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Ode to Joy 3 欢乐颂3 Episode 5 Recap

Yu Chuhui knew her mother’s temperament and swallowed her anger for half her life. She was used to a life of submissiveness. She wanted to force her mother, and maybe she would be enlightened from now on. However, He Minhong told her on WeChat that if he continued to treat his mother so directly and violently, he would be the same as her bastard father. He Minhong’s words were very extreme. Yu Chuhui was very uncomfortable, so Zhu Zhe also read WeChat.

Zhu Zhe understood Yu Chuhui’s mood, and asked Yu Chuhui not to have the same knowledge as He Minhong. He Minhong grew up in a simple environment, so of course he couldn’t understand Yu Chuhui’s mood. Yu Chuhui told Zhu Zhe that there used to be a house in the family. After his father had an affair, he encouraged his mother to sell the house and change to a bigger house, and then deceived her mother to say that her parents-in-law paid 50,000 yuan, and then she sold the house. Ben wrote the name of my grandfather. I thought that after the divorce, there would be no joint property of the husband and wife. Unexpectedly, the father and the mistress broke up later, and the mother was so lucky not to be abandoned.

Although Yu Chuhui reprimanded her mother for her grievance, she always buys delicious snacks for her mother every day when she goes home from get off work to make her happy. When Zhu Zhe heard Yu Chuhui and his mother coaxing carefully, she was very moved by the affection of mother and daughter.

Li Qixing asked his friend to help him get Fang Zhiheng’s address. Originally, he only knew which floor it was, but he met Ye Zhenzhen on the corridor. Ye Zhenzhen had seen Li Qixing on the training ground of the boxing gym and immediately assigned Fang Zhiheng’s room number. tell him. Li Qixing bought a gift, and then anxiously rang Fang Zhiheng’s doorbell. Fang Zhiheng was in the room at the time, and the surveillance video outside the door did not make any movement or open the door.

Ye Zhenzhen was very curious about Li Qixing’s arrival, so she went to the next room to talk to the little sister, and when He Minhong heard it, he judged that Fang Zhiheng was deliberately trying to satisfy the appetite of the second generation of rich, it was hard to play. Yu Chuhui was dissatisfied with He Minhong’s casual evaluation of others, and besides, He Minhong did not understand the cause and effect of the matter at all, let alone make a bitter evaluation.

Li Qixing rang the doorbell, waited for a while at the door, then went back downstairs to wait, Ye Zhenzhen happened to pass by while running at night, Li Qixing wanted Ye Zhenzhen to hand over the gift to Fang Zhiheng, Ye Zhenzhen politely refused and asked him to personally Send it to Fang Zhiheng. At this moment, Fang Zhiheng went downstairs, and she solemnly warned Li Qixing that they usually have a simple relationship with colleagues.

Yu Chuhui found out that her mother was quietly using her mobile phone to send text messages to her father. She grabbed the mobile phone and bluntly accused her mother of trying to recruit her father. She knew that he was a bastard, so she would simply stop contacting the bastard in the future. Across the door, He Minhong heard Yu Chuhui teaching his mother again, so he sent a long WeChat message accusing Yu Chuhui of being unkind and unjust. Yu Chuhui was in a fit of anger, and seeing He Minhong was so confused, he immediately scolded her severely.

The next day in the elevator, Fang Zhiheng, Yu Chuhui and Zhu Zhe got on the elevator together. The three girls greeted each other and soon felt that they could be in harmony with each other. Yu Chuhui’s former suitor sent her an invitation, and the words were rude, Fang Zhiheng blocked her. Yu Chuhui’s ex-boyfriend asked him what he wanted to do in front of him. With the protection of his friends, Yu Chuhui was very safe.

Zhu Zhe and Yu Chuhui went to work together on the way. Zhu Zhe could understand Yu Chuhui’s actions, and he also knowingly asked Zhu Zhe not to mind the gossip from the outside world. Many people were just content with their happy mouths. In fact, it was their daughter who cared most about their mother.

Yu Chuhui’s friend quietly revealed to her that their department leaders were stealing the fruits of labor from the team members. If things went on like this, all their hard work was wasted, and the boss thought that only Zhu Qunli had the most credit.

Yu Chuhui’s mother was idle at home, so she cleaned every room. Zhu Zhe was originally in charge of cleaning the room that day. She quietly told Yu Chuhui not to disrupt their cleaning plan and let her mother rest more.

Ye Zhenzhen was driving on the road and ran into an old classmate from abroad. This guy named David was dressed in a ruffian way. He had known each other when he was studying in college. Now that both parents have arranged a blind date for the two of them, Ye Zhenzhen was angry and happy, David admitted frankly that he pretended to dress up like this for the sake of losing points on a blind date, and just came back from abroad, Ye Zhen Zhen helped David load his luggage into the car and took him home by the way.

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