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Ode to Joy 3 欢乐颂3 Episode 6 Recap

Ye Zhenzhen and old classmates were chatting in the car, Ye Zhenzhen thought that their parents actually held a red line for the two of them, and thought it was funny. The old classmates were also very cooperative and immediately called their parents to report their safety.

Yu’s mother saw an announcement about recruiting nanny in the community. She never thought that the salary of the nanny would be five or six thousand. Yu Chuhui reminded her mother that she finally understood the importance of family coolies. Usually, Yu’s mother is not just a free nanny at her in-laws’ house. , and always being bossed around. When you are a free air bag or a punching bag, it is not even as good as a babysitter. A babysitter is also protected by labor laws. If the employer does not speak well, the babysitter can immediately pack up and leave.

The old classmate took Ye Zhenzhen to appreciate his resting place. The house is in a high-end residential area with a villa-level environment. In order to create an atmosphere for Ye Zhenzhen, the old classmate deliberately made a hideous and funny look in the process of taking a photo with her. The expression pack made Ye Zhen Zhen very happy.

Ye Zhenzhen forwarded the photo with her old classmates to her parents, it was the first time that the parents saw that the blind date they introduced to their daughter was so sloppy, and they no longer urged their daughter to get married.

Fang Zhiheng invited two colleagues to pick up magazines at home, Ye Zhenzhen saw something very strange in the elevator, last time the rich second generation came to visit, Ye Zhenzhen was not seen behind closed doors, but now she has actually invited two female colleagues to be guests at home. When Fang Zhiheng’s colleagues walked into the room, they were immediately shocked by the luxurious decoration. There were many big-name clothes hanging in the cloakroom, and there were many limited edition bags.

The two colleagues were dumbfounded, and at the same time determined that Fang Zhiheng was the proper “Bai Fumei”! Fang Zhiheng invited female colleagues to drink coffee with a limited-edition coffee cup. The colleagues held this hand-painted coffee cup with gold rims, and couldn’t help but feel envy and hatred in their hearts.

After sending off the two colleagues, Fang Zhiheng immediately wiped each teacup, and then carefully took pictures and put them on Xianyu for second-hand sale. He Minhong discussed “The Little Prince” with Zhu Zhe in the room. She recited the lines in the script for a long time, and discussed with Zhu Zhe endlessly. Yu Chuhui hated this kind of people who don’t stick their fingers in the spring water to evaluate life at will, and she recited it directly. A profound philosophical dialogue defeated He Minhong, saying that He Minhong always made reckless comments, did not understand the truth of the matter, and criticized other people’s lives at will, making He Minhong’s face white and red.

Mother He was always restless, and when she had nothing to do at home, she wiped the furnishings of the entire room. The old lady across the building could always see how diligent she was, and couldn’t help asking her daughter to find her as a nanny. The old lady is in a wheelchair all the year round, and the old man is not sick in bed. Her daughter is about to become a grandmother, and she is even more powerless to take care of him. The old lady’s daughter immediately checked the building number and went to He Minhong’s shared house in person to ask He’s mother to be a nanny. .

Zhu Zhe works conscientiously and often comes back to work overtime after work, and then randomly checks the hygiene and service of the guest rooms. Several of the waiters under his command became dissatisfied, and said that Zhu Zhe was a single old and leftover woman, otherwise he would not always work overtime to find fault, these words After being heard by Zhu Zhe, she also forbeared and continued to search every corner of the room carefully. Only by ensuring the hygiene of the room can reduce customer complaints.

Yu Chuhui’s department leaders always squeezed the fruits of their labor, and the team members’ hard work and overtime earned patents and technologies that were exploited by the leaders. Yu Chuhui came home from get off work to complain to her mother, and her mother immediately told her to have a good relationship with the upper management of the company, so that she could go a long way. Fang Zhiheng heard their conversation in the corridor after get off work. She could hear He Chuhui’s pain clearly, and the workplace was also very difficult to get along. Recently, because of the many luxury goods in her family, many colleagues whispered to her, and the upper management of the company also reminded her to keep a low profile. .

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