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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 36 Recap

Yu Mo and Liu Weiyang led out the man in black, and the three fought desperately. Yu Mo found that the man in black had deep skills and rare tricks. Although Liu Weiyang was not strong enough, he could easily deal with it. Yu Mo was puzzled. The man in black pressed against Liu Weiyang step by step, Yu Mo hurriedly stepped forward for reinforcements, and was knocked to the ground by the man in black. Liu Weiyang finally saw the true face of the man in black. The man in black implanted the magic weapon in his body. Liu Weiyang blew himself up instantly and remembered everything in the past. When Yu Mo saw this scene, he wanted to struggle to stand up. fainted.

If someone disperses the petrified fog within forty-nine days, the trapped person will be able to be released. Because of the strange movement of the demons, the fluorescent lamp was successfully rescued, but because the trapped time was too long, her legs could not recover for a while , Yingdeng did not expect the demons to bring her back to life, and vowed to make Tang Zhou and Yan Dan pay the price they deserve.

Yu Mo woke up in a daze, and saw the girl from Jin Huanfang by his side, he was so frightened that he tried desperately to dodge. Yan Dan and Tang Zhou came to hear the news. Yu Mo pretended to be weak and wanted Yan Dan to take care of him. Tang Zhou and Yan Dan wanted to take care of him together. Yu Mo immediately sat up and stopped pretending to be sick.

After Yan Dan and Tang Zhou got Chumo, they were stunned by a mysterious force, and after waking up, they returned to Jinhuanfang. Yu Mo briefly described what happened to him and Liu Weiyang. He found that Liu Weiyang and the man in black were old acquaintances. Yan Dan suspected that it was all related to the demons and wanted to find out the truth. Yu Mo persuaded Tang Zhou to leave as soon as possible. Zhou also wants to participate in this action, and Yan Dan wants to write the story of the people and demons working together to save the common people into the storybook.

Yan Dan, Tang Zhou and Yu Mo came to Shenxiao Palace to find Liu Weiyang, but Liu Weiyang avoided it. Yan Dan wanted to forcefully break in, but Fushuang tried desperately to stop them. They knocked Fushuang and others to the ground without any effort. Liu Weiyang opened the door and came out. The nine-tailed snake’s teeth stabbed Yu Mo’s arm. The nine-tailed snake is a highly poisonous thing in the Three Realms. Once it is hit, the flesh will rot. The poisonous blood in his body could not be removed.

Tang Zhou tried to ask Liu Weiyang’s true identity. Liu Weiyang admitted that he had remembered everything, but there was only pain in his heart, not happiness. After a good previous experience, he told everything, Liu Weiyang gave Yu Mo to remove the poison, which took three years of spiritual power to concoct. Yan Dan smeared the evil dew on Yu Mo, and Yu Mo’s snake venom was quickly removed. Yu Mo felt that Liu Weiyang was too cunning, and it was difficult to tell whether he was an enemy or a friend for a while. Tang Zhou suggested to go to Zhu Cuishan’s land master to find out the situation.

Bailing found out from ancient books that the monster with tail will wag its tail when encountering people and things that she likes, and also called Ziyan to verify. Zilin is ecstatic and can’t wait to know if Linlang likes him, Ziyan It was revealed that Linlang would hide for a day every 60 years, because the female fox had a yin body, and she would be incapacitated and incapacitated on the night of the full moon, and even turned into part of her original shape. Bailing calculated that it was tonight.

Linlang hid in the woods and shivered. Zilin then came to him. Linlang guessed his purpose and told him to close his eyes. Zilin came to deliver herbs to Linlang to help her pass the evening. Linlang checked them one by one and wanted to know. How did Zilin get these herbs. Zi Lin covered his eyes and walked over, suddenly tripped over by the big stone under his feet, Lin Lang fell unsteadily in his arms, the two of them looked at each other so close, the ground was red with excitement, Lin Lang’s tail shook involuntarily, Zi Lin He finally understood her intentions, not to mention how happy he was, he lit a bonfire to keep warm, and spent the long night with Linlang.

Yan Dan, Tang Zhou and Yu Mo saw Liu Weiyang drinking boring wine from a distance, and Fushuang persuaded him well. Wishing to find out the truth, Yu Mo worried that Liu Weiyang would not reveal his heart, so it would be better to investigate on his own.

Tang Zhou brought Yan Dan and Yu Mo to the Landlord to borrow the county annals, but the Landlord categorically refused, and his attitude was arrogant. Yan Dan and Yu Mo couldn’t stand it, so they taught him a lesson, and the Landlord complained loudly to the heavens. Yan Dan had no choice but to make concessions and ask the land master to drink to make amends. Yan Dan kept pouring on him. The land master soon became unconscious, and Yan Dan quickly found the magic weapon of the Tibetan County Chronicle from him.

Yu Mo found out that Zhu Cuishan used to be the territory of the Demon Clan, and the evil god kept the source of the Demon Clan’s power in Zhu Cuishan. Yan Dan concluded that this power was the Demon Phase. Yu Mo felt that the mysterious person with deep mana was the Evil God, and Liu Weiyang could absorb the Demon Phase. With his strength, he can also compete with the man in black. Yu Mo suspects that Liu Weiyang is a demon. Yan Dan suggested to get Liu Weiyang drunk to find out the truth. Yu Mo knew that there was a kind of wine called Ruwan, which was made from lotus roots. Once you drink it, you will get what you want in a dream. Yu Mo took out the lotus roots. , Yan Dan wanted to learn winemaking from him, but Tang Zhou felt sour in his heart.

Ying Deng wanted to quickly improve her cultivation and spiritual power, so she targeted the Hua Jing family. Ying Deng came to Huayin Mountain, claiming to be a friend of Yan Dan, and wanted to heal her wounds here, and even took out lotus petals to testify. After absorbing the demon essence of the patriarch, the patriarch reminded her that she would be attacked. Ying Deng only wanted to become stronger, and she couldn’t care so much anymore.

Yan Dan accompanied Yu Mo to make wine. The two of them stayed up all night. Yan Dan gradually became exhausted, leaning in front of the hearth and fell asleep. Yu Mo carefully looked at Yan Dan’s haggard face, feeling pity and love in his heart, Yu Mo silently Stay by Yan Dan’s side and give her a fan. Seeing this situation, Tang Zhou had mixed feelings in his heart, Yu Mo took Yan Dan back to his room to rest, Tang Zhou poured out the brewed wish-fulfilling wine and sent it to Liu Weiyang.

Liu Weiyang felt that Tang Zhou was very similar to one of his old friends. They were all kind and kind, full of benevolence and responsibility, and they were keen to meddle in the three worlds, but Tang Zhou was more humane. Liu Weiyang persuaded Tang Zhou to drink Ruwan wine with him to retrieve his memories of the past, but Tang Zhou politely declined. He wanted to let go of the past and just cherish the present. After Liu Weiyang promised to drink this bowl of wine, he would tell them tomorrow that he wanted to know everything. Liu Weiyang had long recognized that Tang Zhou was Ying Yuan, but he didn’t say it face to face.

Yu Mo asked Tang Zhou to drink tea together, and proposed that the two sides could ask each other three questions. Yu Mo asked first. He felt that Tang Zhou set a step-by-step lock for Yan Dan not to control the demons, but to have selfishness. Tang Zhou acquiesced. , he wanted to know if Yu Mo’s sweetheart was Yan Dan, Yu Mo confessed to this, he felt that Tang Zhou refused to take Huo Yizhu for a long time, just didn’t want to lose Yan Dan, Tang Zhou also admitted, he wanted to know about Yu Mo Whether Mo confessed to Yan Dan, Yu Mo poured tea to deny it.

Yu Mo’s third question is whether Tang Zhou will send Yan Dan away when he has gathered the four artifacts. Tang Zhou was drowsy as soon as he wanted to answer, and Yu Mo also felt dizzy and fell asleep on the table. Yan Dan put the medicine in the tea beforehand, and then she came over and saw that they were both lying on the table and fell asleep.

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