan Dan found the divine weapon Chumo from Tang Zhou, and then showed its original shape. It turned out that all this was carefully designed by Liu Weiyang. He put medicine in the tea of ​​Tang Zhou and Yu Mo, and then stole Chu Mo while Tang Zhou was asleep.

Yan Dan was troubled by love. She was obsessed with Tang Zhou, so she couldn’t calm down and continue to write “Red Dust Records”. Yan Dan reminded herself over and over that Tang Zhou had a dream person he was thinking of, and that he had to return to the heaven after completing his hardships. The time is still different, Yan Dan forced himself to calm down and wrote the excerpts seriously.

Ying Deng killed all the flower demons of the Hua Jing clan, absorbed their demon essence one by one, and her spiritual power increased greatly. Ying Deng swore that she would never bow down to Tang Zhou again from now on. Tang Zhou, Yan Dan and Yu Mo went to Liu Weiyang early in the morning and found that he had long since disappeared, and the wish-fulfilling wine on the table had not moved.

Tang Zhou realized that everything that happened last night was caused by Liu Weiyang, and Yan Dan wondered. Why didn’t Liu Weiyang drink the wish-fulfilling wine? Yu Mo felt that Liu Weiyang just wanted to use them to get Chumo.

Tang Zhou called Lord Tudi, Yan Dan deliberately showed Lichen, and Lord Tutu recognized at a glance that it was the divine weapon of Emperor Zhaosheng. Whenever he went out on patrol in a small suit, he asked the land master to take out the county annals, and the land master handed it over to her without saying a word. Yan Dan instructed the land master to brew a pot of good tea and send it to her.

Yan Dan couldn’t wait to open the county annals and found out that Emperor Changsheng was killing the evil god, sealing the demon with chumo and cutting off the power supply of the evil god. Yan Dan was puzzled. Liu Weiyang was able to absorb the power of all demons from the demon, why? He has to do everything possible to steal Chumo. Tang Zhou learned from the little fairy who saved him that Chumo can make all things live and revive dead trees. Yu Mo thinks that Liu Weiyang wants to use Chumo to call back the evil god, even in the battle between the fairy and the devil. All the demons who died in the battle, and then restart the war against the heaven.

Yan Dan found out that the Eye of Ten Thousand Demons has been passed down from generation to generation. It complements each other with demons. It can absorb the power of all demons, and is embedded in the body of the evil god. It cannot be separated from it unless it is dead. Only the blood of the evil god can break it. Yu Mo recognized that the Eye of Ten Thousand Demons was the mark on Liu Weiyang’s body, and determined that Liu Weiyang was the evil god, but the portrait of the evil god in the county annals only had half of his face. The land was fair and came to deliver the pot of tea, Yan Dan asked her about the appearance of the evil god, and Duke Tu had never seen his true face.

The fuse of the battle between the immortals and the demons was the death of the immortal envoy Tao Ziqi. The evil god had long ago had the ambition to unify the six realms, and deliberately made Tao Ziqi fall in love with him. When the time was right, he framed Tao Ziqi to assassinate him. The evil god used the excuse of the immortal world to destroy the peace of the six realms, and launched a war of immortals and demons on this ground.

The evil god also beheaded Tao Ziqi to sacrifice the flag. The Immortal-Devil War ended with the defeat of the entire Demon Race. The dead were piled up into a mountain of bones, all of which were sealed in the Yewang River. Since then, there was not much of the Demon Race’s territory.

Ying Deng came to Yewangchuan to ask for Ming Power, and wanted to use the fire of burning heart to rebuild the spirit of the weapon. Ying Deng wanted to take revenge. She disregarded the persuasion and risked being attacked. Ling, Ying Deng vowed to make Yan Dan and Tang Zhou suffer a hundred times more pain. Yu Mo and Tang Zhou negotiated that the two of them would go to Yewangchuan to find Liu Weiyang. They didn’t want Yan Dan to follow the adventure.

They specially prepared a farewell banquet. Yan Dan insisted on living and dying with them. He claimed that he practiced earnestly every day and would never cause them any trouble. Tang Zhou had to admit that their trip was dangerous, and they might have no return. He asked Yan Dan to return to the heaven to report the news. Go to the letter, insisting to go with them.

Tang Zhou and Yu Mo put medicine in Yan Dan’s wine, and Yan Dan soon fell asleep. The two of them secretly went to Yewangchuan, and Yan Dan followed. She had already seen through their plan and wanted to save them together. common people. The evil spirits were guarding the entrance of Yewangchuan. Tang Zhou wanted to subdue the evil spirits first and cover the two of them to enter Yewangchuan. Yu Mo was worried that the evil spirits would take the opportunity to escape, and reminded him that he could not get rid of all the evil spirits.

The evil spirit exhaled a poisonous gas, Yan Dan hurriedly covered Tang Zhou’s mouth and nose, Tang Zhou struggled to break free to attack the evil spirit, Yan Dan covered his mouth and nose again, Tang Zhou’s law ring moved, and Yan Dan’s head The Shen Hua hairpin also moved with them, and Yu Mo could see the two of them were excited about each other from a distance. Yan Dan shouted to Yu Mo to help, Yu Mo effortlessly exorcised the evil spirits trapping them.

Yu Mo, Tang Zhou and Yan Dan successfully entered Yewang River. Seeing many people crossing the river with lanterns, Yan Dan felt that they were familiar. Yu Mo hurriedly greeted them and continued to move forward. There was a big crack in front of him. Yan Dan heard from Duke Tudi that an emperor once split the mountain to save a fairy. Wanting to know what kind of soul-stirring love story between them, Tang Zhou felt a sharp pain in his chest, Yu Mo hurriedly interrupted Yan Dan’s words, and urged her to go to the mountain of bones as soon as possible.

Yan Dan, Tang Zhou and Yu Mo came to the Bone Mountain. Liu Weiyang had been waiting for a long time. He admitted that he was the evil god Xuanxiang and wanted to use Chumo to recall Tao Ziqi’s soul. Yu Mo felt that he killed Tao Ziqi at first, but now he wants to kill Tao Ziqi again. To resurrect her, he wanted to use this to threaten the heavens. Xuanxiang claimed that Tao Ziqi was the only one who did not regard him as a heretic god but Xuanxiang. He would never kill Tao Ziqi.

In order to confirm his words, Xuanxiang opened his memory. Xuanxiang became the evil god, the leader of the demons due to family inheritance, and was overridden by the elders of the demons because of his indifference to fame and fortune. Xuanxiang thought that his inaction could bring peace to the demons. Life is charcoal.

Tao Ziqi came to the Demon Clan’s station and saw the children whose relatives were arrested during the battle beat the Evil God statue, so he stopped to persuade him, tried his best to say good things for the Evil God, and promised to save their relatives. Rescue the arrested person, he and Tao Ziqi hit it off. Shuohua came with the troops after hearing the news. Although Tao Ziqi revealed his identity as a messenger from the heavens, he didn’t buy it. He killed Tao Ziqi in pain. Xuanxiang rescued Tao Ziqi, and the two fell in love with each other.

Tao Ziqi learned about Xuanxiang’s determination to make peace in the six realms and persuaded him to tell the truth to the heavens. Xuanxiang didn’t want to be a demon god, and wanted to fly with Tao Ziqi. He took out the Eye of Ten Thousand Demons and split it in half. Half of them were given to Tao Ziqi as tokens of love, and they wanted to go to Jiuzhongtian to propose marriage tomorrow. Xuanxiang woke up early in the morning and found that Tao Ziqi was nowhere to be seen, Shuohua protested to him with the complete Eye of Ten Thousand Demons, and threatened to let him and Tao Ziqi fly away after the unification of the six realms. Xuanxiang has since been placed under house arrest in the evil temple.

Shuo Hua used the puppet technique to pretend to be the evil god to start the battle of the demons. The demons ended in failure. Emperor Changsheng suppressed the demons with Chumo, and most of the territory of the demon world was razed to the ground. Before Xuanxiang lost his memory, he learned that Shuohua used the puppet technique to pretend that he killed Tao Ziqi.

He was very sad. Before Tao Ziqi died, he thought that Xuanxiang killed her. Xuanxiang knew that Tao Ziqi could not be resurrected by himself. He had already set up a circle of life and death when Yan Dan, Tang Zhou and Yu Mo read his memory, and wanted them to help resurrect Tao Ziqi. If they don’t agree, everyone can only perish together.

Xuanxiang used the purple geese on Tao Ziqi’s head to search for her corpse, while Yu Mo, Yan Dan and Tang Zhou headed to the high corpse mountain to search for her. Yan Dan suddenly slipped and fell, Tang Zhoufen reached out to save her regardless of his body, the ring on his wrist moved again, Tang Zhou endured the pain of the thorn and pulled Yan Dan, Yan Dan persuaded him to let go, otherwise the injury would worsen. It was getting heavier and heavier, and Tang Zhouning would not let go.

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